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Social partners Electricity sector respond to “Future of Energy Community”

(9 April 2015) In a joint letter EPSU, Eurelectric and IndustriAll respond to the consultation about the future of the Energy Community. The European social partners in the Electricity sector are committed to the well functioning of the Energy Community and believe that a well-functioning social dialogue is key to its success. “We welcome the reform of the Energy Community organisation. However our main concern remains that there is no social strategy in the Energy Community. We have raised (...)

Energy Community Social Forum

(20 August 2014) On 17 June the social forum of the energy community took place, as part of a two day meeting of the energy community. For EPSU Jerry van den Berge participated. The social forum is likely the last that was organised in conjunction with the energy community meeting. Interest from governments and employers in the social forum remains low. Trade union participation from the region is low because of the absence of interpretation as the meetings are all in English. Jerry (...)

EPSU demands integration of Memorandum of Understanding in Energy Community Treaty

(11 February 2014) The Energy Community Treaty expires in 2015. It has started a reflection on its future. EPSU made a contribution to the consultation stressing the following points: The Memorandum of Understanding on the Social aspects of the Energy Community needs to be integrated in the Treaty as EPSU as demanded from the beginning. The experience demonstrates that a binding framework is necessary. EPSU argues this also in its contribution to the consultation on the regional social (...)

Regional social dialogue in energy sector a priority say EPSU unions

(16 September 2013) The energy unions of the energy community disagree with the recommendations of their government representatives on the social strategy for the Energy Community. These government representatives argue that there is no need for a regional social strategy, neither for a regional social dialogue encompassing the employers and trade unions of the region. The unions will seek to convince the employers and their ministers who will be meeting on 24 October. A proposal for a (...)

13th EPSU/FES Energy Round Table for South East European Energy Community Countries (2,5 days)

Hotel Sileks, Tourist Complex Sv. Stefan, 6000 Ohrid, Macedonia 10 (evening) - 11 - 12 September 2013 The main aim of the meeting is: informing on developments in the South East European Energy Community, results of the last Energy Social Forum, Social Action Plans and follow up actions, implementing the Memorandum of Understanding on the Social Aspects of the South East Europe Energy Treaty, discussing common trade union strategy regarding energy supply and investments, updating (...)

Energy Community considers the social strategy: regional social dialogue and other elements missing says EPSU

(25 April 2013) The social strategy outline to accompany the regional energy strategy was presented (see below) at the 6th Social Forum. It followed the consultation which took place earlier in the year and to which EPSU contributed. The main lines of the presented strategy are based on the Memorandum of Understanding, the national action plans and the social working groups. The social strategy focused very much also on the importance of dealing with low-income households that face a (...)

EPSU Contribution to the Energy Community consultation on the regional social strategy

(30 January 2013) The Energy Community issued a consultation paper following the Social Forum in October last year. The consultation paper request comments of the social partners and governments. For EPSU a number of issues are important: The Memorandum of Understanding on the Social issues is to remain the backbone of the Social energy strategy. The binding character should be strengthened and more resources devoted to its implementation. The democratic control over the regional energy (...)

EPSU convinces Energy Community Ministerial Council to develop Social Strategy

(22 October 2012) An Energy Strategy was adopted by the Energy ministers on 18 October. The energy strategy seeks to create a common understanding of the challenges and of the need for investment in common projects both in infrastructure and production. The countries hope this will attract necessary investment. The unions have been critical as the strategy does not have a social dimension. Further integration and market opening of the electricity and gas markets will have a negative impact (...)

5th Social Forum Energy Community South East Europe: European social partners demand a social dimension to regional energy strategy

(17 September 2012) It was 5 years ago when the Memorandum of Understanding on the Social Aspects of the Energy Community of South East Europe was signed following pressure and actions of the trade unions in Vienna October 2007. The Minister of Labour and Social Welfare of Montenegro, Suad Numanovic, opened the 5th Social Forum. The Forum considered the progress that has been made. The overviews of the Energy Community Secretariat and the European Commission concluded that several (...)

Energy unions demand progress with Social Action Plans and consultation on Energy Strategy

(6 September 2012) The regional energy strategy for the Energy Community is to give a perspective for energy developments in the region until 2020 and even 2030. It was presented by Adrian Jasimi of the Energy Community Secretariat to a meeting of EPSU affiliated unions in the Energy Community. The aim of the strategy is to provide a coherent framework for further developments in the countries of the Energy Community. It argues that without action the countries in the region will be (...)

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