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Actions from our affiliates

Unfreeze collective bargaining: EPSU support Italian unions’ demonstration on 28 November

(24 November 2015) Collective bargaining across the public sector in Italy has been frozen for six years and EPSU sends it support to all the public service unions who will be joining the national demonstration in Rome on 28 November. While many governments and public sector employers across Europe imposed pay freezes or cuts as part of their austerity measures, most have now begun to normalise their collective bargaining arrangements with moves to recuperate lost pay. The Italian (...)

Solidarity with the Greek unions

(9 November 2015) EPSU sends its solidarity greetings to the ADEDY and GSEE trade union confederations for the general strike planned for 12 November. We send our support to the Greek unions in challenging the policies that the government will be implementing as part of the latest bail-out deal. These include increases in indirect taxation, major changes to the public social insurance scheme, the privatization of remaining strategic parts of the public sector (energy, water, ports and (...)

In Memorium - Jevgenija Stalidzāne, President of the Latvian Trade Union "Energija "

(26 October 2015) The Latvian unions informed us that Jevgenija Stalidzāne, the President of the Latvian trade union "Energija" has suddenly died, 21 October 2015. Jevgenija has been the chair of the union for 10 years. Jevgenija was born 17.12.1944 EPSU General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan "Jevgenija was a remarkable person. Her influence went beyond the union. She was a tireless defender of public services and not just in the electricity sector. She spoke out for health care and other (...)

Austerity is devastating Greece

(21 October 2015) Imagine that you can not pay the metro ticket to get your kid to the hospital. The kid needs regular treatment of a psychiatrist. But cuts in your wage have left you and your family with such low income that this would wreck your budget. Cuts in wages and social security contributions have this effect in Greece. It is well documented that the number of suicides has increased dramatically in Greece. A psychiatrist tells us this during a visit to the largest public (...)

More and better jobs in Irish healthcare top priority

(Cork, Ireland, 7 October 2015) One of the main themes of SIPTU’s health conference was the need to improve Irish healthcare and to invest in quality jobs and services. Especially for care assistants steps are needed to ensure proper recognition and value is given to this growing profession. At the conference EPSU presented the work of the health and social services committee including initiatives to improve pay and working conditions in the care sector. This is fundmental to ensuring (...)

Finnish unions thank all for solidarity with actions 18 September - Finnish government turns around

update (1st October 2015) Finnish government turns around Update (30 September 2015): Finnish unions thank all for solidarity with actions 18 September. They also provide further information on the ongoing conflict Sent on behalf of Jarkko Eloranta Dear Colleagues, JHL and other Finnish EPSU-PSI affiliates wish to thank you for your encouraging solidarity messages sent in connection of the demonstration organised by the Finnish trade union movement on September 18, 2015. The rally in (...)

Finnish unions mobilise against government attack on employment rights

(16 September 2015) Thousands of Finnish workers are set to join a major demonstration this Friday (18 September) in protest at government plans to cut holiday entitlement, sick leave and overtime pay. All three Finnish trade union confederations are mobilising for the action. Unions are not just angry about the reduction in employee pay and benefits but about the unprecedented government intervention in the collective bargaining system. The government proposals include: Setting a (...)

Unions mobilise against labour code changes

(10 September 2015) EPSU affiliates in Lithuania will be joining other trade unions today in a major protest against proposed changes to the labour code. Under the banner "No to slavery at work", trade unions will be raising their voices against radical reforms that will undermine many basic employment and trade union rights. If implemented the changes will mean more precarious working conditions, pressure to work longer hours and worsening provision for working parents. The consequences (...)

Solidarity with Greek workers and people

(15 July 2015) EPSU affiliate Adedy is organising a general strike against the agreement reached between the Eurogroup and the Greek government 15 July. Adedy opposes the continued austerity imposed on Greece. The public service federation rejects the privatisation of public services and companies. The unions do not want Greece to be subject to supervision. As the details of the agreement become clear, so does the extent of the changes that the Eurogroup want to impose on Greece. This (...)

STAL celebrates 40 years and supports Hands off Public Services Campaign

(23 June 2015) Addressing the increase of precarious work, opposing the privatisation campaign of the rightwing government, formulating the collective bargaining agenda for the new period and reflecting on the importance of the forthcoming elections, close to 200 delegates of the Portuguese local public services union STAL had a lot to debate at their conference. They also adopted a firm position against CETA, and opposed the TTIP and TISA negotiations. The conference also celebrated the (...)

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