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Health and Social Services Sector:

The President of the EPSU standing committee for health and social services is Liza di Paolo Sandberg. Mathias Maucher is the EPSU policy officer for the sector.

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The health and social services sector is a large and diverse sector, including many different services such as hospitals, child care, community health services, social work and homes for older and disabled people. We represent 3.5 million health and social services workers across Europe, and are engaged in a wide range of issues on their behalf. The categories of workers range from social worker to doctor to hospital cleaner to medical secretary to nurse.

EPSU is the recognised European social partner organisation for workers in the hospital sector throughout the European Union.

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Country-Specific Recommendations for Health, Elderly and Child Care - Implications for Trade Union Work

Brussels, 10 April 2014 The EPSU article "The Country-Specific Recommendations as a tool of European Economic Governance – Implications for Trade Unions organising in Health Care, Elderly and Child Care" provides a description and analysis of the country-specific-recommendations for 2013-2014, and reflects on the implications of European Economic Governance on trade unions organising in health care, elderly and child care services. The article is meant to provide an overview of the EU-wide (...)

Mobilisation over jobs and working conditions in non-profit sector in Belgium

(28 March 2014) Unions organising in the non-profit sector in French speaking community demonstrated in Brussels on 27 March to argue for further investment in the sector which includes many key health and social services. The unions, with the support of some employers, are concerned that the government doesn’t recognise the contribution that the sector makes not just in terms of vital services but also to the economy as a whole. The fact that the non-profit sector doesn’t clearly feature in (...)

Launched today: major international survey on pay and conditions in social services

(24 March 2014) Today sees the official launch of a major international survey of pay and conditions in social services. The WICARE project is being support by EPSU and will give affiliates an opportunity to collect data on basic pay and additional payments, working time, training and other employment and working conditions. The survey findings will provide EPSU and its affiliates with new statistics to support their campaigning and collective bargaining work in a very important sector of (...)

Assessing healthcare reforms and challenges for trade union work in the health sector in Ukraine

Myrhorod (Ukraine) 28/29 January 2014 / Brussels 14 March 2013 The Health Workers’ Union of Ukraine on 28-29 January 2014 organised the seminar “Main issues of legal and social protection of the health workers under the conditions of the healthcare reform in Ukraine” in Myrhorod, region of Poltava, Ukraine. Participants discussed different facets and problems of the on-going healthcare reform in the Ukraine. They highlighted the deficiencies of the legal framework, the impact of inadequate (...)

Action Day against the commercialisation and privatisation of health services: "Our health is not for sale!"

Brussels, 7 February/10 March 2014 On 7 February 2014, at a European Action Day held at Brussels, organisations supporting the “European Network against the Commercialisation and Privatisation of Health, Social Work and Social Security” (Réseau Européen pour le Droit à la Santé) have presented a Manifesto and launched a European Campaign in the run towards the European elections end of May. Many of the organisations that had contributed to the manifesto form the Belgian Action Platform Health (...)

40th meeting of the Standing Committee on Health and Social Services

23 January 2014, Luxembourg Jean Monnet Building, Room JMO M1, Plateau du Kirchberg, Luxembourg (confirmed by EC Services LUX on 29 November 2013) PRACTICAL DETAILS AND REIMBURSEMENT MODALITIES Colleagues representing EPSU affiliates in the sectors HSS are invited to participate in the meeting. We expect participating unions to cover all travel and subsistence costs of their representatives. Committee members from countries under 100% on the ‘5 band’ index are referred to the ‘rules (...)

Financial & Economic Crisis and Austerity Measures - Impacts on Health Care Systems, the Health Workforce and Patients

(Brussels, 25 November 2013) The paper describes the impact of the financial and economic crisis, as well as austerity measures on the health care systems, the health workforce and patients. There is currently sufficient evidence for the negative and in some countries partly devastating effects of austerity policies on the financing and provision of services of general interest essential to promote the proper functioning of our economies and the cohesion of our societies, including on (...)

EPSU Key Issues & Discussion Paper on Qualifications, Skills and Competences and Labour Market Needs and Policies

(Brussels, 15 October 2013/2 December 2013) EPSU Key Issues Paper entitled "Current developments in the health care sector, in the labour market for the health professions and in respect of the qualification, skills and competences of health workers – perspectives for trade union action in a European context" has been elaborated over the summer 2013. The document was adopted by the EPSU Standing Committee "Health and Social Services" on 15 October 2013. The document 1) starts with a (...)

EPSU Regional Health Conference Central Europe & Western Balkan

(Brussels/Belgrade 9 and 10 October 2013) About 25 participants from Bosnia-Herzegovina (from the Republic of Srpska), the Czech Republic, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovakia participated in the EPSU Regional Health Conference for Central Europe and Western Balkan. The event took place on 9 and 10 October 2013 in Belgrade and was organised by EPSU’s Regional Secretary for the region in close cooperation with the colleagues from the Trade Union of Health and Social Care Workers of Serbia (...)

EPSU protests over pay cuts imposed on nurses in Cyprus

(Brussels/Nicosia, 31 October 2013) EPSU has written to the Minister of Finance of Cyprus to protest about the government’s decision to make drastic cuts to nurses’ pay and conditions without any preceding dialogue with trade unions and employers’ organisations. The measures include a 15% reduction to all shift benefits of nursing personnel for night shifts and 35% for Sundays and public holidays, as of 1 January 2013. In addition, on 26 September 2013 the government proposed a law which, if (...)

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