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Health and Social Services Sector

The President of the EPSU Standing Committee for Health and Social Services is Dr. Margret Steffen. Mathias Maucher is the EPSU Policy Officer for the sector.

Find out for your country who is your EPSU representative for health and social services here.

The health and social services sector is a large and diverse sector, including many different services such as hospitals, child care, community health services, social work and homes for older and disabled people. We represent 3.5 million health and social services workers across Europe, and are engaged in a wide range of issues on their behalf. The categories of workers range from social worker to doctor to hospital cleaner to medical secretary to nurse.

EPSU is the recognised European social partner organisation for workers in the hospital and health care sector throughout the European Union.

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The contribution of non-profit service providers to “Job Creation and economic growth in health and social services”

(26 March 2015) EPSU (C. Jakob and C. Hernandez) participated to the breakfast session “Job Creation and Economic growth in HSS” and the contribution of non-profit service providers organized by Social Services Europe (SSE) in the Economic and Social Committee. There is a need to push for more attention to Social Services. The sector suffers from a vacuum between demand and supply, and thus composes job creation opportunities. The speakers agree on the essential need to improve (...)

42nd meeting of the Standing Committee on Health and Social Services

EPSU support for general strike of FSSHK in health sector in Kosovo

(30 January 2015) Prishtinë/Brussels On 29 January 2015 EPSU sent a letter of solidarity to the Trade Union Health Federation of Kosovo (FSSHK) fully supporting the strike action on 30 January 2015 in all the health institutions, when also patients showed their comprehension for this step taken. Negotiations with the Prime Minister had failed. EPSU also had sent letters to the President and the Prime Minister of Kosovo calling upon them to take action to address the problems identified by (...)

EPSU protests against dismissal of hospital workers in Hospital of Maltepe University, Istanbul

(22 December 2014) Management of the University Hospital of Maltepe in Istanbul dismissed 98 workers, 6 December 2014. These workers have been dismissed for being a member of the health workers trade union of Dev Sağlık-İş of DISK. These workers have started a picket to demand re-instatement. The workers joined the union to seek to improve their working conditions in the hospital. These were getting worse for them and the hospital workers joined Dev Sağlık-İş. Workers demand higher wages, (...)

Stop Death, Disease and Illness at work

(2 December 2014 - ETUC Press Release) The EU must take action to stop the 100,000 deaths a year caused by occupational cancers. The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) meeting in Brussels today condemned the European Commission for blocking health and safety improvements(*) and for putting forward an extremely weak health and safety strategy (‘Framework Strategy 2014-2020’). The ETUC called today for Legally enforceable exposure limits for 50 of the most cancer-causing chemicals (...)

EPSU official partner in EU OSHA’s Healthy Workplaces Campaign “Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress”

Bilbao/Brussels, 1 December 2014 EPSU in November 2014 became official campaign partner of the 2014/2015 Healthy Workplaces Campaign “Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress” of the European Agency on Health and Safety at Work (EU OSHA), alongside other European trade union federations and jointly with HOSPEEM. You can visit here the campaign partner website for EPSU. You can read here the letter of EU OSHA’s Director Dr. Christa Sedlatschek confirming to EPSU having been accepted as European (...)

A European market for health services? Is that why healthcare is not excluded from TTIP?

(28 November 2014) On 27 November the European Commissioner for Health and Food, Vytenis Andriukaitis launched the idea of an EU "single market for health services". EPSU has asked for a meeting with the Commissioner to clarify what is intended. EPSU has serious concerns about this idea and how it would achieve better quality care for all EU citizens. An internal market would involve a fundamental reform of healthcare systems including competition and privatisation. Discussing this (...)

Austerity kills: the case of Ebola

(Press Release, 14 November 2014, Brussels) As the Ebola case of the Spanish nurse, Teresa Romero, seems to be stabilised, the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU), the most representative European organisation for health workers, starts demanding a proper response and that responsibilities are clearly defined and also actually assumed in case of problems or mistakes. In Europe, only one person was infected by the Ebola epidemic. So far, the two victims of the disease who (...)

Workers from Carlos III - La Paz Hospital in Madrid will talk about how Europe is fighting Ebola

Media Advisory: MEP Lola Sánchez Caldentey, MEP Nessa Childers and the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) will hold a press conference with health workers of Carlos III - La Paz hospital of Madrid that fought Ebola. Brussels, 12 November 2014 - MEP Lola Sánchez Caldentey, MEP Nessa Childers and the EPSU (European Federation of Public Service Unions) the most representative European organization of health workers, have jointly promoted and organised the visit of health (...)

EPSU demand new European Commissioner dealing with Ebola to link with West-African trade unions

image ©Global panorama (3 November 2014) With the European Commission starting its work this week, also the Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Commissioner Styliadis take his place. He will be coordinating EU policies with regard to containing and combating the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West-Africa. We asked the Commissioner to meet up with the health workers unions as their members are in the front-line of dealing with infected people last Friday. The unions have (...)

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