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Actions from our affiliates

STAL celebrates 40 years and supports Hands off Public Services Campaign

(23 June 2015) Addressing the increase of precarious work, opposing the privatisation campaign of the rightwing government, formulating the collective bargaining agenda for the new period and reflecting on the importance of the forthcoming elections, close to 200 delegates of the Portuguese local public services union STAL had a lot to debate at their conference. They also adopted a firm position against CETA, and opposed the TTIP and TISA negotiations. The conference also celebrated the (...)

Court tells Maltepe University Hospital Employer: reinstate workers or pay compensation

(28 May 2015) After months of struggle, the dismissed workers and their union Dev-Saglik-Is saw a judge rule that the workers need to be re-instated or the company has to pay significant compensation. This is the first verdict applying to around 1/3 of the workers concerned. Other verdicts are to follow. The private company that owns the university and hospital does not get away with simply dismissing workers for their trade union activity and for their demands for improved pay and (...)

Childcare workers start strike in Germany - demanding recognition of their work

(8 May 2015) After weeks of negotiations with the municipal employers who refused to come forward with a decent proposal that would recognise the skills, qualifications and value of the work of childcare workers, EPSU affiliate Ver.di started a ballot amongst its members to explore if they were ready to go to action. Almost 93% said yes to the action and the result in other unions was 95% or more. The anger was high and strikes for an undefinite period started Friday 8 May. The workers are (...)

Belgian unions protest government measures and interference in social dialogue

(16 March 2015) Belgian workers continue to be angry over the freeze of wages and other austerity and ideology driven measures. EPSU staff joined a demonstration of the three Belgian confederations and affiliates to underline that the government should respect the results of the social dialogue. The demonstration took place 11 March 2015, Brussels. Over 10.000 workers participated, twice the expected number. Belgian public service workers will continue their actions against governments cuts (...)

EPSU backs Norwegian unions’ strike against labour law changes

(26 January 2015) EPSU sends solidarity greetings to its Norwegian affiliates and all the unions in the three confederations who will be taking strike action and joining the demonstrations planned for hundreds of towns and cities across the country on 28 January. The coordinated political strike has been called in protest at government plans to weaken important elements of the Work Environment Act. EPSU agrees that the proposed changes will lead to more precarious employment and (...)

Belgian General Strike 15 December 2014 - EPSU expresses solidarity

(11 December 2014) All EPSU affiliates will engage in a general strike against the austerity policies announced by the Federal government, 15 December. The country will come to a halt as workers protest wage freeze, attacks on pension entitlements and the right to strike, cuts in public services and many more. The national general strike follows the large national demonstration 6 November in which also EPSU staff participated. Three regional strikes took place 24 November, 1 and on 8 (...)

General strike in Italy on 12 December

(11 December 2014) EPSU supports Italian strikes to defend workers and public services EPSU sends its solidarity greeting to the CGIL and UIL confederations that have called a general strike tomorrow (12 December). The strike is in protest at a range of government policies whose affects will be to weaken employment protection and undermine public services. Reflecting the kinds of policies advocated by the European Commission, the Italian government is pushing for structural reforms and (...)

EPSU supports Hungarian and Montenegrin public service workers in protests

(5 December 2014) Public service workers will protest against austerity measures in Budapest and Podgorica this Saturday 6 December. Public service workers salaries remain the target of government budget cuts, with wages in Montenegro now frozen for the last 6 years and foreseen to be kept at current levels for another 4 years. This is a significant loss of income for many workers. EPSU has sent its solidarity greetings. Although workers are from different countries, we are fighting the (...)

EPSU supports Greek workers and citizens in their action today

(27 November 2014) EPSU, the European federation of public services workers supports the general strike you are organising together with GSEE, today 27 november. Greek workers and citizens continue to show resistance against the austerity measures of the Greek government that are affecting public services and workers. What the European union needs is investment and a end to austerity. While the recent plans of the new EU juncker commission are an indication that there is an understanding (...)

EPSU supports subcontracted workers in Turkey

(24 November 2014) Several thousands of workers protested against the lack of progress to get pay and conditions protection for subcontracted workers in the Turkish Directorate of Highways. The employer has been refusing to extend the coverage of the collective agreement to these workers despite several Court cases, and all won by the trade union. Turkish affiliate Yol-iS organised the demonstration 24 November 2014, Ankara. EPSU and PSI sent solidarity letters. EPSU letter to Turkish (...)

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