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The President of the EPSU Standing Committee for Health and Social Services is Dr. Margret Steffen. Mathias Maucher is the EPSU Policy Officer for the sector.

Find out for your country who is your EPSU representative for health and social services here.

The health and social services sector is a large and diverse sector, including many different services such as hospitals, child care, community health services, social work and homes for older and disabled people. We represent 3.5 million health and social services workers across Europe, and are engaged in a wide range of issues on their behalf. The categories of workers range from social worker to doctor to hospital cleaner to medical secretary to nurse.

EPSU is the recognised European social partner organisation for workers in the hospital and health care sector throughout the European Union.

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Health care in Spain after the crisis - FSS-CC.OO reports cuts and denounces deteriorating pay and working conditions

(Madrid, 26 October 2015 / Brussels, 28 January 2016) A presentation given by Antonio Cabrera González, Secretary General of FSS-CC.OO (Federación de Sanidad y Sectores Sociosanitarios de CCOO) end of October 2015 in Madrid at the EPSU Constituency Meeting for the Mediterranean Countries/Southern Europe, well illustrates the difficult and partly dramatic healthcare situation after the crisis period in Spain, mainly caused by the austerity policies put into place in Spain since 2010. It (...)

Tax avoiders buying up the NHS and how TTIP could ‘lock in’ tax avoidance

(18 December 2015) Earlier this year, one of EPSU’s British affiliates, the Trade Union (TU) UNITE, launched a report investigating ten private health care companies that supply services to the British National Health Service (NHS) and that are thereby actively involved in the NHS privatisation (see UNITE’s report here). Four of these companies are the biggest for-profit hospital chains in the UK, and the other ones are involved in clinical and support services as well as care homes. (...)

High-level meeting between hospital sector social partners and European Commission to promote quality jobs in health care

(13 January 2016) “Dialogue with social partners is key to the future development of health care in Europe. Encouraging public investment, improving patient safety, ensuring training and decent working conditions for all health workers are issues I support very much" said European Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis. His passionate response came in a meeting with European employers and trade unions for the health care sector. "Cooperation at national and European levels between public (...)

Встреча на высоком уровне между социальными партнерами больничного сектора и Европейской комиссией для повышения качества рабочих мест в сфере здравоохранения

Hospital sector social partners confirm their commitment to prevent and reduce psycho-social risks and stress at work

Brussels/Helsinki, 18 November 2015 On 10 November 2015, HOSPEEM and EPSU – with the support of the Finnish EPSU affiliates JHL, Superliitto and Tehy – organised a conference in Helsinki aimed at supporting a broad fact-finding on the main risk factors of psycho-social risks and stress at work in the hospital/healthcare sector, highlighting good practices to assess the risks and identifying instruments and measures that can help preventing, managing and/or reducing the risks. A range of (...)

EPSU signs Call to Action "Health Workers for All"

14 October 2015, Brussels On 14 October 2014, EPSU signed the Call to Action “Health Workers For All – All for Health Workers”. The Call to Action - available in eight languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, PL and ROM) - is addressed to national and European decision-makers and aims to promote sustainable health care systems around the world and decent recruitment and employment conditions for health workers. Jan Willem Goudriaan, EPSU Secretary General, underlines: "EPSU supports the objectives and (...)

Highlights from EPSU’s Standing Committee "Health and Social Services" (24 September 2015)

Brussels, 14 October 2015 EPSU’s last Standing Committee “Health and Social Services” held on 24 September 2015 in Brussels brought together 56 colleagues from 35 affiliates from 22 countries, from Ireland to Bulgaria and from Finland to Spain. Colleagues discussed and approved the progress made on three topics in the context of activities and negotiations of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee in the Hospital Sector: 1) EPSU is running a joint project with HOSPEEM on the role of social (...)

43rd meeting of the Standing Committee on Health and Social Services

24 September 2015, Brussels

Cross-Border Healthcare in Europe: Promoting Equal Access to Quality Care

Brussels, 1 July 2015 EPSU contributed to a conference held on 1 July 2015 in Brussels and dealing with various aspects of cross-border demand and provision of health care, held by PublicPolicyExchange. In the programme of the event the organiser writes: "According to the World Health Organisation’s report on ‘Cross-Border Healthcare in Europe’, the volume of patient mobility within the European Union remains relatively low as people are frequently unwilling to travel to other countries for (...)

Publication of ETUI’s HesaMag 11 with a special report on "The nursing world at tipping point"

Brussels, 25 June 2015 The European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) last week issued edition 11 of the HesaMag (Health and Safety Magazine) with a special report entitled "The nursing world at tipping point". It is focusing on the challenges and problems related to the health and safety of health workers, in particular the nursing professions, on the backdrop of the economic crisis in Europe. The newsletter can be accessed in an English and French language version. It i.a. contains an (...)

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