Actions in health and care continue

Actions in health and care continue

(The Hague, 1 September 2020)  Unions are continuing to mobilise in various EU member states to ensure higher pay and better working conditions for health and care workers.

The FNV started the month with a nationwide week of action, from the 1st-5th September. The FNV is hoping to achieve better recognition for the work health and social care workers. Specifically, the union is demanding better pay, reduced workloads and more autonomy for workers, as well as increased recruitment in view of a second wave of COVID-19. EPSU representatives joined their socially distanced actions in the Hague on 1st September.

On 16th September, the three public service federations in Italy – Fp Cgil, Cisl Fp and Uil Fpl – will hold a strike to protest the refusal of private healthcare employers – Aris and Aiop – to stand by an agreement they concluded with the unions in June. The agreement was the first in 14 years, and would have given around 100,000 workers in private healthcare a pay rise of 4.2%, as well as better working conditions in terms of working time, leave and training. The private sector employers deny the workers a well deserved pay increase.

EPSU supports these actions and the demands of unions to give health and care workers the remuneration and recognition they deserve. Many more actions are also taking place in Belgium, Ireland or France please subscribe to our collective bargaining newsletter to find out about.

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