80.000 workers on the streets of Brussels for higher pay and better conditions

20 June 2022 Demonstration Brussels

(21 June 2022) All Belgian affiliates joined the march for higher pay in Brussels 20 June. The unions are demanding revision of the wage bargaining law that restricts the space for unions to have independent negotiations. With large profits in many companies workers are not getting what they deserve. The unions further underlined their opposition to cancel the wage indexation system. It guarantees workers maintain some of their purchasing power when costs rise. Important discussions on the wage law will take place next week. If no changes to the system, the unions are foreseeing further actions in Autumn. An EPSU delegation joined to express solidarity and as EPSU staff are workers under Belgian law and collective agreement.

Belgian affiliates of EPSU are ACOD/CGSP, ACV-Openbare Diensten/ CSC- Services Publics, ACV-Puls/CNE, BBTK/Setca, AC-CG, VSOA/SLFP. The demo took place 20 June 2022 and was joined by the EPSU General Secretary to express his solidarity with the demands of workers and the unions. Similar demonstrations for better pay and conditions took place in Dublin, London and Rome 18 June. EPSU affiliates in those countries joined those demonstrations.

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FGTB (see here the affiches that demonstrate the price increases, profit margins and wage indexation)




  • 20 June 2022 Demonstration in Brussels