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working with Public Service International (PSI)

PSI campaigns for the interests of public sector workers. Since 1907, when it was founded, PSI has co-ordinated public sector struggles for workers’ rights, gender equality, social and economic justice, and effective and accessible public services.

The main focus of PSI is on Quality Public Services which involves:

- Advocating, promoting and lobbying for quality public services.
- Strengthening trade unions to help them better defend and improve working conditions
- Working with communities and users to help them get the public services they need.

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- EPSU Congress 2009 Emergency resolution on Supporting Trade Union Rights – No to Free Trade with Columbia

EPSU demands end to killings of workers by Turkish security forces

These last weeks several public service workers in South East of Turkey have been killed by Turkish security forces. Many were members of EPSU affiliates like GENEL-IS and SES. Trade union leaders have been arrested. The security forces are laying siege on several towns and villages in areas mainly inhabited by Kurdish people. Union actions are difficult and unionists are intimidated. EPSU, ITUC and others have demanded that the Turkish government launches an independent investigation. (...)

EPSU protest against suppression of Korean public service unions

(4 December 2015) EPSU joined PSI and many others in protesting against the continued suppression of the Korean public service trade unions. The government is arresting union leaders, invading offices and has forbidded demonstrations. For more information http://www.world-psi.org/en/solidarity-trade-unionists-korea For the EPSU protest letter: EPSU solidarity TU Korea

PSI Press release congratulating Tunisian unions on the Nobel Peace Prize

(12 October 2015) A quartet of Tunisian civil society organisations, including the trade union organisation UGTT, a member of PSI, have won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015. “We were expecting this in 2014 when UGTT was first nominated for the prize, so we are very pleased to hear today’s news that the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet,” says Rosa Pavanelli, General Secretary of Public Services International. “I want to congratulate Brother (...)

EPSU condemns the attack on peaceful demonstrators in Ankara

(12 October 2015) Two bomb attacks killed 86 or more people (This article was first published on EPSU’s Facebook, the official number of people killed has risen to 95. Others speak of 128) in the center of Ankara. Hundreds are injured. They were participating in a peace rally Saturday morning 10 October. The organisers of the rally included KESK, the Turkish public service workers federation and DISK, the general workers confederation. Several union members have been killed. EPSU denounces (...)

PSI Statement: World Day for Decent Work – 7 October

On Friday 25 September 2015, the UN’s new 2030 Agenda was adopted in the presence of the world’s top leaders at a special session of the Annual General Assembly of the United Nations. This year also marks the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations, which lends additional momentum to this new global agenda for sustainable development, which should lead the world out of poverty and save our planet. PSI’s and the trade union movement’s broad objectives going into this process, full and productive (...)

Meeting with the Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan affiliates: Labour Code changes need trade union involvement

(1st September 2015) The shopsteward of the Bishkek blood-bank explained how the union had improved the collective agreement. The local union organised several consultations with the members. Their ideas were the basis of the proposals for changes to management. Several versions of the new agreement were considered by the branch before being approved. With a level of union density of nearly 100 % of workers in the health sector, the main preoccupation was to get members involved in the (...)

End Corporate Greed - World Day for Decent Work 2015

(31 August 2015) The ITUC is calling on all unions to engage in the World Day for Decent Work 7 October 2015. Unions celebrate our common struggle to ensure decent jobs for workers. The theme this year is End Corporate Greed. For more information WDDW 2015

Hans Engelberts

(14 April) It is with deep sadness that we have learned Monday morning 13 April that Hans Engelberts has passed away after a long sickness. Hans Engelberts was General Secretary of the Public Services International from 1981 to 2007. Our thoughts go to his family, his children and grandchildren and his friends in this moment of sorrow and loss. Having started his trade union career in the predecessor of AbvaKabo in the Netherlands, Hans dedicated his life to the PSI. He has contributed (...)

South East European constituency: Opposing trade agreements and organising for better pay and conditions

(16 March 2015) Public service trade union leaders from South East Europe discussed the ongoing impact on public services, workers and communities of the economic crisis and failure of governments to address it. Rising unemployment and increased inequality are some of the consequences. Keenly aware that we need to increase our strength, the union leaders also addressed organising and recruitment. Some positive examples were highlighted. The group also sent a message of support to striking (...)

Russian and Central Asian unions discuss organising in private sector, growing influence of PPPs

(9 March 2015) With reform of the health care systems in all countries, there is a growing influence of the private sector especially in Russia. Most of the clinics and activities are minor but there are larger chains in Russia. Unions considered the challenges of organising these private sector workers and the methods to do so also leading to an active membership and preventing the local union branches become instruments of management. Other issues discussed: The increase in (...)

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