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Social Services Working Group discusses the need to boost investment in Child Care

(6 October 2015 - EPSU Statement) EPSU commissioned a briefing on the social and economic benefits of investing into good quality childcare and early years education to the Labour Research Department (LRD). The briefing gives an overview over cost-benefit studies that demonstrate the social and economic (short and long term) benefits from such investment. In principle, those studies demonstrate that the return on investment is up to three or four times higher than the actual initial (...)

Social Services Working Group

Working Group Social Services discusses investment in quality care and personal and household services

(12 March 2015) Child care In the WG SS, Yves Hellendorff from CNE, Belgium, presented an initiative that caused their membership in the sector to rise with 19 % in 2014 by starting a joint campaign with the employers explaining social dialogue and offering workers the possibilities of further training. The initiative has especially addressed young unemployed people and elderly awaiting their pension. EPSU is preparing a briefing on trade union successes in organisation and recruitment, (...)

Social Services Working Group

25 February 2015, Brussels

Recruiting and organising in social services in South East Europe (3 days)

Joint EPSU - ETUI Course 27-29 January 2015, Zagreb The Education Department of the European Trade Union Institute will organise a joint course with the European Federation of Public Service Unions Recruiting and organising in social services in South East Europe which will be held from 27 to 29 January 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia. Aims To identify best ways to communicate with members and potential members To exchange practices on campaigning and recruitment/retaining techniques To (...)

Resounding success of the EPSU social services working group

(23 October 2014) More than 50 representatives from 22 European countries attended the EPSU working group on Social Services on October 8th. EPSU, the most representative European organisation in that sector, is working hard on social services to improve the conditions and quality of work in that sector. This growing sector lacks regulation and EPSU trade unions are increasing their cooperation to ensure that international solidarity has a real meaning for trade union members and workers (...)

Social Services Working Group

8 October 2014, Brussels

Social Services Working Group

22 January 2014, Luxembourg

ETUI/EPSU Training Seminar on Social Services

24 and 25 September 2013, Sofia

Social Services Working Group

13 March 2013, Brussels

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