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EPSU Youth

At the 8th EPSU Congress, held in Brussles on 8-11 June, it was agreed that EPSU would establish a Specific section for Youth. The decision, due to the merger with PSI-Europe, will allow EPSU to develop a public sector specific profile for young trade unionists.

ETUI/EPSU course: Building the young voice in EPSU/PSI affiliates in Eastern countries

17-18 March 2015, Bucharest The Education Department of the European Trade Union Institute will organise a joint course with the European Federation of Public Service Unions "Building the young voice in EPSU/PSI affiliates in Eastern countries" which will be held from 17 to 18 March 2015 in Bucharest, Romania. Aims To define the role and the future actions of the EPSU/PSI youth network To identify the different dimensions of the trade union renewal To experiment ways of mapping (...)

6th meeting of the EPSU youth network took place

(9 February 2015) 22 participants from 13 different countries (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Romania and Turkey) attended the 6th meeting of the EPSU Youth network. This was the first formal event since the 9th EPSU Congress in May 2014 in Toulouse. The meeting had a stoke taking part with a presentation from Anna Ludwinek from Eurofound about youth transitions and youth employment. Also Chiara Lorenzini, project officer of the (...)

EPSU Youth Network meeting

4 February 2015

Young workers describe “emergency situation” to all major European Parliament groups

(15 October 2014- Joint press release) Young trade union shop stewards working in some of the key sectors of Europe’s economy – including transport, public services, food production, retail, metal, and media and the arts – drew a full crowd in the European Parliament on Tuesday 14 October to describe the dire reality facing young workers and jobseekers today. To further the aims of the youth employment campaign led by six European trade union federations titled “Enough of their crisis – Back (...)

Young workers celebrate Youth Day demanding better mental health

(26 August 2014) On August 12th we celebrated International Youth Day and this year was linked to highlighting the issues of mental health for young people, specially young workers. The International organisation of EPSU, Public Services International (PSI) made an action linking our fight for a healthier society and need for quality public services. Many young people agree to precarious and unfair working conditions rather than staying indefinitely unemployed, with long term consequences (...)

European Parliament’s Youth resolution is a step, not a solution

(18 July 2014 - European Trade Union Federations Joint Press Release) The six sectoral European Trade Union Federations (ETUFs), uniting over 30 million workers and organisers through the “Enough of their crisis – back to our future” campaign, appreciate the fact that the newly elected European Parliament has dedicated itself to addressing youth employment as a matter of utmost urgency. The European Parliament sent a welcome, yet smokeless signal by adopting a resolution on Youth Employment (...)

Youth Guarantee fails to fulfil its promises

(Brussels, 10 July 2014 - Joint ETUFs Press Communication) The six European trade union federations (ETUFs) and their combined membership of 30 million workers who are powering the campaign “Enough of their crisis – back to our future”, are deeply concerned that the Italian Government, which has just this month commenced its Presidency of the EU, has cancelled the Inter-Ministerial Summit on Youth Employment planned to take place in Turin on 11 July. The ETUFs see it as evidence that European (...)

European Trade Unions Federations launch joint campaign against Youth unemployment

(7 March 2014) The campaign that is called "Enough of their crisis – back to our future” aims to mobilise young workers to put pressure to European institutions and national governments to give a long lasting solution to one of the major problems of the crisis: youth unemployment. This campaign aims to reclaim youth’s future. On Friday 7 March 2014, the European trade union federations’ youth organisations are launching a joint campaign calling on the EU institutions and employers to put (...)

A landmark EPSU Youth seminar

Sesimbra 16-18 September 2013 - The fifth meeting of the EPSU youth network had the participation of representatives from Sweden, Belarus, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Hungary and Lithuania. The event was an EPSU-ETUI youth seminar. Presentations of the work of young workers and their organisations was made by Finnish and Italian representatives. Kurt Vandaele , researcher from the ETUI, presented his survey about ’Young workers and their representation (...)

About 20 young members of EPSU affiliated unions met on 4 April in London

The fourth meeting of the EPSU Youth network took place at the UNISON Head Quarters. The participants represented unions in Britain, Finland, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Montenegro, Latvia, Hungary, Belarus and Romania from all EPSU sectors. The meeting was opened by UNISON assistant General Secretary Karen Jennings that explained the situation in Britain for young workers in the public sector and the effects of the austerity measures of the coalition government and well as the long standing (...)

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