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EPSU carries out and commissions a wide-range of research across the sectors in which it organises. This may be research that EPSU believes is directly useful and relevant to its political and campaigning priorities. However, it also includes joint research projects that are agreed with employers’ organisations involved in the sectoral social dialogue.

We have set up these research pages to ensure that our affiliates can see the breadth of research on the public services and other issues of relevance to EPSU. We also believe that these pages will provide affiliates with a range of other useful information and links to websites with further research, publications and contact details of researchers and research organisations.

ETUC / EPSU / Solidar / FERPA ’Who cares?’ project on experiences and possibilities to reconcile work and care responsibilities for dependent family members

Today, there are around 21 million adults in the European Union who require regular care and this number is set to increase as the population ages. Much of this care is delivered by relatives wholly or partly at home alone or in combination with public or private care providers. Many of the individuals delivering this care to their elderly or disabled adult relatives are also working and therefore combine work and caring responsibilities, sometimes in additional to caring for young (...)

Austerity and economic governance - EPSU/ETUI conference

More than 200 academics, trade unionists, policy makers and other European actors met in Brussels on 22-23 February 2011 to discuss the current Economic Governance proposals and possible alternatives. The conference was opened by Carola Fischbach-Pyttel, EPSU General Secretary who said that “the term economic governance has been high jacked to mean austerity. Progressive taxation, justice and fairness seem to have disappeared from the European Commission jargon. What we want is social (...)

An alternative to the market - the social, political and economic role of public services in Europe

For documents and further information on the conference please go to > etui This conference was organised by EPSU in cooperation with the research institute of the ETUC, the ETUI-REHS www.etui-rehs.org , the Swedish research organisation SALTSA www.saltsa.se and supported also by CIRIEC www.ulg.ac.be/ciriec and other research networks. The idea was to facilitate a discussion between researchers and trade unionists on the consequences of privatisation and liberalisation, looking at the (...)

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