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Key documents

- see also in the social dialogue section, our joint statements

Trace final handbook, Decentralisation and public services: a case of public sector restructuring

1st Seminar Project CEMR-EPSU

"Identifying new forms of service delivery in municipalities, technological developments and the impact on the workforce and employers – the challenge of digitalisation"

EPSU Standing Committee for Local and Regional Government Work Plan 2015-2016/7

Well-being and Sustainable Workplaces

EPSU/CEMR Final Report, December 2012

Lifelong learning, training and skills development

EPSU/CEMR Final Report, October 2012

Recruitment and retention (with special focus on youth and elderly employment)

EPSU/CEMR Final Report, October 2012

Migration and mobility within local and regional government

EPSU/CEMR Final Report, October 2012

Equality, diversity and non-discrimination (gender)

EPSU/CEMR Final report, October 2012

Funding of Local and Regional Government: Key challenges, solutions to growth and alternatives

EPSU/CEMR Final Report, October 2012

Re-municipalising municipal services in Europe

A background note for the EPSU conference in Riga, May 2012

The 2012 Annual Growth Survey’s proposals for the modernisation of public administration - another tale of the missing links

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