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29 September 2010, Brussels {JPEG} The EPSU firefighters’ network is an informal grouping of EPSU affiliates that have members in fire and emergency services. The network was originally set up in the 1990s and has been meeting more regularly since 2006. EPSU affiliates in the sector recognise that there are several common issues facing firefighters that make it worthwhile to maintain contacts and exchange information. These include in particular health and safety, equipment provision and standardisation, violence and harassment, working time, fire service reform and changing tasks and responsibilities.

Network meetings provide a good opportunity to debate these issues but we also hope that information on these web pages will help improve the flow of information between EPSU affiliates.

- For more photos of the action day 29 September 2010

EPSU sends solidarity support to FBU as dispute over pensions continues

(16 June 2014) EPSU has sent a further letter of support to FBU colleagues striking on several occasions now over pension rights. FBU has produced a short film explaining the reasons for their action see www.fbu.org.uk Request for solidarity messages LC 26 Request for Solidarity Messages Read our previous article EPSU backs action by UK local government workers, civil servants, fire-fighters and teachers out on strike 10 July Ver.di solidarity letter (...)

EPSU denounces unacceptable conditions for Georgian fire fighters

(21 February 2014) The European Federation of Public Sector Unions (EPSU) together with its International organization Public Services International (PSI) have sent a letter to Georgian public authorities to denounce the working conditions of Georgian fire fighters and rescue workers. EPSU and PSI stand shoulder to shoulder with their Georgian brothers and sisters. EPSU-PSI protest letter Firefighters OSH protest letter (...)

Asbestos-related occupational diseases in Central and East European Countries

(12 December 2013) The International Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS) has published a report on asbestos related occupational diseases in Central and Eastern European countries which is also of broader relevance. The report focuses on the long-lasting effects of asbestos use in new Member States and candidate countries. Topics covered in the publication include the evolution of national regulations concerning the recognition and compensation of asbestos-related diseases, health measures for (...)

Solidarity with Portuguese firefighters

(28 August 2013) Portuguese regular and voluntary firefighters are seeking to contain a series of forest fires. Several firefighters have lost their lives while trying to protect the people, their homes and neighborhoods and nature. EPSU sends a message of condolence and support for the workers involved and who risk their lives every day. Last year we already noted that some of the services are understaffed and under resourced. It is sad to reflect that austerity policies hurt workers and (...)

19 fire fighters die in wildfires in Arizona – EPSU sends condolences

(2 July 2013) The South West of the US is experiencing one of the worst heat waves ever. It also leads to many wild fires, some of which are large and intense. In one such wildfire at least 19 fire fighters lost their lives seeking to contain and extinguish the fires to keep their and other communities safe. It is a stark reminder of the risks fire fighters, emergency workers and other public service workers face each and every single day serving the public. EPSU sent a letter of (...)

EPSU Firefighters Network

Berlin (Ver.di Headquarters) 28 May 2013 09h00-16h00 We are pleased to invite you to EPSU’s next Firefighters’ Network meeting which will take place on May 28, 2013 in Berlin. The meeting will discuss and address following issues: The involvement of Social Partners to the European Instruments of European Civil Protection The UK Firebrigade Union has compiled a comparative overview on pensions for Firefighters and will present the results based on your contributions to the questionnaire (...)

Fires in Spain and Portugal worsen due to austerity

Trade unions in the Iberian peninsula have denounced how the austerity measures have a huge impact in the extension of summer fires. Spanish trade union Comisiones Obreras denounces that fire are not the consequence of austerity but the cuts in human resources and the lack of renewal of material have a huge impact in the efficacy of fire services read more. The critics of the unions correspond with the findings of the study EPSU commissioned from Syndex on ’The impact of Austerity policies (...)

EPSU Firefighters Network meeting

3 April 2012

Unions demand safe working conditions for fire fighters in Europe!

ETUI and EPSU present a brochure on working conditions for firefighters in Europe. (3 April 2012) The firefighters network of the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) met on 3 April to discuss around themes arising from a recent publication focused on firefighters’ working conditions in Europe. The European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) 50 pages brochure has been put together in cooperation with the EPSU. It addresses the ‘classic’ risks involved in this profession (risks from (...)

Les syndicats réclament des conditions de travail sûres pour les pompiers en Europe !

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