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EPSU puts McDonalds and tax avoidance in the spotlight

(2 March 2015) We have been witnessing how the "There Is No Alternative" to austerity has played out in Brussels and European capital cities over the last two weeks. The Greek government reached a deal which many have interpreted as caving in by the Syriza government. Others judge that the Greek government has bought itself valuable time. It will continue the negotiations to implement measures that will address the humanitarian crisis of high unemployment, increased poverty and the (...)

Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your Rights

(17 February 2015) Unions across the world are standing up for the #right2strike 18 February. This right is under attack by the employers in the ILO. The employers are supported by several governments which do not recognise independent trade unions. PSI is leading this across the world as especially public service workers see their rights curtailed. The employers find allies not just with dictators but also with the European extreme-right which would like to limit the role of trade unions (...)

Greek people bring message of hope and inspiration for Europe after elections

(5 February 2015) With a new progressive government in Greece, the opposition to EU austerity policies has gained a foothold in the European Council. For many trade union colleagues across Europe it is an expression of hope and inspiration, knowing that people do share our positions and are ready for change. The concerns of many public service workers and our families and communities will find a different and more critical expression in EU meetings. The new Greek finance minister has (...)

Charlie Hebdo

(15 January 2015) Like many of you, I am still shocked by the killing of the journalists, cartoonists, other staff of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and the police trying to protect them. It was a brutal attack against freedom of expression and thought, against the freedom to joke, ridicule and laugh with power, religion, with anything really. These rights are so crucial also for trade unionists across the world. The French and European signs of solidarity are impressive. We (...)

Workers’ demands not reflected in Commission Work programme

(18 December 2014) During the Belgian general strike on 15 December I joined workers in Antwerp who control the largest locks in the world. They blocked the bridges and had stopped operating the locks, effectively stopping all shipping in and out of the harbour. As we warmed ourselves over the fire, we talked about their work, what the government plans mean for them, their families and their work. We also spoke about what was happening across Europe and the many actions of public service (...)

The Wizard of Brussels

(3 December 2014) Last week (27 November) EU Commission President Juncker finally unveiled the investment plan that he promised to the European Parliament and especially to the social democrats after the elections in May. His pledge signaled the understanding that investing in the European economy is the only way out of recession. The plan was supposed to assist in boosting growth and create the jobs Europe needs. It would be the end to austerity. And recently it became more. The plan would (...)

#Luxleaks – urgent action needed against tax evaders and their advisors

(20 November 2014) The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker is implicated in the #Luxleaks scandal revealed by the excellent work of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalist on 5 November. He was responsible, as both Prime Minister and Finance Minister, for authorising and approving tax deals with 340 companies. These have cost Member States billions of Euros of lost revenue. Juncker claims not only that the deals were legal but were the same as those (...)

Public investment central to recovery

(3 November 2014) Alarm bells are ringing on all sides over the slow down of EU economic growth, especially in the Euro-zone. The French forecasters of the Economic Observatory (OFCE) are the latest in a string of those who argue that the Euro-zone is on the brink of deflation and recession. They also make the telling point that such a recession would spill-over to the rest of the EU, Europe and beyond. As growth is also slowing down in Russia, Europe is in for a difficult period. But (...)

The dangers of austerity and how it comes back to bite us

(23 October 2014) Several countries in Europe and especially the US are in the grips of an Ebola scare. This does not seem justified to me at the moment. Much can be done to contain the spread of the virus and many workers are doing just that. Health workers are in the frontline of the fight against the disease in West Africa, the US and Europe. We represent several million health care workers - nurses, doctors, other medical professions, cleaners, ambulance drivers and more. Many other (...)

Brussels Bubble thriving this week, as workers across Europe face harsh reality

(8 October 2014) The Commissioner-candidates had to pass the test in the European Parliament. Were they up to the job? Did they have conflicts of interest arising from former businesses interests? Could they be trusted to carry out their duties given the positions taken by the governments who nominated them? The Grand coalition build around soon-to-be President Juncker and the support he receives from the European People’s Party, most of the Socialists and Democrats, the Liberals and some (...)

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