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Syndicats, ONG et élus défendent la justice fiscale à l’Assemblée Nationale

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE - 26 juin 2015 SOUS EMBARGO JUSQU’AU 26 JUIN 2015 A 10h00 À l’occasion du colloque PARADIS FISCAUX, ÉVASION FISCALE : UNE QUESTION DE JUSTICE", la FSESP présente le scandale McDonald’s et celui des coupes dans les administrations fiscales Communiqué de Presse de la Fédération Syndicale Européenne des Services Publics (FSESP) La Fédération Syndicale Européenne des Services Publics (FSESP/EPSU) participe aujourd’hui au colloque "PARADIS FISCAUX, ÉVASION FISCALE : UNE QUESTION DE (...)

EPSU supports Lima Declaration on Tax Justice and Human Rights

(23 June 2015) Tax revenue is the most important, reliable and sustainable instrument to resource human rights says a statement of an international coalition of tax justice groups including several with whom PSI and EPSU have collaborated. The statement is part of a global action week to draw attention to tax justice and ensure the rich and corporations pay their share. Today’s corporate tax system is outdated and privileging the interest of multinational companies. The statement calls for (...)

Commission’s action plan on corporate taxation lacks clear actions

(Joint Press Release EPSU-ETUC, 17 June 2015, Brussels) The European Commission has issued its new action plan entitled A fairer corporate tax system in the EU today. Europe’s trade unions support a fairer and more efficient corporate tax regime addressing tax avoidance which is robbing society of billions of Euros to finance public services and social protection and to redistribute wealth and income. But the Commission’s plans lack clear actions. The Commission states that companies must (...)

Encuentro FSP UGT/EPSU creando concienca sobre justicia fiscal en Europa y en el África subsahariana

Madrid, 27 de mayo de 2015 Escuela Julián Besteiro, c/Azcona 53 – 28028 Madrid http://portal.ugt.org/ejb/ Como parte de un proyecto financiado por la Comisión Europea, la Federación Europea de Sindicatos de Servicios Públicos (EPSU) y la Federación de Servicios Públicos de la Unión General de Trabajadores de España (FSP-UGT) organizan un seminario de capacitación sobre fiscalidad en empresarial, recientes iniciativas para frenar el dumping fiscal y propuestas sindicales para desarrollar un régimen (...)

McDonald’s $1.8 billion global tax avoidance scheme continues

(EPSU Press Release - 20 May 2015) After the EPSU report on the McDonalds tax scheme, a coalition of global trade unions formed by Public Services International (PSI - International umbrella organisation of EPSU), the International Union of Foodworkers (IUF) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), released a report about McDonald’s global tax avoidance strategy. In this document, the coalition reveals how McDonald’s has taken advantage of corporate tax loopholes to avoid (...)

EPSU brings McDonald’s tax avoidance scheme in European parliament

(Press Release - Brussels 17 April 2015) Yesterday 16-04 at EP Special TAXE Committee, EPSU presented McDonald’s tax avoidance scheme and trade union demands for tax justice. The presentation was based on the recent report “UnHappyMeal”, co-published by an international coalition of European and US trade unions and War on Want, on Mac Donald’s tax avoidance strategy that involves profit-shifting through artificial subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Switzerland and, possibly, a tax ruling, one of (...)

Working people pay taxes – corporations must pay their share!

14 April 2015 - May Day statement on the urgent need for tax justice Following the Tax Justice to End Inequality declaration made by civil society organizations at the recent World Social Forum in Tunisia, public service trade unions and the Global Alliance for Tax Justice invite our members to join in marching this May Day under the banner “Working people pay taxes – corporations must pay their share!” “Giving corporations a free ride is a deeply flawed economic strategy,” underlines Rosa (...)

EPSU welcomes EC preliminary enquiry in Mc Donalds’ tax avoidance schemes

(Brussels, 2 April 2015 - EPSU Press Communication) The European Commission sent a letter to the government of Luxembourg demanding explanations over its tax arrangements with McDonald’s. This follows on the publication last February of the Unhappy meal report on Mc Donald’s tax avoidance schemes by EPSU, EFFAT, SEIU and War on Want. The report finds evidence that the largest fast-food company had avoided about €1 billion in taxes between 2009 and 2013 in a dozen of EU countries by (...)

EPSU’s NEA statement in support of Antoine Deltour, LuxLeaks tax source

(Brussels, 18 March 2015) Following their meeting of 17 March, EPSU’s affiliated trade unions in government and EU administration express their solidarity with Antoine Deltour who accomplished an ethical duty in passing on to a journalist secret rulings on tax breaks signed by the tax authorities of Luxembourg. This follows on from an exchange of views with Mr Deltour as part of EPSU’s regular reports on progress with advancing a fair and progressive tax system in Europe. It is our strong (...)

Unhappy Meal: €1 Billion in Tax Avoidance on the Menu at McDonald’s

(Joint press release - 25 February 2015) Tax structure allowed McDonald’s to divert revenue for years, costing European countries over €1 billion in lost taxes between 2009 and 2013. Today in Brussels, a coalition of European and American trade unions, joined by the anti-poverty campaign group War on Want, unveiled a report about McDonald’s deliberate avoidance of over €1 billion in corporate taxes in Europe over the five year period, 2009-2013. The report outlines in detail the tax avoidance (...)

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