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EPSU represents Europe’s water and sewerage workers in both public and private companies. Some of these private companies are large transnational companies.

EPSU cooperates with Public Services International.

Please see also the www.acp-eu-waterpartnerships.org website - it helps water utilities, local authorities and civil society organisations access and use EU aid to build not-for-profit ACP-EU water partnerships.

Human Right to Water: EP takes key step towards EU recognition

(Press Release – 29 June 2015) The demands of the first ever successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) Right2Water received overwhelming support from Members of European Parliament, who voted on an own-initiative report in the Environment Committee. This report demands the European Commission to implement the human rights to water and sanitation in EU Legislation. Also, MEPs positioned themselves to exclude water services from trade agreements such as TTIP, the proposed trade agreement (...)

European Parliament Environment Committee formally supports Human Right to Water

(25 June 2015) This morning the Environment and Public Health Committee voted by an absolute majority to send a strong message to the European Commission to act on the Human Right to Water. The report by the Irish MEP Lynn Boylan (GUE/NGL) has been adopted and it will be discussed and voted in the Plenary. In the report the Committee demands the European Commission to act on the first successful European Citizens Initiative and to implement the Human Right to Water in the EU legislation (...)

Decent Work and Human Right to Water and Sanitation must be in the SDGs!

(24 June 2015) This week negotiations on the final text for the Sustainable Development Goals are taking place in the UN. The outcome should be the final agreement that world leaders will sign for in the Summit in September. We ask you to lobby your governments to include references to Decent Work and the Human Right to Water and Sanitation. In attachment you can read our list of suggestions. The ‘zero-draft’ can be read here Our recommendations/ suggestions for amendments are to add (...)

The vote for the Right to Water at the European Parliament approaches

(19 June 2015) In a few days the European Parliament will vote for the first time ever on the outcome of a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) – the right to water (www.right2water.eu). The European Commission (EC) responded positively to the ECI with a Communication on which Members of the European Parliament can express their opinion. Next Thursday, 25 June, the European Parliament’s Environment and Public Health Committee (together with the Development Committee) will vote on the Human (...)

French constitutional council bans water cut-offs

Last week we received the news that the French multinationals must comply with the law. No water provider may cut-off or disconnect service from a primary residence, even if the bills have not been paid. This decision is final, there will be no appeal. On Friday, 29 May, France’s Constitutional Council [1] rejected the demands of SAUR (the third largest French water multinational corporation), which alleged that a Law passed 15 April 2013 (loi Brottes n°2013-312) violated its ‘freedom to (...)

Greece to become first European country to recognize Human Right to Water?

(18 May 2015) A year after the popular consultation that the people of Thessaloniki organised about the plans of the previous Greek government to privatise water (18 May 2014), the President of the Greek Parliament Zoi Konstantopoulou has solemnly pledged her support to the implementation of the Human Right to Water as a just societal demand. It means she will help steer an endorsement through the full Parliament. She made the announcement at a meeting of the Thessaloniki City Council and (...)

Call for action: Human Right to Water and Sanitation into the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals

(27 April 2015) Thanks to our joint advocacy efforts and the support of champion Member States, the human right to water was included in the outcome document of the Open Working Group, preparing for the Sustainable Development Goals. Your support to include the Human Right to Water and Sanitation made the difference. Thank you for your advocacy and support for this critical issue! Today the Intergovernmental Negotiations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda are well underway. UN Member (...)

European Parliament TV questions MEP on ECI Right2Water

(20 April 2015) EPSU and the European Water Movements organised an action on World Water Day. The internal TV station of the European Parliament put some tough questions to the Hungarian MEP Gyorgy Schopflin, currently involved in reporting on the usefulness of the instrument of the ECI. In response to the lack of ambition of the European Commission, he agrees that the European Commission has been dithering and should have taken action. Mr. Schopflin comes from one of the countries that has (...)

Korean civil society organises alternative water forum

(10 April 2015) The Korean affiliates of Public Services International (PSI), EPSU’s international organization are organizing on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th April an Alternative Water Forum to the corporate oriented World Water Forum. In 2012 in Marseille over 10.000 people participated in the Alternative Water Forum, more than in the official water one. At that time EPSU launched the European Citizens Initiative right2water (www.right2water.eu) EPSU has signed the Brussels declaration (...)

100 million more people now benefit from public water!

Media Release - April 9, 2015 Growing wave of cities ending privatisation and choosing public water services reaches 100 million people in 37 countries – book launch in advance of World Water Forum. In the run-up to the 2015 World Water Forum in South Korea on April 12, Transnational Institute with four organisations including EPSU(i) have released new research on the growing wave of cities worldwide that are taking previously privatised water supply and sanitation services back under (...)

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