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EPSU Briefings: Challenging austerity

EPSU has published a series of briefings that uncover the failings of the austerity policies that have been imposed across Europe over the last five years. The first briefing focuses on the fact that austerity has failed. It has neither delivered sustainable economic growth nor resolved the debt crisis in several countries. Furthermore, it has had drastic, negative social consequences. The confidence myth is exposed in the second briefing. One of the arguments for austerity was that you (...)

2014 country-specific recommendations on public service issues

This year’s country-specific recommendations include many with implications for public services with, in particular, an increased number calling for more cost effective health and long-term care provision. Below is a summary of some of the main observations for each group of recommendations. Public budgets The emphasis is still very much on fiscal consolidation, with the focus on reducing spending. Although nine countries are encouraged to make their fiscal consolidation “growth-friendly”, (...)

EPSU backs ETUC call for increased public investment

(24 September 2014) The ETUC yesterday set out its key demands for getting Europe’s economy back on track and central to these is increased public investment. ETUC deputy general secretary Józef Niemiec presented a number of proposals for action during a consultative meeting of trade unions and employers on the 2015 Annual Growth Survey. The AGS is due for publication by the European Commission in November and will include the economic and social priorities for the coming year. The ETUC (...)

Coordinated Structural Reform is the new mantra at macro-economic social dialogue meeting at political level

(14 July 2014) "We need structural reform" was the message of all speakers but the ETUC in the macro-economic dialogue meeting at political level. The meeting was organised by the Italian Minister for Economy and FInance Pier Carlo Padoan. He presented the Italian governments priorities focused on completing the internal market, structural reform and investment as the best way to create economic growth and jobs. The employers underlined that for them structural reform is needed not just (...)

EPSU joins alliance to work on economic governance

EPSU has linked up with a number of European civil society organisations to form an Alliance to address the challenges arising from the Commission’s economic governance process. The Alliance aims to improve the participation of trade union and civil society organisations in the shaping of EU policies and to contribute to progress on the targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The EU Alliance for a democratic, social and sustainable European Semester (EU Semester Alliance) is a broad coalition (...)

50.000 workers say: We need a change, we need a new path for Europe

(7 April 2014) We were with many and from all over Europe in the Euro-demonstration to demand an end to austerity and a change of direction away from policies that create inequality, poverty and unemployment Friday 4 April. The demo was headed by a large group of young workers. Young people are faced with very high unemployment, precarious jobs, worse pensions and pay. The European trade union federations are campaigning to improve the prospects for young people for the future. The EPSU (...)

European demonstration for a Social Europe

Amnesty Report reveals links between police and Golden Dawn in Greece

The human rights organisation Amnesty International published a report on Greece that details the excessive use of police force against demonstrations, journalists, Roma, immigrants and other vulnerable groups, shows the links between police officers and the extreme right-wing party Golden Dawn and underlines the impunity of those policemen accused of brutalities or even torture. With Greece in its 6th year of economic crisis, with declining incomes, increasing unemployment and (...)

European trade union summit: the next big thing for European trade unions

(4 March 2014) A High-level Trade Union Summit about the "European trade unions in dialogue for a Social Europe" will be held on March 19 in Brussels. This event will debate the past five years of economic crisis and the responses by the trade unions in Europe as well as the role of the European Commission and the European Parliament in this term that comes to an end in several weeks. On the eve of the tripartite summit the event will count with many leaders of the national confederations (...)

ETUC shows how Troika policies bring economic failure and social disaster

(27 January 2014) Today at a hearing in the European Parliament the ETUC revealed how the Troika of the European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) had undermined fundamental principles of the European Union while failing to deliver sustainable recovery in the programme countries. The meeting was jointly organised by the Parliament’s Economic and Employment committees and heard the views of both the ETUC and the Businesseurope employers’ (...)

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