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Recruitment and organisation

Trade unions across Europe have been facing the long-term challenge of membership decline. Although there are exceptions and although membership in many public sector trade unions has proved more resilient than in the private sector, there is still a need for urgent action by EPSU affiliates. Many are taking the initiative to organise recruitment campaigns and use new organising techniques to win new members and improve the retention of existing members.

The resolution moved by Dutch affiliate Abvakabo and passed at the EPSU Congress in June 2009, Strengthening European Public Sector Unions called for EPSU to provide a platform for affiliates to exchange information on recruitment and organisation.

EPSU has organised a number of seminars on these issues with the help of the ETUI’s education department and the most recent took place in January 2010.

Pushing recruitment and organising up the agenda

(5-6 March 2014) Building strong and effective trade unions was at the centre of the debate at a meeting on organising and recruitment hosted by the Swedish affiliates in EPSU and PSI. Among the key messages from the debates was the importance and challenge of changing union attitudes towards organising and recruitment. Along with presentations from all the Swedish affiliates, there were contributions from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and South Africa that (...)

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