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EPSU welcomes new EU rules on automatic tax information exchange but who will use them?

(Brussels, 15 October 2014) The EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council of Ministers agreed, unanimously, on 14 October to extend the scope of a directive on mandatory automatic exchange of information between tax administrations. The amendment to the directive on administrative cooperation in the field of direct taxation brings in interests, dividends and other income as well as account balances and sale proceeds from financial assets, within the scope of the automatic exchange of (...)

OECD Reports on Tax Avoidance: encouraging progress, but more to be done

(18 September 2014) On 16 September, the OECD released a first batch of reports and recommendations on the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan, covering 7 action points of the Plan (out of a total of 15) - see reports & recommendations here. Attached below are the TUAC comments on the OECD release. TUAC comments BEPS

FTT: a small step but more pressure is needed!

(14 May 2014) On 6 May at an ECOFIN meeting, the Council press report confirmed that 10 EU member states (Slovenia put its participation on hold pending formation of its new government) agreed to tax transactions involving shares and a limited number of derivative products as of 2016, though many details remain to be decided. This follows on worrying statements that the French government would no longer be in favour of including all types of derivatives, but only most “toxic” ones. The 10 (...)

Implement the FTT now! Send this statement to the 11 heads of state and government and to the finance ministers

(17 December 2013) Don’t forget to sign up to the FTT webpetition targeting the 11 governments that have agreed to introducing a European FTT but who need to be reminded of their commitment in favour of a broad FTT to effectively combat financial speculation and raise revenues to fund policies that support the general interest http://www.financialtransactiontax.eu/thank-signing/ This website set up by the Austrian Chamber of Labour with the support of EPSU and other organisation members (...)

French President urged to support a European FTT now!

(17 December 2013) The French trade union organisations together with the ETUC, ITUC and TUAC ( trade union advisory committee to the OECD) in a letter dated 6 December urge Socialist President Francois Hollande to renew his support for a broad Financial Transactions Tax as proposed by the Commission under enhanced cooperation. The text of the letter is available in French : letter to François (...)

Grey economy and tax planning - STTK conference

Speech given by Bernadette Ségol, General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) STTK’s International Conference on grey economy and tax planning Helsinki, 31 October 2013 Mrs Minister, Dear Mikko, dear Ninna, Dear colleagues and friends, You have invited me to speak on tax havens and tax policy coordination in Europe. I should perhaps start by saying that the ETUC so far does not have a comprehensive policy on taxation policy with a few exceptions like the FTT, the (...)

Video: Tax fairness needed to sustain Greek democracy

(20 November 2013) There were 18,000 tax administration staff in Greece before the economic crisis. Austerity measures have forced a 50% cut in staff – at the end of 2013 there are just 9,000 workers. Which may partially explain why the Greek state has failed to recover €60 billion in taxes this year. We’re not talking tax evasion, but fees declared or requested by the Ministry of Finance that people are unable to pay or that tax authorities have been unable to collect. PSI-EPSU labour (...)

Countries-of-Convenience: Corporate Tax Evasion and Social Dumping go hand in hand

(12 November 2013) On 16 October 2013 the S&D group of the European Parliament hosted the conference Countries of Convenience: Stop Tax Evasion and Social Dumping relating to European Parliament Resolution on the Fight against Tax Fraud, Tax Evasion and Tax Havens, which was presented by the rapporteur Mojca Kleva Kekus during her introductory remarks of the conference. Summary of the resolution’s content. A number of speakers presented cases that highlighted the connection between tax (...)

New research reveals big business still in charge of EC advisory groups, despite promising reform to Parliament

(Press communication 6 November 2013) Should speculators be given privileged access to dominate advice on financial regulation, beverage companies on alcohol policy, or fossil fuel companies on climate change? A new report released today by ALTER-EU, AK EUROPA and ÖGB Europabüro [1] shows the Commission is doing just that, putting big business in charge of its advisory groups despite promising MEPs reform over a year ago after they froze groups’ budgets. The European Federation of Public (...)

What’s in a Promise? Assessing if the Commission has tackled corporate dominance in its Expert Groups

(Brussels 5 November 2013) The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) member of ALTER –EU kindly invites you to a: PRESS CONFERENCE/DEBATE 6 November 2013 : What’s in a Promise? Assessing if the Commission has tackled corporate dominance in its Expert Groups Should tax dodgers be given privileged access to advise on tax havens, telecoms giants on data privacy or big business on the eurocrisis? The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU), AK EUROPA – (...)

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