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Across the world, people migrate, within and between countries, for economic and social advancement, meeting the demand for their skills, family reunion, simply for adventure, but many others are forced to migrate because of undemocratic regimes, famine, natural disasters, war, persecution or lack of decent work and pay in the home country.

Migrant labour is not a recent phenomenon for instance between 1901 and 1910 more than 8 million Europeans emigrated to the USA. The courage and dedication of migrant workers helped build the labour movement we are benefiting from today. >read more

On Migrants Day, PSI reiterates its commitment to decent work for all

(17 December 2014) Public Services International (PSI) marks December 18th – International Migrants Day, with continued vigour and commitment to fight for decent work and social protection for migrant workers. Many workers involved in the delivery of public services such as health and social care, municipal services and public administration, among others, are facing hardship and loss of jobs as a result of austerity cuts, unfair trade, repressive regimes and attacks on labour rights. (...)

CGIL demonstration for work, dignity and equality - defending migrant workers

(24 October 2014) EPSU has extended solidarity greetings to the CGIL Italian affiliates which are organising a demonstration 25 October. The unions demonstrate for work, dignity and equality. It will also be an occasion to raise the issue of migrant workers which is important now the extreme-right is on the rise in Europe and migrant workers are among the most vulnerable in our society. EPSU Congress adopted an important policy resolution on the rights of migrant workers. The demonstration (...)

ETUC position on the new European Commission’s five-year programme on migration

ETUC position on the new European Commission’s five-year programme on migration (EC Communication “An Open and Secure Europe: Making It Happen”) Adopted at the meeting of the ETUC Executive Committee on 11-12 June 2014 DG Home affairs launched a Communication aimed at setting priorities in the migration policies for the next five-years. In it, the ETUC recognises a new narrative for the migration phenomenon in Europe. However some areas of concern have been detected and improvements can be (...)

ETUC concerns over discussions on draft directive for Intra-corporate transferees from non EU countries

ETUC concerns over discussions between Council and Parliament on draft directive for Intra-corporate transferees from non EU countries 25 February 2014 - Negotiations concerning the Directive on the Intra-Corporate Transfers are taking an unexpected direction. The point in case concerns equal treatment of third-country nationals admitted to work in a Member State with an ICT Permit. Some Member States are trying to impose a position which denies full equal treatment for third country (...)

EPSU strongly condemns shooting of migrant workers in Greece

(19 April 2013) The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) firmly condemns and is utterly shocked that 30 migrant workers have been injured in a shooting on a strawberry farm in Greece after requesting salaries that had not been paid. Around 200 workers had gathered to request their unpaid salaries when at least one farm supervisor opened fire. EPSU Deputy General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan declares: “This worrying incident shows how far we have come in Europe by ignoring (...)

Euromed public services meeting migrants project- New research

(28 January 2013) Welcoming migrants in the Euromed region: perspective of public sector employees . This new survey was carried out as part of an EU-funded project Public services meeting migrants submitted by EPSU’s French affiliate CFDT-Interco (2012). It looks at working conditions in migration public services (charged with work/residency permits) and health services in direct contact with migrant/ users.

18 December 2012 International Migrants Day - Workers’ solidarity is needed in times of crisis

18 December 2012 – United Nations International Migrants Day - “Workers’ solidarity is needed in times of crisis,” says Rosa Pavanelli, General Secretary, Public Services International On the occasion of 18th December, International Migrants Day, Public Services International calls on all its affiliates to continue working vigorously to free our workplaces and communities of racism, xenophobia and all forms of discrimination. Across countries hit hard by the economic crisis, we are (...)

Report of the Euromed Project on Migration and Public Services final conference

Towards a high-quality reception of migrants 18-19 September 2012, Marseilles, France Introduction and Objective The final conference of the Euromed study Informing and Training Public Sector Union Representatives on Receiving Migrants took place on 18 and 19 September 2012. The project was funded by the European Commission and organised by INTERCO-CFDT France, in cooperation with EPSU and Spanish, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian trade unions. The conference brought together (...)

Euromed Migration Project - Communiqué on conference 18-19 September 2012, Marseille

(27 September 2012) The final conference of the Euromed project Informing and Training Public Sector Union Representatives on welcoming migrants took place on 18 and 19 September 2012 with the support of the European Commission. It was organised by Interco-CFDT, France, in cooperation with EPSU affiliates in Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Romania. The conference brought together more than 50 union delegates, along with representatives of the migrant support group CIMADE, European (...)

Public services and migrants - Final project conference

(7 September 2012) The next meeting of the Euromed migration Project Public services meeting migrants will take place on 18-19 September 2012 in Marseilles, France. This is the final stage of the EU-funded project submitted by our French colleagues from CFDT Interco following on from the launch of the Euromed migration network in 2010 an the initiative of CGIL-FP, with the support of PSI and EPSU . The objectives of the project are to inform affiliates on the EU legal framework on (...)

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