49th EPSU Executive Committee meets and supports strikes and the Portuguese unions

(4 November 2014) Today the 49th Executive Committee of the European Federation of Public Service Unions is meeting. Many issues are on the agenda, amongst them several resolutions dealing with the upcoming demonstrations, struggles and strikes of public sector workers in Europe. The resolution [see below] called many countries, same fight highlights the situation of public sector unions in several countries against austerity.

Also a resolution (see below) condemning the Portuguese government over the intermission with the autonomy of the social partners was approved.

Resolution: EPSU sends its solidarity greetings to public service unions mobilising this week: Different countries - Same Fight

Resolution Portugal

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52nd Meeting of the EPSU Executive Committee

19-20 April 2016, ITUH, Room AUD, Brussels

Dear Colleagues,

You are herewith invited to the 52nd meeting of the EPSU Executive Committee. It will take place at the International Trade Union House – Boulevard du Roi Albert II 5 – 1210 Brussels – Room AUD, from 09:00-17:00 on 19 April and from 08:30-13:30 on 20 April.

Interpretation has been requested as follows:

Active: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian

Passive: Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese and Greek.