2022 - 8 December: EPSU workshop on digitalisation

EPSU workshop on digitalisation: Update on activities and plans for the future
8 December 2022 

Brief Report of the workshop



We invite you to an on-line workshop on 8 December to discuss recent EPSU/PSI activities on digitalisation and plans for the future. There will also be an update on ETUC/ETUI activities.

Recent EPSU/PSI activities and developments on digitalisation will be presented and discussed including two major projects:

PSI’s Our Digital Future project aims to support public services unions to:

  • shape workplace digitalisation processes in the interests of workers;
  • influence digitalisation in public services in the interests of users and the community;
  • lead public debate on how digital technologies should be governed in the people’s interest; and
  • find, build and use the tools that can assist us in governing digital systems.

DIGIQU@LPUB (impact of digitalisation on job quality and social dialogue in the public services) European research project coordinated by OSE aims to:

  • assess the impact of digitalisation on job quality, with a focus on electricity, public administrations (national/regional/local levels) and hospitals (healthcare services) sectors
  • investigate how the challenges and opportunities for job quality are addressed in social dialogue (at national and sectoral levels) in selected EU Member States. (Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Spain).                                                                                                                    

Interpretation for the workshop will be provided. We have requested the following languages English, French, Italian, Portuguese (active) with possibilities to speak also in Spanish and Russian (passive). These languages will be confirmed according to registrations received by 18 November at the latest.

Meeting documents:

  • European framework agreement of the EU social dialogue committee for central government administrations (SDCCGA) on digitalisation ( EN - FR )
  • Aida Ponce will provide an update on the research she is working on at the ETUI. She is asking EPSU affiliates to help with this and is interested in collecting information on:
    -  Any collective agreements, including at local/company level that address the issue of digitalisation.
    -  Any collective agreements or other initiatives that address the monitoring and surveillance of workers.
    -  The kind of advice and support that unions need to apply the General Data Protection Regulation?

    You can contact Aida directly at [email protected] but we would also encourage to comment on any of these issues during the meeting next week.