5thTrade Union Journalists network meeting


24 March 2011, 09.00 – 17.30

International Trade union House (ITUH), Room B

Boulevard Albert II n° 5, 1210 Brussels

We would like to invite your union to nominate participants to the next seminar for trade union journalists from affiliated organisations to be held on 24 March.

This seminar has the objective to improve coordination within EPSU and assist affiliates in disseminating EU and European information. Our aim is further to build the network into a more permanent communication channel network.

The current financial and economic crisis is challenging the trade union movement throughout Europe requiring a coordinated response to the austerities plans at national and European levels. It is therefore crucial to develop joint communication strategies with are affecting them.
The journalists’ network has not ‘met for more than two years due to several reasons especially the departure of the previous Communications Officer]. In view of the current political circumstances, we think it is important to relaunch and reinvigorate the network.

We ask you to select a trade union journalist per organisation, if possible the responsible Communication/Press officer.

Interpretation has been requested as follows:
Active: English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish & Russian
Passive: Danish, Italian and Norwegian

For a limited number of colleagues we can make available financial assistance according to the existing rules for unions in countries under 100%. Please contact the EPSU Secretariat if you wish to use this opportunity.

The key issues for discussion:

- Economic Governance and Austerity plans: how to communicate alternatives?
- World Water Day: EPSU water campaign
- National and European Administration: a new Social Dialogue begins
- Tasks for the network

Please return the attached participation form by 21th February the latest.

We look forward to meeting your organisation’s designated communications representative at the seminar in March.

- [Meeting documents

- Invitation

- Draft agenda

- Participation form

- List of hotels and area map