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Annual Growth Survey 2016: no let up for public service workers

(27 November 2015) Despite a gradual shift away from full-scale fiscal consolidation, public service workers in 2016 are still set to face facing tough times. The European Commission’s Annual Growth Survey, published yesterday sets out the main priorities for the coming European Semester and notes that “The largest spending cuts planned by euro area Member States for next year are affecting the public sector wage bill and government purchases of goods and services.” In an initial reaction (...)

EPSU: Cameron’s agenda for EU is not shared by workers in UK and EU

(12 November 2015) David Cameron launched the proposals of the UK Conservative government to renegotiate the EU Treaty 10 November 2015. The proposals boil down to less solidarity with other EU Members States. He wants to discriminate against EU workers and their families in the UK. And he wants more freedom for businesses to operate. The Conservatives demand that UK workers are permanently denied the protection the EU Working Time Directive offers. It is a corporate and nationalist (...)

Trade unions and employers debate key points in next Annual Growth Survey

(24 September 2015) Investment and structural reforms were at the centre of discussions between representatives of trade unions and employers yesterday when they took part in the annual consultation to prepare the next Annual Growth Survey (AGS). Representatives of the ETUC underlined the fact that new research from the International Labour Organisation and the International Monetary Fund had called into question the impact of labour market reforms on economic performance. Along with EPSU, (...)

ETUC committee discusses next Annual Growth Survey

(17 September 2015) Priorities for the 2016 Annual Growth Survey (AGS) were among the main issues for debate at the ETUC Economic and Employment Committee on 16 September. Over 25 representatives from 13 country confederations and European trade union federations took part in the discussion which covered the urgent need for investment in decent jobs, structural reforms and public finances. The various points raised were summarised in the document drafted by the ETUC in the lead up to the (...)

Withdraw law that attacks trade unions in Ukraine ask participants at a European meeting

(31 August 2015) The draft law on registration of trade unions should be withdrawn in the Ukrainian parliament. This was the conclusion of several European trade unionists. They considered the consequences of the law on the workers and their unions. The draft makes it much more difficult to organise workers. It also fits in statements of Parliamentary and government representatives to weaken the trade unions. The law was proposed without any discussion with the unions by a group of (...)

Eurogroup deal with Greece - more hardship for Greek workers and people

(13 July 2015) The longest Eurogroup summit has ended with a deal. If the Greek Parliament approves it, talks can start on a third financial assistance package. Several other national parliaments need to accept it as well. There is a list of measures for immediate approval and implementation. The deal demands labour market reforms. They want "rigorous reviews and modernisation of collective bargaining, industrial action and, in line with the relevant EU directive and best practice, (...)

Greek people’s voice to be respected by Eurogroup

(6 July 2015) The Greek people voted no to the proposals of the Eurogroup. The Eurogroup wanted more austerity measures as a condition for further financial assistance. The Greek government did not agree and is now supported by a clear majority of Greek workers and people. EPSU General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan says: "The Eurogroup needs to go back to the negotiating table. Greece needs debt relief and Greek people a prospect for growth" Greek people have not voted to leave the (...)

Macro-economic dialogue at technical level - what structural reform does work for workers and society?

(25 June 2015) The European Union economy is picking up again, but many factors are uncertain and it is not clear if the recovery will persist, could be the summary of a discussion on the state of the European economy in the macro-economic dialogue. The trade union side is more cautious also because the economy still lacks sufficient investment. Veronica Nilsson, the next ETUC Deputy General Secretary introduced the position of the ETUC, referring to the need for a serious investment plan (...)

Social investment, real social dialogue and public services out of TTIP addressed at Tripartite Social Summit

(20 March 2015) With more than 24 million unemployed, with high youth unemployment , with growing poverty and wealth inequality in Europe, we are not out of the economic crisis, was the message of the ETUC delegation to the Tripartite Social Summit. Therefore more public investment is needed and including in social infrastructure and public services. This will stimulate growth. We want environmentally sustainable growth and decent jobs. The Juncker plan while a step in the right direction (...)

Alliance calls for social and sustainable investment plan

(18 March 2015) The European Commission’s investment plan is missing a real commitment to quality jobs and sustainable growth as well as a strong social element. This is the message coming from the Semester Alliance, a broad European coalition bringing together environmental, social and equality groups and trade unions, including EPSU. The Alliance is calling on the European Council and the European Parliament to ensure that the European Commission’s proposal for a European Fund for (...)

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