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Actions from our affiliates

Thousands of trade unionists gathered in Brussels 23 September to ask for social justice, jobs and fair taxation

(24 September 2014) As the representatives of the future new Belgian government are preparing their social and economic program, Belgian trade unions (FGTB, CSC et CGSLB) want to remind them that there are alternatives to austerity to get out of the crisis; wages freeze, pension reform, higher VAT, threats on social security will lead to a “social hell” and an economic disaster. The measures planned by this right-wing coalition are a social regression that is unacceptable. The unions are (...)

EPSU supports SIPTU members in their strike

(6 August 2014) EPSU is extremely concerned to learn about SIPTU’s dispute with Greyhound Recycling and Recovery waste company owned by the brothers Michael and Brian Buckley, and which has led to workers being locked out since 17th June. It is not acceptable that the company’s management attempt to force workers to accept wage cuts of up to 35% and that they employ strikebreakers to carry out waste collections during the dispute. We extend our solidarity to all of the 78 SIPTU members (...)

UK Strike on 10 July also effects Northern Ireland - NIPSA part of the action

(9 July 2014) The unions have informed of the many rallies, marches and demonstrations that are taking place across the UK. Also in Northern Ireland local government and other public services workers will be coming out on strike 10 July. They are joined by EPSU Northern Ireland affiliate NIPSA which has also voted YES to the strike action in support for a decent pay raise for the workers in local government after years of pay freezes, cuts in allowances that have eroded purchasing power wih (...)

Solidarity with Greek unions’ actions to defend jobs and the right to strike

(8 July 2014) EPSU sends solidarity greetings to public sector confederation ADEDY for the 24-hour strike action it has called for Wednesday 9 July. ADEDY is protesting at further cuts in public sector jobs and attacks on pay and pensions. Further layoffs are planned by the end of 2014 even though the government is ahead of its deadline to cut 150,000 jobs by 2015 (see note). EPSU supports ADEDY’s challenge to the job cuts, which as with several other countries across Europe have been (...)

EPSU backs action by UK local government workers, civil servants, fire-fighters and teachers out on strike 10 July

(8 July 2014) EPSU sends its solidarity greetings to local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland following their vote to take industrial action in support of their pay claim. Members of GMB, UNITE and UNISON will be out on strike 10 July. Over a million local government workers experienced a three-year pay freeze between 2010 and 2012 and a below inflation pay increase last year. Taking account of inflation, local government pay is on average 18% less than it was four (...)

EPSU expresses support for Romanian health workers in pay dispute - international delegation to join picket

(23 June 2014) The Romanian EPSU affiliate Sanitas, organising health and social workers, is starting picketing of Romanian government institutions on 23 June. Workers will demonstrate the discontent with the lack of progress in a pay dispute. The Romanian government is not implementing the agreement reached with the union, refuses to end its ban on hiring new staff despite the lack of more than 40.000 skilled staff and fails to publish the collective agreement in the official magazines. (...)

Congratulations: More than 367.000 signatures against outsourcing public service jobs in Croatia

(19 June 2014) The Croatian public service unions affiliated to EPSU have been campaigning for 2 weeks to collect more than 367.000 signatures (10% of the voting population) to defeat proposals of the government to outsource public service jobs. And the response of the population has been enormous. The unions announced they surpassed the required number Wednesday. It is a significant defeat for the government. The government will now have to organise a referendum. "This is a big success (...)

Action intersyndicale dans la fonction publique en France le 15 mai 2014

Message de solidarité de la FSESP pour l’action intersyndicale dans la fonction publique en France le 15 mai 2014 Bruxelles, le 12 mai 2014 Chers / chères camarades, Au nom de la Fédération Syndicale Européenne des Services Publics (FSESP) nous vous souhaitons une journée d’action avec un impact fort pour un changement de politique du gouvernement français à l’égard des fonctionnaires. Les politiques de récession économique et de régression sociale actuellement en cours dans de nombreux pays de (...)

EPSU supports Greek public services workers strike against dismissals

(18 March 2014) Greek public service workers will be out on strike against the collective dismissals imposed by their government under pressure of the Troika 19 and 20 March. EPSU has sent a message of solidarity. (11 March 2014) EPSU sends its solidarity greetings to the ADEDY civil service confederation which has called a 24-hour strike across the public sector on 12 March, followed by a 48-hour stoppage on 19-20 March. The strike is in protest at the administrative reform bill that (...)

EPSU calls for solidarity with Ukrainian unions

(12 March 2014) After weeks of not being able to work due to having their building occupied, the EPSU affiliates in Ukraine have requested assistance to help them to re-build Trade Union House, the headquarters of the FPU (national union confederation), burnt down on 19 February during the escalation of the crisis. The building on Maidan square also housed several trade union offices and the EPSU regional office. See the attached documents for more information. We will directly (...)

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