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Unhappy Meal: €1 Billion in Tax Avoidance on the Menu at McDonald’s

(Joint press release - 25 February 2015) Tax structure allowed McDonald’s to divert revenue for years, costing European countries over €1 billion in lost taxes between 2009 and 2013. Today in Brussels, a coalition of European and American trade unions, joined by the anti-poverty campaign group War on Want, unveiled a report about McDonald’s deliberate avoidance of over €1 billion in corporate taxes in Europe over the five year period, 2009-2013. The report outlines in detail the tax avoidance (...)

UnhappyMeal : 1 milliard € en évitement fiscal au menu de McDonald’s

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE - Bruxelles, le 25 Février 2015 La structure fiscale de McDonald’s a permis d’éviter l’impôt sur une partie de ses recettes, coûtant aux pays européens plus d’1 milliard € entre 2009 et 2013. Aujourd’hui à Bruxelles, une coalition de syndicats européens et américains, rejoints par le groupe de lutte contre la pauvreté War on Want, a dévoilé un rapport présentant le système mis en place par McDonald’s qui aurait permis d’éviter de payer plus d’1 milliard d’euros en impôt sur les (...)

Luxleaks enquiry blocked by largest EP groups: a missed opportunity

(Press release - Brussels 06 February) Yesterday, the leaders of the PPE, S&D, Liberals, opposed a plenary vote on the launch of a parliamentary enquiry committee on the #Luxleaks follow-ups. There was a sizeable group of MEPs that wanted this. There will now be a special committee that PPE and S&D had opposed earlier. EPSU has been a strong supporter of an EP enquiry committee with sufficient human and material resources as well as legal backup, to crack down on what has become (...)

EPSU welcomes cross-party support for Luxleaks EP enquiry committee

(Press Release – 15 January 2015) Yesterday 14 January, a sufficient number of MEPs signed up to the call by the Greens with the support of the GUE group to launch a parliamentary enquiry committee in the Luxleaks tax scandals. The petition was signed by 194 MEPs, above the required threshold of a quarter of all MEPs or 188. “We fully support an enquiry committee to shed public light on the Luxleaks tax scandals, the legality or not of corporate tax rebates with EC state aid rules, why so (...)

Austerity continues to be tax dodgers’ best friend

(EPSU Press release 18 December 2014) A year ago, EPSU produced a report on the impact of public budget cuts on tax collection between 2007 and 2011. The update released today shows that little has changed. Despite the recent appetite for legal measures to fight corporate tax avoidance - no doubt because of the Luxembourg tax leaks -, austerity means that the resources to do so continue to be reduced. It finds that 24 out of 30 states (EU28, Iceland and Norway) cut employment in tax (...)

The Commission must stop consulting the Big 4 firms exposed in “Lux leaks”

(EPSU press release 18 December 2014) In a letter to the Commission sent yesterday 17 December, the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) and civil society members of the European Commission good tax governance Platform expressed strong concerns regarding the possible conflict of interest of some PwC-linked members currently sitting on the Platform. The EC advisory Platform, established last year, is charged with advising the Commission on implementing its action plan against (...)

Luxleaks parliament enquiry - EPSU asks MEPs to support the vote

(27 November 2014) EPSU asks the Members of the European Parliament to support today’s vote for the establishment of a Parliament enquiry on the #Luxleaks : Like many of you and many European citizens we are very shocked at the use of Luxembourg as a tax haven as revealed by the International Consortium of Investigate Journalists (#Luxleaks). While it was known that such tax deals took place, it is their industrial scale and the amounts of funds involved that are staggering. This is (...)

Les LuxLeaks démontrent qu’ il y a quelque chose de pourri au cœur de l’Europe

(Communiqué de presse – 19 novembre 2014) Les fuites de données fiscales du Luxembourg ne révèlent rien de nouveau. Les gouvernements européens et la Commission étaient au courant des stratagèmes des grandes entreprises mis en place pour payer le moins d’impôt possible. Ce que le Consortium International des Journalistes d’Investigation (ICIJ) révèle c’est le système à échelle industrielle des ententes fiscales secrètes et la complicité du gouvernement luxembourgeois. En conséquence, ce sont des milliards (...)

LuxLeaks reveal something is rotten at the heart of Europe

(Press communication, 19 November 2014) The Luxembourg tax leaks do not reveal anything new. EU governments and the Commission knew about corporate stratagems to pay as little tax as possible. What the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) reveals is the industrial scale of the secret tax deals and the complicity of the Luxembourg government. As a result, billions of Euros have been lost at the expense of citizens who are subject to job, pay and welfare cuts. What (...)

EPSU welcomes new EU rules on automatic tax information exchange but who will use them?

(Brussels, 15 October 2014) The EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council of Ministers agreed, unanimously, on 14 October to extend the scope of a directive on mandatory automatic exchange of information between tax administrations. (En français ci-dessous) The amendment to the directive on administrative cooperation in the field of direct taxation brings in interests, dividends and other income as well as account balances and sale proceeds from financial assets, within the scope of the (...)

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