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EPSU represents Europe’s water and sewerage workers in both public and private companies. Some of these private companies are large transnational companies.

EPSU cooperates with Public Services International.

Please see also the www.acp-eu-waterpartnerships.org website - it helps water utilities, local authorities and civil society organisations access and use EU aid to build not-for-profit ACP-EU water partnerships.

EPSU sends letter to Portuguese parliamentarians in support of law to protect human and community rights to water

(6 October 2014) On 9 October the Portuguese national parliament will vote for a law that should protect the human right and community rights to water and prevent privatisation of water supply companies in Portugal. The law is a proposal of the coalition “Agua de Todos” that has collected over 40.000 signatures in Portugal last year to do this proposal. Portuguese trade unions – EPSU affiliates – have supported this initiative and are part of the Agua de Todos coalition. EPSU has supported (...)

Right to water struggle continues in Spain

(19 September 2014) Many people who can not afford to pay their water bill are cut off from water in Spain. It is estimated that 9.000.000 people have difficulties to pay their bill. The conservative party tries to privatise water services in many local municipalities were they rule leading to a situation in which more then 50% of water companies are in private and that is multinational hands. To debate these developments, the confederation UGT organised a meeting with its environmental (...)

Benchmarking of water services

(17 September 2014) In its response to our European Citizens’ Initiative, the European Commission stated that it would explore the possibility of promoting the benchmarking of water services (on quality and performance) as a way to increase transparency and information for final users. On 9 September the Commission organized a stakeholder meeting in which we as ECI organizers have been invited to explain our ideas and demands. We criticized the Commission’s response to our ECI as (...)

Antwort von « Right2water » : öffentliche Konsultation Trinkwasser in der EU

Our response to the Consultation on Drinking Water in Europe

(15 September 2014) With respect to the human right to water and sanitation, “right2water” has deliberately focused on the aspects of availability, accessibility and affordability of water supply and wastewater disposal. Quality of drinking water and security of supply – both important aspects of achieving this human right – are in principle effectively ensured by the Drinking Water Directive. Ongoing improvement of this Directive is desirable, but not sufficient to attain the goals of (...)

Public Consultation on drinking water directive is open

(12 August 2014) In response to our European Citizens’ Initiative the European Commission said it would start a public consultation on the drinking water directive in view of improving access to quality water in the EU. This consultation is open now. We would like to encourage everybody who has signed our ECI to participate in this consultation and respond to the questionnaire. The Consultation is online and it you can respond to it until 23 September. It consists in a questionnaire that is (...)

O Presidente da Zona Euro e O ministro das Finanças holandês Dijsselbloem sofreram uma derrota esmagadora na saga grega, segundo o comunicado

Presidente de la eurozona y ministro de finanzas holandés Dijsselbloem sufre una derrota demoledora en su saga griega

Le Président de l’Eurozone et Ministre des finances Néerlandais Dijsselbloem souffre d’une écrasante défaite dans la saga Grecque

Πανωλεθρία των σχεδίων του Πρόεδρου της Ευρωζώνης και του Ολλανδού Υπουργού Οικονομικών Dijsselbloem για την ΕΥΑΘ

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