4th round of negotiations Veolia Environment

The Special Negotiating Body met 19 and 20 April 2005. It considered an amended text of management and prepared its own positions. These were discussed with management 20 April. The following points were considered:

- Management proposes to create national social dialogue structures (4 persons maximum)

- Information and Consultation. The possibility of an opinion (avis) is considered;

- Management did not agree to extraordinary meetings in the case of exceptional circumstances;

- There will be two meetings per year plus 4 meetings of the Bureau which will be composed of 5 persons

- Training will be foreseen but not a specific nr of days

- The possibility of expertise will be included.

- Protection clause for delegates

A large number of other issues was discussed and on several there was no progress, while on others some amendments were made. The final negotiations are foreseen for 21 and 22 June.