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EU Transparency

ETUC Congress calls for more transparency in public contracts

(5 October 2015) The ETUC Congress gave firm backing to EPSU’s demand that the details of all public contracts should be made public to allow for proper scrutiny. Public Procurement represents some 18 % of EU GDP and it is important that this money is well spent to provide quality goods and services with quality employment. Isolde Kunkel-Weber, EPSU Vice-President, emphasised in the debate that the strategic use of public procurement is a clear trade union objective. EPSU and ETUC have (...)

EPSU joins effort to achieve a proper transparency mechanism

(11 May 2015) The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU) has sent today an open letter to the European Commission Vice President (Frans Timmermans) asking to create an EU lobby transparency register fit for purpose, the current voluntary scheme has proven not efficient or effective. This letter has been signed by over one hundred non-governmental organisations and trade unions (including EPSU) and supported by the European Parliament Intergroup on Integrity. (...)

EPSU supports demands changes to EU Trade Secrets Directive and need for specific whistleblower protection

(23 March 2015) The Barosso European Commission known for its adament Pro-Business positions issued a Draft Directive to protect business secrets end November 2013. Ever since the Directive was issued it has been the target of criticism and similar protective clauses have been removed in France. EPSU signed on to a statement of a broad range of environmental, health, food safety groups, freedom of speech and trade unions concerned that the directive would limit freedom of expression and is (...)

EPSU affiliate Union Syndicale’s open letter to European Ombudsman: regulate revolving door

(12 November 2014) Campaigners have revealed how high level Commission officials and Commissioners seek lucrative jobs as consultants afrer their careers in the European Commission. They often deal with the dossiers and legislation they were responsible for and thus have unique (and lucrative) insight in legislation. And also lobbyist switch sides to work in the Commission advising on the very subjects they were lobbyists for. This practice is called the "revolving" door and transparency (...)

European Parliament follows EPSU and transparency campaigners position: freeze of EC experts groups budget

(22 October 2014) The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of freezing the budgets of the Commission’s problematic Expert Groups, 22 October. This is the second time that MEPs have taken drastic action in four years. It was a demand of EPSU and a large group of unions and social action groups. It is part of the work of EPSU to demand more transparency and balance in how the European Commission works with expert groups. EPSU also made representations to the European Ombudsman on (...)

Trade Unions and civil society organisations demand budget freeze on expert groups

(26 September 2014) Civil Society organisations and trade unions (national and European) have sent a letter to Members of the European Parliament demanding another freeze of the budget of expert groups. Sunday 31st August saw the close of the European Ombudsman’s public consultation on the topic of advisory groups, formally known as ’Expert Groups’. It is part of Ombudsman O’Reilly’s first Own Initiative Inquiry on the topic, and one that all the signatories of this letter have contributed (...)

New Commission must end corporate dominance of EU expert groups

(Brussels 29 August 2014) New European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker needs to tackle the persistent over-representation of corporate interests in European Commission ‘expert groups’ warn trade unions and transparency organisations. These organisations (ETUC, EPSU, UNI & CEO) have highlighted this fundamental issue with the EU’s advisory groups in response to the European Ombudsman’s public consultation on the topic that closed yesterday (see document below). Expert groups (...)

Looking for real transparency – an open letter to the European Commission’s Chief Scientist

(21 October 2013) EPSU is part of the Alter-EU coalition that strives for more transparency of lobbying in EU policy. The below is another incredible story of how the EU institutions are captured by corporate interests that seek to weaken EU regulation that protects EU citizens, workers and the environment. CEO has recorded many of such instances that also confront EPSU and public service workers for example in energy policy expert groups or the Good Tax governance platform, which are (...)

No progress in reforming EU expert groups says Alter-EU

(11 March 2013) A new report (see below) of Alter-EU, the European network that strives towards more transparency of EU decision-making and of which EPSU is a member, shows that the Commission has done very little to reform its system of expert groups. The European Parliament has asked the Commission to reform its expert groups and ensure that their composition is more balanced. The European Parliament even imposed a budget constraint on the expert groups in November 2011. It wanted the (...)

Protect public interest research - not corporate welfare, organisations tell European Parliament

(27 February 2013) In an open letter sent to Members of the European Parliament and Member States of the EU, 20 organisations such as EPSU request that the €10 billion budget cut foreseen to the EU’ 2014-2020 Research budget (called Horizon 2020) only affect industry subsidies that will mainly go to large multinational companies, not public interest research which is vital for Europe’s future. open (...)

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