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Mads Samsing, HK Kommunal, Denmark, is the President of the EPSU Standing Committee for local and regional government. Christine Jakob is the EPSU policy officer for the sector.

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What are the main issues for EPSU?

Local public services are, by definition, at the front line of public services. Users have direct experience of those who provide those services, be they fire-fighters, waste workers, community liaison personnel, or local administrators issuing documents and providing guidance. EPSU is committed to ensuring that quality services are provided to all users. We are committed to high quality and efficient public services based on a well-educated and skilled work force. Working conditions for local and regional government employees is a main plank of this commitment but only a part. EPSU is also pledged to the promotion of open, transparent public procurement that puts the aim of the vital services first. EPSU is convinced that assessing public procurement regimes, means assessing their environmental and social impact, as well as the cost.

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Working Group Social Services discusses investment in quality care and personal and household services

(12 March 2015) Child care In the WG SS, Yves Hellendorff from CNE, Belgium, presented an initiative that caused their membership in the sector to rise with 19 % in 2014 by starting a joint campaign with the employers explaining social dialogue and offering workers the possibilities of further training. The initiative has especially addressed young unemployed people and elderly awaiting their pension (Read (...)

EPSU confirmed as most representative trade union organization for local and regional governments sectoral social dialogue

(3 March 2015) At European level, the European Commission established a Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for local and regional governments in 2004. According to the results of the study EPSU and CEMR are the most important EU-wide representatives of the sector’s employers and employees. The data collected for this study show that both European social partners currently involved in sectoral social dialogue affiliate the majority of national organisations which have a role in industrial (...)

Cities and Work - addressing the challenges

(2 March 2015) Most of the 24 million unemployed people live in towns and cities that host three quarter of the population in the European Union. Municipalities and their mayors and councils therefore play an important role in addressing the challenge of job creation and reducing poverty noted the network Eurocities at a seminar. Mayors of important European towns like Barcelona, Stockholm, Warsaw, Rotterdam, Birmingham and others expressed concern about the impact the financial and (...)

44th meeting of the Standing Committee on Local and Regional Government

24 February 2015

EPSU supports culture workers’ demonstration

(16 January 2015) EPSU sends its support to the KKDSZ culture workers’ union which is organising several demonstrations across Hungary on 20 January. The culture sector has been neglected by governments over many years with a third of jobs cut since 2008. The important role that workers play in museums, libraries and many other cultural institutions continues to be undervalued. Workers in the sector have not seen a pay rise for over 10 years and are surviving on poverty wages. Many trade (...)

EPSU meeting with the Committee of the Regions (CoR)

On 17 December EPSU met Karl-Heinz Lambertz President and Chiara Malagodi Deputy General Secretary of the PES Group in the Committee of the Regions (CoR). The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss topical issues concerning public services and demands for public investment in Europe as well as on the role of social dialogue in local and regional government. Mr Lambertz stressed the need to reverse policies that define public services as an exception to ’normal’ market behaviour and (...)

Local and Regional EPSU unions elect new chair and work plan

(9 October 2014) On Decent Work World Day the EPSU unions represented in the Local and Regional Government met in Brussels to elect a new Chair and the plans ahead. This EPSU Standing Committee elected Mads Samsing from HK Kommunal Denmark as new President for the period 2014-2019. He is replacing Anders Hammarbäck of VISION, Sweden. Two vice-Presidents were also elected. The meeting discussed the result of the elections and the upcoming work for the committee and the implications of EU (...)

43rd meeting of the Standing Committee on Local and Regional Government

7 October 2014 ITUH, Brussels, Room B You are herewith invited to the 43rd meeting of the Standing Committee on Local and Regional Government. It will take place on 7 October 2014 in Brussels, ITUH, room B. The meeting will start at 9h00 and will end at 17h00. An area map is enclosed for information. The meeting will be followed by a Social Services Working Group on 8 October in the same building for which a separate invitation will be sent. Interpretation for the Standing Committee has (...)

TRANSFER publishes EPSU article on local and regional government

(Brussels, 29 August 2014) In the Special Issue of Transfer (the European review of Labour and Research) on local and regional government, EPSU contributes with an article on the impact of economic governance on local and regional government in Europe.

Mobilisation over jobs and working conditions in non-profit sector in Belgium

(28 March 2014) Unions organising in the non-profit sector in French speaking community demonstrated in Brussels on 27 March to argue for further investment in the sector which includes many key health and social services. The unions, with the support of some employers, are concerned that the government doesn’t recognise the contribution that the sector makes not just in terms of vital services but also to the economy as a whole. The fact that the non-profit sector doesn’t clearly feature in (...)

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