27/06/2003 - Commission publishes Internal Market Priorities 2003 - 2006

The European Commission has made three key announcements for the extention of internal market regulations for the period 2003-2006; they are: 1) water; 2) Public-private partnerships; 3) mobility. In water, the EC proposes to extend competition law applicability. In public-private partnerships a green paper will be formulated which is set to reinforce the link between public-private partnerships and public procurement. In patient mobility, the Commission is set to advocate quality for some over solidarity for all. This document underscores EPSU fears that the EC has gone far beyond its internal market remit and is pursuing and ideological campaign.

EPSU response 'EC internal market strategy - implications for water and other public services' report by PSIRU, May 2003:


On 7th May 2003 DG Markt released a paper setting out their strategy for the entire internal market of the EU for the next three years. The paper identified services of general interest, and water in particular, as sectors where the DG wants to open more of the market to private sector operators. DG Markt also chose to highlight the sections relating to SGI, and especially water, in its press release (PR) and FAQ on the strategy paper. This note highlights some of the key points, and key problems, in the strategy's impact on public services, especially water.(full report attached)