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EPSU represents Europe’s water and sewerage workers in both public and private companies. Some of these private companies are large transnational companies.

EPSU cooperates with Public Services International.

Please see also the www.acp-eu-waterpartnerships.org website - it helps water utilities, local authorities and civil society organisations access and use EU aid to build not-for-profit ACP-EU water partnerships.

Investigative report reveals how European Parliament’s Water Group links with lobby interests and industry

(4 February 2016) The Water Group of the European Parliament has come under scrutiny of transparency campaigners. Chaired by Dutch MEP and member of the EPP the group is run by the Secretariat of the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform. Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) notes "By accepting the secretarial assistance of the WssTP, the EP Water Group shows its true colours. While it calls itself “the focal point for the water topic in the European Parliament”, in fact it promotes (...)

The Flint water crisis must not be repeated

(2 February 2016) The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has put in sharp focus how austerity is not only ineffective at cutting costs, but is dangerous too. Following the decision of managers to switch the city’s water source to the highly corrosive local river, the 100,000-strong population have been suffering the consequences of daily exposure to toxins and poisonous lead. Hair loss, skin rashes and brittle bones are among the physical symptoms of such exposure, while bottled water and (...)

EPSU questions role Commissioner Vella at dinner event corporate water lobby group

(21 January 2016) European Commissioner Karmenu Vella promoted the private sector role in water at a recent high level event on 19 November 2015. EPSU has made clear to the Commissioner that this is not appropriate. He attended an event of WSSTP, a technology platform on water. This grouping acts as the secretariat of the European Parliament’s water group, chaired by Dutch conservative MEP Esther de Lange. It is another attempt by corporate interests to influence the European water agenda. (...)

The struggle for Right2Water continues

(20 January 2016) The European Parliament has supported the demands of the ECI Right2Water. The Commission continues to stall. It does not propose new legislation. Struggles at national level to realise the right2water continue in several countries. In a series of blogs we underline how the the right2water struggles go together with other fights of workers and citizens against austerity and corporate power. The latest blog informs about our debate with the European Parliament and the (...)

Why Water is a Public Service - German translation available

(1st December 2015) Although many municipalities are remunicipalising their water and other services the European institutions continue their pressure to seek privatisation. This is most notable in the case of Greece where privatisation of water services is again part of the proposals the EU agreed with greece in July 2015. This despite that the Greek people have clearly spoken out against this. They did this first by supporting the European Citizens’ Initiative Right2Water and then by (...)

EPSU supports for UN General Assembly to recognise human rights to water and sanitation

(12 November 2015) The UN is currently considering a resolution on the Human Rights to water and sanitation. There is discussion to split the human right to water and sanitation to ensure that the right to sanitation get’s more focus. Worldwide 2.4 billion people lack proper access. It is one of the Millenium Development Goals that have not been reached. The resolution before the Assembly includes the definition of the Human Rights Council of 2014. It says that "the human right to water (...)

Right2Water MEP, Lynn Boylan, Speaks at EPSU Executive

(Brussels, 3 November 2015) Irish MEP Lynn Boylan spoke today at the Executive Committee of the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) in Brussels. Ms Boylan was the rapporteur for the Report on the follow up of the European’s Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) Right2Water, a Europe-wide petition which secured 1.9 million signatures. The ECI called for access to water for all, the defence of public water against liberalisation and for the EU to ensure universal access to water and (...)

Victory for citizens, victory for the Human Right to Water!

(Press release- 8 September 2015) Another milestone for the Human Right to Water. With today’s vote the EP demands that the EC make concrete legislative proposals to recognize the human right to water and sanitation as defined by the UN. This victory is for the supporters of the Right to Water and also for democracy in the European Union. This vote adds support to the 1.9 million signature collected, backs up what the candidates to the Presidency of the European Commission previously (...)

Parliament called upon to support first ever successful European Citizens Initiative Right2Water, not to obstruct it.

(Press release- Brussels, 4 September 2015) The European Parliament will vote on the first ever European Citizens Initiative (ECI) www.Right2water.eu 8 September. The Environmental Committee of the EP supported the demands of the nearly 2 million people that signed. The demands include that the European Commission proposes legislation to recognise the Human Right to Water and Sanitation in the European Union based on the UN Resolution of 2010. It will be the Member States that implement it. (...)

Human Right to Water: EP takes key step towards EU recognition

(Press Release – 29 June 2015) The demands of the first ever successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) Right2Water received overwhelming support from Members of European Parliament, who voted on an own-initiative report in the Environment Committee. This report demands the European Commission to implement the human rights to water and sanitation in EU Legislation. Also, MEPs positioned themselves to exclude water services from trade agreements such as TTIP, the proposed trade agreement (...)

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