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29 September 2010, Brussels {JPEG} The EPSU firefighters’ network is an informal grouping of EPSU affiliates that have members in fire and emergency services. The network was originally set up in the 1990s and has been meeting more regularly since 2006. EPSU affiliates in the sector recognise that there are several common issues facing firefighters that make it worthwhile to maintain contacts and exchange information. These include in particular health and safety, equipment provision and standardisation, violence and harassment, working time, fire service reform and changing tasks and responsibilities.

Network meetings provide a good opportunity to debate these issues but we also hope that information on these web pages will help improve the flow of information between EPSU affiliates.

- For more photos of the action day 29 September 2010

Book review of “Workers and Trade Unions for Climate Solidarity” from Paul Hampton, Head of Research of UK Firebrigade Union (FBU)

(31 August 2015) Paul Hampton’s publication -Workers and Trade Unions for Climate Solidarity: Tackling climate change in a neoliberal world – provides an insightful insider account of the UK trade union movements engagement with the issue of climate change. This book succeeds in offering a thorough critique of the dogmatic neo-liberal and ecological modernization movements. The author who is the Head of Research of the UK Firebrigade Union and member of the EPSU Firefighters Network combines (...)

EPSU Firefighters Network adopts statement on concrete steps to fight climate change and disaster reduction

(16 June 2015) The EPSU Firefighters Network met on 11 and 12 of June 2015 in Hannover to discuss climate change and investment into disaster reduction, and the impact of climate change on public services and their workers. The EPSU Firefighters Network supports the five ETUC key demands for the Climate COP21 as will be adopted by the ETUC Executive Committee on 17-18 June 2015. The participants of the Network debated about concrete and sustainable steps that are necessary to deal with (...)

Firefighters meeting (2 days)

11 - 12 June 2015, Hannover

EPSU raises its concern about the non-inclusion of workers perspective to European Civil Protection Forum

(27 April 2015) EPSU has sent a letter to Commissioners Juncker and Stylianides, to raise its concern that the workers perspective has not been included into the organization of this year’s European Civil Protection Forum. Without including these many thousand workers into policy-making of response, civil protection, and recovery, the Commission’s institutional goals and objectives to put forward a sound policy in these areas will remain unrealized. Their policies largely ignore the (...)

EPSU Firefighters Network in solidarity with Irish Firefighters standing up for health and safety

(20 February 2015) The European Federation of Public Services Unions (EPSU) Firefighters Network sends a message of solidarity to our Irish affiliates IMPACT and SIPTU affiliates calling on full-time and retained firefighters to attend a March and rally in Dublin on Tuesday 24th February to oppose attempts to unilaterally implement reductions in crewing levels. The unions have said that the measures could jeopardise the safety of both firefighters and the public. IMPACT said “the rally was (...)

Firefighters fatalities at fires report in the UK

(3 February 2015) This report on firefighters mortality at fires in the UK has been commissioned by our colleagues from the UK Firefighters Brigade Union. The report establishes the link between austerity and cuts in budgets of firefighting services and the impact on occupational health and safety. In Britain since 2010, according to reports , there have been over 5000 firefighter jobs lost, 39 fire stations closed and response times increased therefore substantially. It contains some (...)

Avoid getting cancer being a firefighter

(November 2014) Materials prepared by EPSU Danish affiliate FOA, and used in Denmark to help prevent cancer from affecting firefighters. A booklet about good preventive behavior DK Booklet preventive behavior firefighters A pocket card with good advices for the firefighter DK 18 tips for you as a firefighters A poster with good advices to be put up on the wall at the fire stations DK Poster preventive behavior (...)

EPSU Firefighters Statement on TTIP

In support of EPSU’s resolution for the inclusion of binding social and environmental standards in the drafting of bilateral and multilateral European trade agreements. (29 October 2014) The EPSU firefighters’ network notes with concern the ongoing negotiations between the EU and the US to agree a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the signing of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement (CETA), two agreements that aim at an increased liberalisation of (...)

Firefighters Network

EPSU Statement No to austerity - invest in our fire and rescue services

(28 October 2014) Firefighters across Europe are united in our commitment to provide an excellent, professional service tackling all kinds of emergencies and disasters faced by our communities. Yet neoliberal austerity policies in many countries have slashed funding for firefighting and civil protection. EPSU and unions affiliated to the European firefighters’ network are sounding the alarm. These cuts put lives at risk and cost the economy millions. We want investment in our fire and (...)

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