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Key documents

EPSU Statement on International Women’s Day – 8 March 2014

Trade Union Action is key to reduce gender pay inequality in Europe (5 March 2014) A new EPSU survey commissioned to the Labour Research Department that was recently published to get a better understanding of trade union action to narrow the gender pay gap in the public sector shows that trade unions are simply key to address and reduce gender pay inequality effectively. The report monitors trade union action for public administration, education, national, regional and local government, (...)

The Gender Pay Gap in Public Services

November 2013

Cuts in public sector pay and employment: the impact on women in the public sector

LRD, May 2013

Transnational company agreement on Equality

European Agreement on Professional Equality between women and men, GdF Suez Group - June 2012

Widening the gender gap : Report

Widening the gender gap : the impact of public sector pay and job cuts on the employment and working conditions of women in four countries

Report by Lionel Fulton, Labour Research Department June 2011

EPSU Gender Mainstreaming Audit 2010

Presentation Gender mainstreaming audit 2010 EPSU Gender mainstreaming audit 2010 report

Women’s representation in EPSU and affiliates

Report by SKTF for EPSU, October 2009 (EN/FR/DE/ES)

Pay and the gender wage gap in health and social care

Reducing the gender pay gap – implementing the equal pay resolutions from the 2009 EPSU Congress

Gender pay gap questionnaire, February 2010

EPSU submits response to EU ‘roadmap for equality’ consultation

(24 September 2009, Brussels) “EPSU agrees that the economic crisis is the main medium term challenge. It means first to monitor the possible differentiated impact on women and men on the labour market, including the public sector which employs 1 out of 3 women in the EU”. This was the headline statement of the EPSU contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on the Road-Map for Equality between men and women 2006-2010 and follow up strategy. The contribution will form the public (...)

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