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EPSU’s response to EC public consultation on the relaunch of a common consolidated corporate tax base – CCCTB

(2 February 2016) EPSU’s response to EC public consultation on the relaunch of a common consolidated corporate tax base – CCCTB – presented as a key tool to fight corporate tax avoidance and make companies pay tax where profits and value are generated. The consultation follows on the EC Action Plan for a fairer and efficient corporate tax system of last June. In line with its Congress position as well as of the ETUC, EPSU expresses support for a mandatory CCCTB, opposition to proposal to (...)


Governments must do more to fix the international corporate tax system - Joint Agency Briefing Note, November 2015

NEA work plan 2015-2019 to implement EPSU Congress Resolution

April 2015

Unhappy Meal: €1 Billion in Tax Avoidance on the Menu at McDonald’s

Joint report EPSU, EFFAT, SEIU and War on Want, 24 February 2015

The impact of austerity on tax collection: one year later and still going backwards

EPSU report by the Labour Research Department, October 2014

The path to sustainable development: For a people-friendly public administration!

(3 April 2014) The statement For a people-friendly administration was adopted on 1 April 2014 by the Executive Committee of EPSU. The statement is part of EPSU’s anti-austerity campaigns as public administrations (central, local and regional levels) have lost (at least) more than 1 million jobs since the start of the crisis (EC estimates, 2013). It is a response to the Commission’s public administration reform agenda that focuses exclusively, and in some cases offensively and (...)

EPSU defence network statement "Trade union rights for a secure defence sector"

18 December 2013

Dealing with corruption and state capture in Europe

PSIRU report, October 2012

NEW mapping report on Labour inspectors in 15 European countries at times of austerity

A mapping report on Labour Inspection Services in 15 European countries, by Syndex - June 2012

European Commission’s Green Paper Restructuring and anticipation of change: what lessons from recent experience?

EPSU Response (30 March 2012)

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