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Collective bargaining policies

- Collective bargaining policies

EPSU’s Congresses and Executive Committee have adopted a number of policies that set targets or provide guidelines for collective bargaining. This document provides an overview of the policies in place by the end of 2005.

- Low pay / minimum wages

EPSU’s 2004 Congress agreed that low pay should be one of the main collective bargaining issues to be covered in the five years to the next Congress. A draft policy document was discussed by the 2005 collective bargaining conference and an amended version agreed at the Executive Committee meeting in February 2006.

- Outsourcing

EPSU began investigating the impact of outsourcing on collective bargaining in 2004 and developed a policy based on a checklist of key issues that affiliates should take into account when faced with the outsourcing of a public service.

- Collective Bargaining Conference reports

Collective bargaining policies are debated initially at the collective bargaining conference and a number of issues have been discussed overt the last four years, some of which have not been developed fully into policies.

- Links to a range of websites that provide information and statistics related to collective bargaining

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