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Energy unions signs sector agreement

28 November 2014

The SSESM energy union has signed a new collective agreement with the energy employer’s association. The sector agreement will apply international labour standards, harmonise employment conditions across the sector and establish a framework of rights for the employees. This is with a view to maintain fair competition between employers at a time when there is an urgent need to provide job security, promote social rights and a healthy working environment. The employers expressed their commitment to social dialogue. Read more at > Denar news website (MK)

Private energy agreement signed for first time

31 October 2012

The Independent Union of Energy Workers has signed the first ever collective agreement covering companies in the private sector. The union and employers agreed that the purpose of the agreement was to apply international labour standards, to equalize working conditions at sector level and to establish a framework of rights that the employees should be entitled to, which will maintain fair competition between employers.

National minimum wage introduced

21 October 2011

Governments, employers and trade unions have agreed on the introduction of a national minimum wage. The minimum rate will initially be set at €130 a month and will come into force next year. An estimated 65,000 workers will benefit from an increase in pay as a result. Eurostat provides a briefing on the extent and level of minimum wages across Europe. Read more at > SETimes news website (EN) And at > Eurostat (EN)

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