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EPSU represents workers in public and private electricity and gas companies. Our members work in generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity and gas. Nuclear energy, hydro, coal-fired stations, renewables, energy trading, it holds no mystery for our members.

EPSU has developed several positions on energy issues.

January 2011: "Towards a low carbon electricity industry: employment effects & opportunities for the social partners" Joint Study of the European social partners in the electricity sector EURELECTRIC - EPSU - EMCEF

"For Health and Safety in the Electricity Industry", Statement of the European social partners in the electricity sector EURELECTRIC - EPSU - EMCEF:December 2006

- Standing Committee Plan of Action 2009-2014, update 2011

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The State of the Energy Union - we need a social chapter

(27 November 2015) A stronger social chapter in the work on energy by the European Commission is required. No only should Just Transition be an integral part of the Energy Union. Member States and the Commission should make resources available for Just Transition for example from the auctioning of emissions. The sectoral social dialogue on the energy transition should be recognised and developed. Funding should be available to assist those industries and regions that address the transition (...)

Incoming COP21 President supports Trade Union demands for a Just Transition

(18 September 2015) EPSU joined over 250 union leaders from across the world in demanding a just transition at the recent Trade Union Climate Submit in Paris. These calls were echoed by a broad alliance consisting of leading UN climate experts, environmental groups and most prominently the incoming COP21 President Laurent Fabius who stressed that the “role of trade unions will be absolutely decisive” in mobilising workers and reaching a positive climate agreement at COP21. The opening (...)

Energy workers should be at the heart of climate change proposals

(24 June 2015) As our energy supply is at the heart of climate change, we want the energy workers to be at the heart of policies to combat climate change. They and their companies hold the key to whether we achieve ambitious climate goals or not. Changes in energy policy policies directly impact on jobs of workers in energy services. EPSU affiliate UNISON put it right in their message to the International Trade Union Confederation. All countries have to set their national goals and (...)

Interprofessional Social partners meet with European Commission over Energy Union

(24 June 2015) One of the core priorities of the Juncker Commission is the establishment of an Energy Union. It should assist the EU in facing the challenge of climate change and especially energy dependency. In line with the commitment of Juncker to favour the social dialogue, the interprofessional social partners were invited to comment on the rough outlines of the strategy. The ETUC delegation focused on the importance of just transition, investment in the energy sector which is an (...)

Safety, transparency needed for Hungarian nuclear power station PAKS

(26 May 2015) "We want transparency" read the banner of the workers and union leaders from the nuclear power station of PAKS which they unfolded in front of the building of the European Commission. These workers want that the employer and the government (100% owner) provide more detail of the plans for the future of the nuclear power plant. What the unions have learned is worrying. As part of restructuring the government will seek to dismiss 800 workers. This measure is so drastic that (...)

Flamanville and nuclear energy

26 March 2015- update: EFBWW press release: "Labour agency Atlanco Rimec sentenced for social dumping in the European construction sector"

UK Aid funds energy privatisation in Nigeria

(17 March 2015) As part of a £100m project run by consultants Adam Smith International the UK has used an estimated £50m of aid money to support energy sector privatisation in Nigeria. Although the process is yet to be completed, the results so far have been disastrous, with Nigerian people facing higher prices, poor service and regular blackouts. The companies involved in the privatisation have made many workers redundant and had to be bailed out by the central bank in 2014. Despite its (...)

EU Sustainable Energy Week

(12 March 2015) From 15-19 June 2015 the European Sustainable Energy Week will take place. EPSU will contribute to the debate on the existing sustainable energy policies and how they should evolve and develop in view of the 2030 and 2050 objectives. We will suggest a session during the Policy Conference that will take place in Brussels from 16-18 June. In that session we will put workplace activities (green workplaces) in the spotlight and dedicate it to show workers commitment to achieve a (...)

Trade Unions demand ‘Just Transition’ in draft text for Climate Agreement

(11 February 2015) EPSU supports the proposals made by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) that demand the inclusion of a Just Transition framework into the text for a Climate Agreement that is being discussed this week in a UN meeting in Geneva. The text being negotiated should form the basis of a global agreement to be reached in Paris at the end of the year. “Just Transition” describes the transition towards a low‐carbon and (...)

Unions4Climate: Reducing emissions from the workplace and creating jobs.

(28 January 2015) A report by Sustainlabour describing four European case studies on union commitments and actions to combat climate change is now out. The report describes in depth Belgian, British, German and Spanish union proposals on emission reductions and other climate-related policies and their impact on national economic contexts and job creation. The third ITUC World Congress in 2014 called on affiliated trade unions to deploy renewed efforts to redouble their (...)

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