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Embassy and household staff

At the initiative of Abvakabo, the NEA committee agreed to set up a working group on working conditions of staff in embassies or at the homes of diplomatic personnel.

This follows on from a series of violations of the most basic labour standards where the victims are often found hopeless in the face of diplomatic immunity.

EPSU network embassy staff meets with the European Commission

8 November 2013 - Meeting of the EPSU/FSESP European Network, Brussels This European Network has been in existence for two years and has met two or three times since its establishment. The launch of this platform followed the strike action of Moroccan workers at the Moroccan Embassy in Amsterdam. It was also pointed out that the European Social Dialogue Committee for central administrations may possibly provide a forum to exchange views regarding working conditions in the embassies. The (...)

The Arbitration Procedure to Resolve Disputes

A new Option for Embassies and their Locally Recruited Staff - Some thoughts in favour of a new EPSU initiative - Discussion paper by Marieke Manschot (Abvakabo, initiator) and Peter Kempen (USF) - October 2012

Embassy staff meeting

24 October 2012

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