2nd Steering Committee reviews first results of the study on skills in gas sector

(4 May 2012) A presentation on the first results of the study was given by a representative of Syndex. A range of countries has been explored regarding the existence of skills, qualifications and labour market research organizations and institutions for the gas sector. An important issues for the gas sector is the strong focus on health and safety issues and prevention of risks. Most training is focused there. The link with more forward looking market analysis such as the needs for qualified workers for shale and biogas, those working on the interface of gas and electricity or the need for IT staff is less explored. The social partners agreed to issue a short survey to their members to verify the information received and explore if there are other organisations not yet covered. A representative of the European Commission presented the overall picture of the policies focused on skills and qualifications. The recent Communication Towards a Job Rich recovery also has an important section on skills and qualifications. The meeting took place on 27 April 2012, in Brussels. The next meeting will be on 14 June 2012. A [report of the previous meeting is available here->art8455]