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EPSU represents Europe’s water and sewerage workers in both public and private companies. Some of these private companies are large transnational companies.

EPSU cooperates with Public Services International.

Please see also the www.acp-eu-waterpartnerships.org website - it helps water utilities, local authorities and civil society organisations access and use EU aid to build not-for-profit ACP-EU water partnerships.

Right2water nominated for Campaign of the year!

(16 April 2014) Our ECI-campaign has been nominated for the European Democratic Citizenship Award in the category of Best Campaign 2013, by the European Civic Forum. The European Democratic Citizenship Awards celebrates civic engagement and reward every year civil society initiatives and actors which give real substance to democratic citizenship, bring about social innovation and positive change in the life of the local, regional, national or European communities. We can be proud that our (...)

4 out of 5 candidates for European Commission President commit to implementing the Human Right to Water

(Brussels 26 March 2014, Press Communication) The first successful European Citizens Initiative was replied to by the European Commission with a Communication on March 19th. With less than 60 days to go before the European elections, the citizens committee has approached all candidates for the European Commission Presidency to ask for a commitment to implement the Human Right to Water and Sanitation in the next legislature. The ECI organisers were critical of the Commission’s response as it (...)

Human right to water must be central to EU and global water policies

(21 March 2014) The struggle continues for unions and water activists as we celebrate World Water Day. On the occasion of World Water Day 22 March 2014, EPSU thanks the people and organisations that have supported the initiative Right2Water. It would not have been possible without your support and commitment. The European Commission Communication in response to the European Citizens’ Initiative Right2Water shows that water policy in Europe will never be the same again. The involvement of (...)

Under Pressure from Citizens, Lazio Regional Government Approves Law on Public Management of Water

(20 March 2014) Following on from the decisive result of the Italian referendum on private management of water services in 2011, Lazio’s regional government has unanimously passed a law that will facilitate management of water services being passed to local authorities. The vote is the result of a long and hard-fought campaign by local people, unions and local government representatives to put in place measures that will bring water back into public hands. The law seeks to concretise the (...)

Commission lacks ambition in replying to first European Citizens’ Initiative

(19 March 2014) The European Commission (EC) published a Communication today that gives its official response to the first successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) which called on the EC “to implement the human right to water and sanitation in European law.” In the Communication, the European Commission does recall the importance of the human right to water and sanitation and states the importance of water as a public good and fundamental value and that “water is not a commercial (...)

Thessaloniki Water Company (EYATH) - referendum: EPSU asks for your support

We kindly ask for your support to make a success of the local referendum that the workers of the Thessaloniki Water Company (EYATH) are organising against the privatisation of their company, 18 May 2014. Support can be provided in different ways: a financial contribution to help pay for media coverage in the local media volunteers that would assist in the final days of the campaign and help staff the polling stations on the day itself. This observance is important as the government and (...)

How the state is plundered through Public-Private Partnerships

(12 March 2014) The French-German television channel Arte has produced an interesting series of reports that try to grasp how public- private partnerships work, how they are financed and if the state and the citizen benefit from them. They look at PPPs in various public services including water concluding that the state is plundered. The website has a set of nicely designed info-graphics that provide a quick overview of how big this market is and why the private operators, for example (...)

UK’s private water industry keeps on making profits despite negative public opinion

(12 March 2014) With the European Commission communication on the ECI Right2Water expected to be published shortly before World Water Day 22 March, an insightful article in what it means to run a public service for profit was published in the UK’s Academic journal the Conversation. The article gives a short overview of the ECI, the importance of the human right to water and the effect it has had on the proposal of the European Commission for the concessions directive. It also underlines (...)

Portuguese Court of Auditors uncovers profiteering in the water sector

(10 March 2014) An investigation by the Court of Auditors in Portugal has uncovered the true consequences of private management of the water sector: private companies pocket hefty profits whilst residents and local authorities are left to pick up the bill. A report published on 27th February by the Portuguese Court of Auditors into Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the water sector exposes the consequences of privatising public services in the water and sanitation sector. It shows how (...)

Mass mobilization stops privatization in Alcazar de San Juan (Spain)

(21 February 2014) As the debate for the human right to water reaches the European Parliament, in Spain citizens have taken the streets of Alcazar de San Juan to stop the water privatization. A city of around 30.000 inhabitants has collected over 11.000 signatures against the proposed water privatization and over 1000 citizens have blocked the city council and occupy the building on the eve of the vote. EPSU has sent a solidarity message to the citizens of Alcazar de San Juan. If you (...)

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