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Women’s and Gender Equality

Gender Equality – public service workers leading the way

- Find out who is your EPSU representative for Gender Equality here

- Check out EPSU Congress 2009-2014 Resolutions on equal pay: Equal Pay and Equal Pay in female dominated sectors

What are the main issues for EPSU ?

Over 65% of public service workers in the European Union are women who deserve recognition, in terms of the role they play, and in terms of the pay they receive. Closing the gender pay gap and improving women’s pay is a key issue to EPSU.

The pay gap in public services is about women getting less money than men for the same work or work of same value. It is also about women having fewer career opportunities than men.

Within the EPSU organization, we strive towards achieving gender equality in decision-making bodies and committees. Of the top 8 positions in EPSU, 4 are currently held by women, including the post of President, General Secretary, and Vice President. EPSU’s Gender Equality Committee has the same constitutional standing as the Executive Committee. More efforts must be deployed to be truly representative of our membership consisting of a large majority of women.

- Find out more about EPSU and Women’s and Gender Equality Committee

How to get a raise in 47 seconds

Happy International Woman’s Day! Video with Annelie Nordstrom, President of Kommunal

Equality project evaluation - regional training

EPSU Follow-Up Project Meeting “Promoting trade union solutions to close the gender pay gap in the public sector in Europe” Languages (active): EN, FR, DE, SV, ES, HR (active) 10.00-16.00, 15th November 2013 Austria Trend Hotel Favorita, Laxenburger Strasse 8-10, A-1100 Vienna part form Invitation letter meeting documents

Gloria Mills (UNISON, EPSU) elected Vice-President ETUC Women’s Committee

(11 October 2013) Gloria Mills from UNISON has been elected Vice-President of the ETUC Women’s Committee with a cast of 40 from 42 votes. Gloria is the acting chair of the EPSU’s Women and Gender Equality and is the UNISON spokesperson on equality. The candidacy was firmly supported by EPSU and the Trade Union Congress. The Presidency of the ETUC Women’s Committee will be taken by the newly elected French colleague Sponem Perez from Force Ouvrière. Gloria Mills was elected President of the (...)

Questionnaire on women’s representation in EPSU and affiliates

In 2009 EPSU, with the support of our Swedish affiliate Vision (then SKTF), carried out a survey of women’s representation in affiliates’ decision-making bodies and other structures. This compared data from 2008 and 2000 to see to what extent the position of women had changed over that period. The survey findings were published in a report that was presented to the EPSU Executive Committee in November 2009, Women’s representation in EPSU and affiliates, which you can find here and the (...)

17th meeting of Women’s and Gender Equality Committee

24 May 2013, International Trade Union House (ITUH), Brussels Invitation, participation form, practical details part form Hotel list Brussels Invitation meeting documents (for our members only)

Equality project conference

Promoting trade union solution to help closing the gender pay gap in the public sector (all EPSU sectors) 23 May 2013, ITUH, room AUD, Brussels part form hotel list Brussels Invitation Conference draft agenda final Presentation Egalité des sexes - Zlatanova Egalité des sexes - Zlatanova Kommunal presentation Gender pay gap in Sweden gender pay gap in Sweden Kommunal Gender pay gap initial report Gender pay gap initial report Chances of (...)

Optimism for equality in Europe? European public sector unions confirm that women hit hardest in austerity Europe

EPSU Statement on International Women’s Day – 8 March 2013 Across Europe, governments have cut pay and jobs in the public sector in response to the financial crisis. These cuts are damaging the living standards and future prospects of millions of workers in the public sector, and impact disproportionally more on women. A new EPSU report shows that austerity measures have been particularly harmful to women, who in most countries make up the majority of those employed in the public sector. (...)

16th meeting of Women’s and Gender Equality Committee (11 & 12 June)

EPSU, PSI and ITUC express solidarity with women KESK members under arrest for almost three months

EPSU, PSI and ITUC wrote to the Turkish Prime Minister, President and Minister of Justice to express their concern over the continued detention of nine women trade unionists who were taken into custody on the morning of 13 February 2012. EPSU and PSI demand the immediate release of KESK members and leaders who have been detained for more than two months without any legal basis. read the joint solidarity letter joint solidarity (...)

Union women – at the heart of the struggle for basic trade union rights

Public Services International and EPSU celebrates International Women’s Day - 8 March On International Women’s Day, 8 March 2012, Public Services International recognises and applauds the work of women trade unionists, who are always at the very heart of our struggle for human and labour rights and equality. We express our solidarity with our sisters who place themselves on the front line, delivering vital public services to the most vulnerable in our communities. We call on governments to (...)

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