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Actions from our affiliates

EPSU supports Greek public services workers strike against dismissals

(18 March 2014) Greek public service workers will be out on strike against the collective dismissals imposed by their government under pressure of the Troika 19 and 20 March. EPSU has sent a message of solidarity. (11 March 2014) EPSU sends its solidarity greetings to the ADEDY civil service confederation which has called a 24-hour strike across the public sector on 12 March, followed by a 48-hour stoppage on 19-20 March. The strike is in protest at the administrative reform bill that (...)

EPSU calls for solidarity with Ukrainian unions

(12 March 2014) After weeks of not being able to work due to having their building occupied, the EPSU affiliates in Ukraine have requested assistance to help them to re-build Trade Union House, the headquarters of the FPU (national union confederation), burnt down on 19 February during the escalation of the crisis. The building on Maidan square also housed several trade union offices and the EPSU regional office. See the attached documents for more information. We will directly (...)

UK local government unions in day of protest

(4 February) EPSU sends a message of support to the many thousands of local government workers who are joining protest actions across England, Wales and Northern Ireland today. Local government trade unions - Unison, GMB, Unite and NIPSA - are continuing their campaign for better pay in the sector and have organised this day of protest to highlight the problems faced by their members who have seen their pay fall by 18% in real terms over the past four years. Local government employees (...)

Portugal: Day of action against austerity – 1 February

EPSU sends solidarity greetings to STAL, SEP and the other affiliates of the CGTP-IN trade union confederation who will be joining the day of action on 1 February. Workers across Portugal continue to suffer under the third year of austerity policies imposed by the government under the shadow of the Troika – the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund. The cuts in public spending, the destruction of over 700000 jobs, cuts and freezes in pay, including a (...)

Serbia: trade unions strike against labour law reforms

(23 January 2014) Trade unions across Serbia will be taking part in a one-hour strike today in protest against government proposals for major changes to labour legislation. The two main confederations along with several independent unions are supporting the action to demonstrate opposition to amendments that will a have serious impact on workers’ rights, including changes to severance pay, compensation for sick leave and paid leave. The Serbian trade unions are also very concerned about (...)

Austria: 40000 join demonstration to unblock negotiations

(18 December 2013) Public sector workers from all over Austria joined a lively demonstration in Vienna today to put pressure on the government to re-open pay negotiations. The two main public sector unions, GÖD and GdG-KMfSB, called the demonstration after the government had failed to offer any improvement on a 1.7% pay increase. The unions had demanded a pay rise of 2.3% to compensate for inflation, taking account of the fact that there had been no general increase for the current year. (...)

EPSU supports demand of Ukrainian unions for National Forum and Dialogue

(12 December 2013) EPSU, the European Federation of Public Service Unions, is concerned about the developments in the Ukraine. Earlier police violence against demonstrators and new images of police seeking to remove demonstrators from the main square despite statements of the authorities not to use violence, are reasons for concern. We urge the authorities to refrain from any police or other violence against the peaceful demonstrators which include many students and workers. (...)

EPSU sends its support to Greek unions in their defence of health, education and social spending

(11 December 2013) The ADEDY civil service confederation and its affiliated federations are organising a one-day strike and demonstration today in protest at job cuts in health and education and cuts in spending in these and other areas of social welfare. On Saturday 7 December the Greek parliament approved another austerity budget which will mean another €3 billion of cuts to public services resulting in loss of jobs and deterioration of the quality and standards of public services. The (...)

Statement of the Ukrainian Federation of Trade Unions condemning the police violence

(4 December 2013) The Ukrainian unions and including EPSU affiliates condemn the police violence against the protesters in Kiev and other cities. They protesters are exercising their rights to demonstrate, following the announcement of the Ukrainian government to not sign the Treaty on closer collaboration with the EU, and instead to seek closer ties with Russia. It was a sudden change of direction, not expected by many as the Treaty negotiations itself were finished. The unions ask the (...)

Romanian Health sector in crisis - general strike on 28 November

(26 November 2013) EPSU and its Executive Committee members send their solidarity greetings to Sanitas and the other health trade unions that are supporting the warning strike on 25 November and general strike on 28 November. EPSU fully supports the action in the face of the massive challenges facing the Romanian health sector. With as many 3000 doctors and thousands more nurses emigrating each year, the Romanian health service is facing a major crisis. When salaries were already so low, (...)

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