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The impact of austerity on tax collection: one year later and still going backwards

EPSU report by the Labour Research Department, October 2014

The path to sustainable development: For a people-friendly public administration!

(3 April 2014) The statement For a people-friendly administration was adopted on 1 April 2014 by the Executive Committee of EPSU. The statement is part of EPSU’s anti-austerity campaigns as public administrations (central, local and regional levels) have lost (at least) more than 1 million jobs since the start of the crisis (EC estimates, 2013). It is a response to the Commission’s public administration reform agenda that focuses exclusively, and in some cases offensively and (...)

EPSU defence network statement "Trade union rights for a secure defence sector"

18 December 2013

Dealing with corruption and state capture in Europe

PSIRU report, October 2012

NEW mapping report on Labour inspectors in 15 European countries at times of austerity

A mapping report on Labour Inspection Services in 15 European countries, by Syndex - June 2012

European Commission’s Green Paper Restructuring and anticipation of change: what lessons from recent experience?

EPSU Response (30 March 2012)

2012 Annual Growth Survey’s proposals for the modernisation of public administration

another tale of the missing links (EPSU Statement, 14 February 2012) EPSU notes that the European Commission (EC) focuses in the Annual Growth Survey (AGS) on the need to modernise public administrations. This can give the impression that public administrations have been static sectors of the economy and resistent to change, whereas in fact public administrations have been undergoing many reforms in the past decade. However, as the OECD’s “Government at a glance 2011” points out, “despite a plethora of reforms implemented by countries over the past decade, little empirical evidence currently exists about which public administration reforms bring about efficiency and productivitiy gains”.

Social Dialogue work programme 2011-2013 & other adopted documents

June 2011

ETUC response, in cooperation with EPSU, to the Commission’s Consultation on “smart regulation”

July 2010

Tax justice as an alternative to public service cuts

EPSU Tax Justice Charter, approved by the Executive Committee, 27-28 May 2010

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