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Key documents

EPSU Social Services Profiling Brochure

EPSU Social Services Profiling Brochure, September 2015/January 2016

The social and economic benefits of good quality childcare and early years education

EPSU Briefing, October 2015 (LRD)

EPSU Work Programme Standing Committee "Health and Social Services" 2015-2016

Implementing EPSU Congress Resolution 11

EPSU Thematic Priorities Social Services 2015-2016

Implementing EPSU Congress Resolution 8

EPSU Congress Resolution 11 "Health and Social Services"

EPSU 9th Congress Resolution

EPSU Congress Resolution 8 "Social Services for All"

EPSU 9th Congress Resolution

EPSU Position Paper on the Social Investment Package

(Brussels, 28 November 2013) Following the Executive Committee of 26 and 27 November 2013, we issue an “EPSU Position on the Social Investment Package (SIP)”, finalised already in August. The document was later formally endorsed by EPSU’s Executive Committee of 11/12 February 2014 and builds on an “EPSU Working Document” adopted by the EPSU Executive Committee on 17 April 2013. We put our main messages upfront: • EPSU welcomes the turn in the Commission strategy by recognising the need for (...)

EPSU Working Document on the Social Investment Package

(Brussels, 28 May 2013) EPSU’s Executive Committee mid of April endorsed a first assessment of the Social Investment Package that focuses on the Communication “Towards Social Investment for Growth and Cohesion – including implementing the European Social Fund 2014-2020”, COM(2013)83 final. The Social Investment Package is a part of a wider approach to modernize Europe’s social system and it is considered a long-term guidance on national reforms needed to make progress towards the objectives of (...)

Joint statement in view of trialogue negotiations deciding on the EU rules to recognise professional qualifications

Brussels, 16 May 2013 EPSU co-signed a joint statement by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE), the European Public Service Union (EPSU), the Council of European Professional and Managerial Staff (EUROCADRES) and the European Council of Liberal Professions (CEPLIS) and addressed on 16 May 2013 to MEPs, some days ahead of decisive rounds of trialogue negotiations on the revision of Directive 2005/36/EC. The letter was (...)

EPSU Report "Expansion and consolidation? Major trends and eligibility for European Works Councils" in health care

(Brussels, 18 February 2013) EPSU has published the report "Expansion and consolidation? Major trends and eligibility for European Works Councils" reviewing multinational companies involved in the healthcare sector in 2012 and assessing their eligibility for the setting up of a European Works Council. This is done in the context of European and national policies impacting on health care and the strategies of multinational companies operating in this sector. The study, building on previous (...)

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