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EPSU Youth

At the 8th EPSU Congress, held in Brussles on 8-11 June, it was agreed that EPSU would establish a Specific section for Youth. The decision, due to the merger with PSI-Europe, will allow EPSU to develop a public sector specific profile for young trade unionists.

Time to empower our young workers!

(1 February 2016) Last week in Madrid we held the first regional seminar for a joint project between the European Trade Union Federations (European Public Service Unions (EPSU), IndustriALL, UNI Europa, EFBWW, ETF and EFFAT), entitled “Empowering the integration of younger workers in the European Metal, Manufacturing, Transport, Food, Services, Construction and Wood Industries.” The seminar opened with some inspiring words from Vincente Sanchez Jimenez, General Secretary of CCOO de (...)

Trade unionists seek better guarantees for the Youth Guarantee

(22 January 2016) More investment in the future of young people is desperately needed to prevent the social timebomb of youth unemployment in the EU. With youth unemployment levels at over 22% across the EU and a shocking 53% in Spain, and with all economic forecasts suggesting that youth unemployment will remain high across Europe, it is crucial that European-level youth employment initiatives are maintained and extended. That was the message that young trade unionists took yesterday to (...)

Update on EPSU youth activities and welcome to 2016

Time flies, especially when you’re young. And young trade unionists continue to prove they know how to make the most of every precious minute in their quest to improve the lives, working conditions and opportunities for young people across Europe. As we welcome in a new year, now is a good time to provide an update on the youth-related activities at EPSU and beyond, and to look forward to upcoming projects for 2016. First and foremost, the last meeting of 2015 for EPSU’s Youth Network took (...)

Обновление молодежных мероприятий ЕФПОО и добро пожаловать в 2016 год

7th meeting of the EPSU youth network

(13 October 2015) Young trade unionists from over 20 public service unions across Europe met in Madrid last week (6/10/2015). 17 countries were represented in a meeting to discuss the future objectives of the network. Eddie Stam, an experienced trade union organizer from Abvakabo-FNV in the Netherlands, gave a presentation on organising which touched on themes of unionising young and precarious workers, publicity and social media and innovative ways of taking action. There was an exchange (...)

Fifteen members of the EPSU youth network meet in European young workers event

(19 May 2015) A delegation of the EPSU Youth network participated in the first event of the project of the European trade Union Federations (ETUFs) in the background of their campaign back to our future. Over 150 young workers from across Europe gathered near Dubrovnik to discuss issues such as youth employment, precarious work and the role of young trade unionists as well as develop skills and knowledge for mobilising at national and European level. The conference was full of (...)

A joint trade union effort to push for youth employment

(19 May 2015) EPSU, through its youth network and four other European Trade Union Federations (ETUFs) jointly wrote to the European Commission on 12 May urging to take further decisive action on youth employment. The letter (see below) urges the European Commission to act to reduce the dramatic levels of youth unemployment across the EU. Currently, the EU average for youth unemployment stands at over 20% and is up to nearly 60% in some countries such as Greece and Spain. A year has passed (...)

European Youth Conference (2,5 days)

Launching event of the project “Empowering the integration of younger workers in the European Metal, Transport, Food, Services, Construction and Wood Industries (as part of the EU Social Agenda) Hotel Croatia - Cavtat – Dubrovnik (Croatia) – 13-15 May 2015 Dear colleagues, We are pleased to invite you to attend a European Youth Conference which will take place in Cavtat – Dubrovnik (Croatia) on 13-15 May 2015. The conference will be the launching event of the project entitled “Empowering (...)

ETUI/EPSU course: Building the young voice in EPSU/PSI affiliates in Eastern countries

17-18 March 2015, Bucharest The Education Department of the European Trade Union Institute will organise a joint course with the European Federation of Public Service Unions "Building the young voice in EPSU/PSI affiliates in Eastern countries" which will be held from 17 to 18 March 2015 in Bucharest, Romania. Aims To define the role and the future actions of the EPSU/PSI youth network To identify the different dimensions of the trade union renewal To experiment ways of mapping (...)

6th meeting of the EPSU youth network

(9 February 2015) 22 participants from 13 different countries (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Romania and Turkey) attended the 6th meeting of the EPSU Youth network. This was the first formal event since the 9th EPSU Congress in May 2014 in Toulouse. Anna Ludwinek from Eurofound gave a presentation about youth transitions and youth employment while Chiara Lorenzini, project officer of the EFBWW, provided background on the European (...)

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