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EPSU represents workers in public and private electricity and gas companies. Our members work in generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity and gas. Nuclear energy, hydro, coal-fired stations, renewables, energy trading, it holds no mystery for our members.

EPSU has developed several positions on energy issues.

January 2011: "Towards a low carbon electricity industry: employment effects & opportunities for the social partners" Joint Study of the European social partners in the electricity sector EURELECTRIC - EPSU - EMCEF

"For Health and Safety in the Electricity Industry", Statement of the European social partners in the electricity sector EURELECTRIC - EPSU - EMCEF:December 2006

- Standing Committee Plan of Action 2009-2014, update 2011

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Slovenian energy workers out to restore power - a tribute to public service workers

(10 February 2014) Many countries are hit by storms, flooding, snow and heavy ice these weeks in Europe. Families and communities are affected, trapped and often isolated and cut of from the world. Emergency service workers, such as firefighters, medical staff and many others work round the clock to keep them safe, connect them and help businesses and often remote villages function again. Slovenian workers are restoring the powerlines that have tumbled under heavy ice-storms and left (...)

EPSU welcomes ambitious targets climate and energy voted by EP

(6 February 2014) The European Parliament agreed to set targets for the EU and for the Member States on CO2 emission reductions (at least 40% less in 2030 compared to 1990), 30% electricity from renewables and 40% improvements in energy efficiency using less fuels in 2030. EPSU welcomes the result of the vote. We encouraged MEPs to follow the position of the Environment Committee. It gives the right signal ahead of the Council of Ministers for Energy in early March and the European Council (...)

EPSU supports the Greek workers opposing the privatisation of the high voltage network

(4 February 2014) The European Federation of Public Service Unions, Europe’s largest organisation of workers in the electricity sector, sends it solidarity greetings to the workers of the Greek Public Power Company (PPC) protesting against the privatisation of the high voltage transmission network. Workers are staging demonstrations and are holding strikes this week to underline their concerns and demands to have effect on the decisions of the government. Under pressure of the Troika, the (...)

Reszo Gal says goodbye, new leadership in Hungarian union EVDSZ

(5 December 2013) The Hungarian energy union EVDSZ said goodbye to its long-time President Reszo Gal at its Congress on 29 November 2013. Reszo was also a vice-president in the EPSU Standing Committee Utilities and member of the EPSU Executive Committee. EPSU’s Deputy General Secretary thanked Reszo for his contribution to the European trade union work and recalled important moments in the union’s struggle and the contributions EPSU made. During and following the privatisation of the energy (...)

Energy unions meet and discuss consequences of liberalisation and privatisation

(15 October 2013) EPSU affiliated unions met to consider the impact of the liberalisation and privatisation policies on workers and citizens. Bulgarian representatives were outspoken and based on their experience with the privatised distribution companies were critical. Our colleagues are working with the population to obtain good quality service following the outbreak of unrest and mass protests. Both colleagues from Bulgaria and Romania criticised the schemes that were installed to (...)

Comprehensive overview of social and organisational issues in the nuclear industry

(10 October 2013) The EUropean COmmission has proposed a series of amendments to the nuclear safety directive following the nuclear accident in Fukushima and the stress tests which were conducted in the EU. Our French colleagues of the CGT energy union have just published a comprehensive overview of the human and organisational issues that play a role in ensuring a high standard of health and safety in the nuclear industry. The trade unions are uniquely placed to comment on these issues (...)

IPCC confirms science on global warming. Unions, environmental and development organisations: ACT NOW

The ITUC, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, WWF, ActionAid, Oxfam and ChristianAid demand action of governments to address global warming and climate change following the new report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change. This report confirms the alarming trends. Sharan Burrow, General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation, said the fight against climate change must become a generational fight if we are to protect next generations from poverty, inequality and (...)

European Parliament supports roadmap for decarbonised energy system in 2050 – adopts EPSU issues

(15 March 2013) The European Parliament voted on the socalled Energy Roadmap 2050, 14 March 2013. The roadmap argues that Co2 emissions should be almost zero in 2050. EPSU has argued that there should be clear targets also in the years between 2020 and 2050. The most recent discussion took place in the EPSU Standing Committee. The Parliament has now approved its report and agreed with EPSU that more stability and security is needed. Parliament continues to see the markets as the main (...)

Russian electricity union organizing national actions to protest against the lack of progress in negotiations

The Russian electricity union (Elprof) is organizing a day of actions on 20 February 2013. It is mobilizing across the country to put pressure on the employers. Despite repeated rounds of negotiations and earlier protest actions the employers are not moving. EPSU has written a letter of support to the union and has asked Russian government leaders to use their influence to get the employers moving. Some of the companies are publicly owned. The union has stressed that wages of managers (...)

New report underlines challenges for Europe’s energy companies, the trade unions and European Works Councils

(Brussels, 7 September 2012 - Press Release) A new report from the Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU), University of Greenwich explores ongoing developments in the European energy market since the opening of the electricity and gas markets The report shows the challenges for workers, unions and European Works Council of dealing with reduction of emissions, problems with nuclear developments and continued merger and takeover activities including of networks and by private (...)

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