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The last Executive before our Congress took place on 1 April

(3 April 2014) We just finished the last Executive Committee before EPSU’s 9th Congress. The issues we deal with show that trade unions do have alternatives and are mobilised to obtain them. We reinforce our demand for more transparency from the European Commission in its trade negotiations to conclude the Transnational Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the United States by signing on to a broad call for more openness with a range of NGO’s. We reject liberalisation through the (...)

More action needed to close the gender pay gap - it is rising again

(13 March 2014) International women’s day is a reason to celebrate the struggle of many women as well as men in the trade union movement to bring about more equality, in our work places, in our unions and in society. For public services workers, five years in the financial, economic and social crisis caused by bank deregulation, lax financial oversight, and the greed and corruption inherent in the neoliberal agenda, the situation is not improving. Many workers lose their jobs due to the (...)

Public Hearing on the Right2Water in the European Parliament - A Milestone for the European water movement and EPSU!

(26 February 2014) The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) supported by organisations of the European Water Movement, have been the backbone of the first ever successful European Citizens Initiative (ECI). The European Parliament hosted a public hearing on Monday, 17 February, during which the representatives of the Citizens’ Committee presented their demand for the EU to recognize the Human Right to water. This was certainly a milestone event and the European Parliament rose (...)

Trade union rights in Turkey high on the agenda

(30 January 2014) Human and trade union rights have dominated the agenda in January. An international delegation of trade unionists from different European countries and coordinated by the ITUC, participated in two court hearings in which arrested KESK (one of the Turkish public sector confederations where EPSU has a number of affiliates) leaders stood trial in Istanbul, on 23 January 2014 and in Ankara just a week before. The KESK leaders are accused of organizing or participating in (...)

End of the year message

(18 December 2013) As we are redacting this letter, public attention is directed to the ongoing protest movements in Kiev, Ukraine. We urge the authorities to refrain from any police or other violence against the peaceful demonstrators which include many students and workers. We support the call of the Ukrainian trade unions for a national roundtable in which all interested parties in society can take part, including the trade unions. We will work with our affiliates in the Ukraine to (...)

Moving ahead swiftly - towards the EPSU Congress from 20–23 May 2014 in Toulouse

(4 December 2013) Last week EPSU held its 44th Executive Committee and further paved the way towards the next EPSU Congress. This will be a very important moment for our organisation. Not just because of the change in the leadership team, but importantly because of the political and economic situation that Europe is going through. Our congress will be a key moment to take stock of the last 5 years of economic crisis and to determine policies for the future. We have said it many times in (...)

So far, so close…

(14 November 2013) EPSU has been at the forefront of the popular outcry for better and fairer taxation long before the financial and economic crisis. However, it is against the backdrop of the economic and social crisis we have intensified our campaign for tax justice. Together with many other European trade union organisations we are mobilising for the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) and rally against tax fraud and tax avoidance. Not just because we are the most representative European (...)

Austerity isn’t working !

(29 October 2013) With the European economy showing some signs of growth, the advocates of austerity, such as EU Commissioner Ollie Rehn and Commission President Barroso claim their policies have worked. It is a strange notion of success, as Greek citizens are on average 40% poorer than before the crisis while the number of the super wealthy has increased and they have got 20% richer. Wealth remains very unevenly distributed: in the EURO-area, the 50% of the population have only 6% of (...)

Reality of “anti-social” agenda behind Commission’s social dimension compromise

(14 October 2013) On 2nd October the European Commission published its communication to strengthen the social dimension of the European Monetary Union (EMU). For over three years the Commission has been putting together the structures and processes of economic governance with little scope for intervention by the social partners or even the European and national parliaments. EPSU has supported the ETUC in its calls for greater transparency and democracy and for a social element to (...)

A landmark success for EPSU!

(24 September 2013) A few days ago we wound up the collection of signatures for the first ever European Citizens Initiative. We collected 1,547,859 signatures online and around 315,000 on paper, nearly double the 1 million target. We passed the minimum number in 13 countries, nearly twice the required minimum of 7 countries. The 13 are: Finland, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. This has been a lot of (...)

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