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Social Dialogue

EPSU launch coordination initiative with ILGA-Europe

(30 January 2009, Brussels) EPSU has agreed to coordinate on shared policy issues with The European region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Association (ILGA-Europe). The initiative follows on from discussions with EPSU affiliates and work done in the EPSU equality workshop in 2007. It is particularly well-timed as the European Parliament is due to discuss the Anti-discrimination Directive Com 2008 426, which is due to be adopted (1st reading) in March (...)

First follow-up report on the Framework of Actions on Gender Equality

version française (March 2006) For your information and possible inputs with your national union centre, please find attached documents regarding the first year evaluation of the implementation of the European cross-sectoral agreement on a framework of actions on gender equality (March 2005) including: 1) a short note from the cross-sectoral social partners (ETUC, UNICE, CEEP and UEAPME) explaining the reporting process; 2) a template sent to members of the European cross-sectoral social (...)

Premier rapport de suivi sur le cadre d’actions pour l’égalité des sexes

Pour information, et contributions éventuelles auprès de votre confédération nationale, vous trouverez ci-joint des documents concernant l’évaluation annuelle de la mise en oeuvre de l’accord interprofessionnel européen relatif au Cadre d’actions sur l’égalite des sexes (1/03/2005). Ces documents comprennent : 1) une note explicative des partenaires sociaux européens sur la procédure (CES,UNICE, UEAPME et CEEP). 2) Un formulaire à remplir par les membres du Comité dialogue social européen (...)

European cross-sectoral agreement establishing a framework of actions on gender equality

European cross-sectoral agreement establishing a framework of actions on gender equality, 1 March 2005 English and French versions Agreement - EN Agreement - FR annex enclosing case studies on joint employer/trade union iniatives and agreements on gender equality Annex

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