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EPSU represents Europe’s water and sewerage workers in both public and private companies. Some of these private companies are large transnational companies.

EPSU cooperates with Public Services International.

Please see also the www.acp-eu-waterpartnerships.org website - it helps water utilities, local authorities and civil society organisations access and use EU aid to build not-for-profit ACP-EU water partnerships.

Human Right to Water and Sanitation - Action Needed from the European Commission

(27 February 2015) One year after the response of the European Commission to the first ever successful European Citizens Initiative Right 2 Water, the European Federations of Public Services and the European Water Movement are calling for mobilisation to protest over lack of progress in Brussels on 23 March. Join us at midday at Place Luxembourg, outside the European Parliament In Brussels. Help us pass the message that Another Europe is possible. The Right2Water campaign submitted 1.9 (...)

European water movements continues its workings

(24 February 2015) On February 6th and 7th took place in Marseille the GREMME (Grand Rencontre Euro Mediterraneen de Marseille sur l’eau) for its French acronym. About 200 participants from across Europe (especially the Mediterranean basin) and North Africa participated. Almost 3 years ago from the last Alternative World Water Forum (FAME) where the European Citizens Initiative right2water was presented. The event was a stoke taking meeting preparing for the World Social Forum in Tunis is (...)

EP starts own-initiative for “right2water”

The European Parliament Committee for Environment (ENVI) has started an “own-initiative” on our ECI right2water, because it shared our conclusion that the response of the European Commission was disappointing and not in accordance to such a successful European Citizens’ Initiative! This “own-initiative” is supported by the EP Committee for Development (DEVE). The Parliament can take the initiative to propose legislation for the EU. We are very happy with this “own-initiative” of the Parliament (...)

Expert group Drinking Water Directive

(26 January 2015) The European Commission has presented the (statistical) results of the public consultation on drinking water in the EU in a meeting to the Drinking Water Directive Expert group on 18 December 2014. This group consists of government representative from the Member States and a limited number of stakeholders, mainly from the water industry, and including EPSU. Clivia Conrad (Ver.di) participated in this meeting on behalf of EPSU and also represented the ECI Right2water. The (...)

Mobilising for Change - the first ever successful European Citizens’ Initiative Right2Water

(26 January 2015) If the European Parliament is positive about the first ever successful European Citizens’ Initiative Right to Water that wants the EU to recognise the human right to water and sanitation in the European Union, and if the European Commission would still refuse to act, the instrument of the ECI to promote more participation of citizens and more European debate will be dead. Which activist and which citizen would want to put resources into it to see it frustrated by (...)

Eve of de-privatization of water services in Jakarta

(15 January 2015) An interesting article has been written about the history of problems since privatization of water services in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the possible end of it as Jakarta is currently striving to remunicipalise its water. The article contains four fact-sheets that highlight different angles of the problems of privatization in Jakarta. 1. It is Time to End Water Privatization 2. The Impact of Water Privatization in Jakarta 3. The Unfair Cooperation Agreement on Water (...)

Our contribution to the multi-stakeholder dialogue on Benchmarking Water quality and services

(29 October 2014) In response to our ECI “water is a human right!” the European Commission said it would explore “benchmarking” as a way to achieve better quality water services in the EU. As a first step it organised a multi-stakeholder meeting to discuss the subject and to hear the opinions of stakeholder in water services. As ECI organisers we were invited to explain our ideas of how benchmarking could help to improve quality water services in Europe. This meeting took place on 9 September. (...)

Legislate on Right2Water and exclude water permanently from the internal market and trade agreements says EESC

(23 October 2014) The European Economic and Social Committee which brings together employers, trade unions, consumers, farmers and representatives of other groups from all European countries calls on the European Commission to come forward with legislative proposals that honour the demands of the European Citizens Initiative Right2Water, the first ever successful ECI. The EESC urges the European Commission to propose legislation establishing access to water and sanitation as a human right (...)

EPSU sends letter to Portuguese parliamentarians in support of law to protect human and community rights to water

(6 October 2014) On 9 October the Portuguese national parliament will vote for a law that should protect the human right and community rights to water and prevent privatisation of water supply companies in Portugal. The law is a proposal of the coalition “Agua de Todos” that has collected over 40.000 signatures in Portugal last year to do this proposal. Portuguese trade unions – EPSU affiliates – have supported this initiative and are part of the Agua de Todos coalition. EPSU has supported (...)

Right to water struggle continues in Spain

(19 September 2014) Many people who can not afford to pay their water bill are cut off from water in Spain. It is estimated that 9.000.000 people have difficulties to pay their bill. The conservative party tries to privatise water services in many local municipalities were they rule leading to a situation in which more then 50% of water companies are in private and that is multinational hands. To debate these developments, the confederation UGT organised a meeting with its environmental (...)

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