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Women’s and Gender Equality

Gender Equality – public service workers leading the way

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- Check out EPSU Congress 2009-2014 Resolutions on equal pay: Equal Pay and Equal Pay in female dominated sectors

What are the main issues for EPSU ?

Over 65% of public service workers in the European Union are women who deserve recognition, in terms of the role they play, and in terms of the pay they receive. Closing the gender pay gap and improving women’s pay is a key issue to EPSU.

The pay gap in public services is about women getting less money than men for the same work or work of same value. It is also about women having fewer career opportunities than men.

Within the EPSU organization, we strive towards achieving gender equality in decision-making bodies and committees. Of the top 8 positions in EPSU, 4 are currently held by women, including the post of President, Deputy General Secretary, and Vice President. EPSU’s Gender Equality Committee has the same constitutional standing as the Executive Committee. More efforts must be deployed to be truly representative of our membership consisting of a large majority of women.

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Publication of ETUI’s HesaMag 12 with a special report on "Women at work: in search of recognition"

On 30 December 2015 the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) issued edition 12 of the HesaMag (Health and Safety Magazine) with a special report entitled "Women at work: in search of recognition". It advocates for "putting on gender glasses" to better understand the risks and specific challenges in view of working conditions, the work organisation as well as measures for the prevention or reduction of a range of health and safety hazards to which women are exposed. The magazine can be (...)

ETUC Executive adopts position on work-life balance

(8 January 2016) The ETUC Executive has adopted a position on the first-stage consultation of the EU Social Partners on a “new start” for work-life balance at its meeting 16-17 December 2015. It also considered a draft response to the public consultation on the Commission’s proposals for work-life-balance. The consultation follows the publication of the Roadmap for such a new initiative, next to the Commission’s withdrawal of the proposal to revise the Maternity Leave Directive (92/85/EESC). (...)

Women & Gender Equality Committee

2 November 2015

Gloria Mills, Chair of the EPSU Women’s and Gender Equality Committee elected President of ETUC Women’s Committee

(27 October 2015) Gloria Mills has been elected President of the ETUC Women’s Committee that took place on 22 and 23 of October in Brussels. Gloria is also the acting chair of the EPSU’s Women and Gender Equality and is the UNISON spokesperson on equality. Gloria Mills was elected President of the TUC in September 2005 and served as President and Vice-President in 2005-2007. Gloria’s involvement with trade unions began as a steward in 1978. It was not long before she was appointed UNISON’s (...)

Mrs. Jourova, You have failed to act on maternity leave!

Maternity protection is not “red tape”! (7 July 2015) The Commissioner for Equality Vera Jourova announced on 1 July to withdraw the maternity leave proposal on the negotiation table since October 2008 increasing compulsory maternity leave to 18 weeks. Now, Mrs. Jourova you announce that you will table a fresh proposal in 2016 after you complied and endorsed your Vice-President’s “Better regulation” strategy by withdrawing this proposal. With this move you consider maternity leave as a (...)

Защита материнства – это не «бюрократия»!

Trade unions for a new framework of the European Strategy for Equality between women and men – Results of the ETUC survey

(6 June 2015) The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) conducted its 8th survey on positions of women in the European trade union movement, which was released mid-May. Its aim is to assess progress in reducing the representation and decision-making gap between women and men in trade unions. Up to 52 national trade union confederations responded. The first part of the study highlights general trends about female membership. The second part focuses on the claims of ETUC members to (...)

Urgent Action on Maternity Leave Directive needed- don’t let this proposal be the first victim under RE-FIT!

(31 March 2015) To all affiliates for information Dear colleagues, I am addressing you on a urgent matter with regard to the 7 years impasse in the European Council on adopting a revised version of the Maternity Leave Directive that would agree on a minimum 18 weeks minimum paid maternity leave. In 2008 the European Commission proposed to raise it to 18 weeks, the standard of the UN International Labour Organisation. Since then, however, the European Parliament and Council have failed (...)

EPSU participated to ETUI Conference “Women’s Health and Work” 4-8 March 2015

(24 March 2015) Women work more part time and temporary work contracts. These jobs provide limited access to training (leading to limited awareness of health risks), professional advancement (leading to static work and higher risk of MSD), rehabilitation (leading to chronic health problems) – these properties are rather accessible to or directed at fulltime workers or male dominated jobs. Even when women work fewer hours, they still end up working more than men in terms of unpaid (...)

EPSU signs up to Global Unions statement demanding UN to cancel partnership with taxi-company Uber

(Update - 25 March 2015) The Executive director of UN Women has now cancelled the collaboration, following pressure from women’s rights organisations and trade unions. (16 March 2015) Global unions including PSI and labour rights supporters have reacted with disbelieve over the plan of the UN agency for women’s rights - UN WOMEN to enter a partnership with taxi-company UBER to “create 1,000,000 jobs for women as drivers on the Uber platform by 2020.” These jobs will be precarious and (...)

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