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Union calls for pay rises and challenge public-private pay gap claims

17 September 2014

The IMPACT public services union has reacted to new figures showing falling earnings by calling for increased wages across the economy. It also reacted to claims about a widening pay gap between the private and public sectors. The union has produced a new report analysing the data and challenging the simplistic comparisons of average pay between the private and public sectors. Read more at > IMPACT

March shows continuing support for waste workers

17 September 2014

Workers employed by the Greyhound waste company have been locked out for three months following their protests over an attempt to cut pay by up to 35%. They are continuing their protests and were supported other trade unions in a march through Dublin city centre on 2 September. Read more at > SIPTU

Minister foresees pay negotations in 2015

20 August 2014

The public expenditure minister has indicated that 2015 could see negotiations between the government and public sector unions that would look at clawing back some of the pay cuts that have been imposed since 2009. The cuts began with the introduction of a "pensions levy" in 2009 and cuts in basic and other pay elements followed in 2010 and 2011. Read more at > IMPACT

Waste workers locked out by employer

20 August 2014

Workers employed by the Greyhound waste and recycling company have been locked out by management for over two months. The company is attempting to force workers to accept wage cuts of up to 35% and has employed strikebreakers to carry out waste collections during the dispute. SIPTU has 80 members in the company which has a contract to collect household waste for Dublin City Council. Solidarity is being provided by trade unions and messages of support have been sent by EPSU and EPSU affiliates. Read more at > SIPTU And at > EPSU

Strike called off as pay cuts restored

16 July 2014

Following a day of strike action and the threat of further stoppages, workers at South Dublin County Council have won back payments that were cut from their salaries in April. The Labour Relations Committee was involved in conciliating the dispute between the council and the trade union which argued that the employers had infringed the national public sector agreement by imposing the cuts. Read more at > IMPACT

Municipal and health workers in dispute

26 June 2014

Members of the IMPACT union in local government have taken strike action over pay while members of the SIPTU union in the ambulance service are being balloted for strike action over redeployment. In both cases employers appear to be failing to comply with the provisions of the national public sector agreement (the Haddington Road agreement) that was negotiated last year. In the ambulance service there are clear provisions for how to handle service closures and any resulting redeployment but these are being ignored by management. Meanwhile in South Dublin staff have seen their pay cut again in contravention of the Haddington Road agreement. Read more at > IMPACT And at > SIPTU

Union debates pay strategy

29 May 2014

At this year’s conference public service union Impact discussed various elements of a new pay strategy in both public and private sectors. In the public sector a combination of increased pensions contributions and pay cuts has meant on average a 14% fall in pay. The union will be looking to start clawing this back with a pay claim that it will submit when public finances are back on track. A key debate will be whether this claim will be for a flat-rate increase to help the lower paid. Read more at > IMPACT

Unions sign collective agreement for community workers

13 May 2014

The SIPTU and IMPACT public service unions have signed a new agreement which secures collective bargaining rights for 2000 workers in the community sector. The agreement was negotiated with the Irish Local Development Network (ILDN), the representative body of Local Development Companies (LDCs). The agreement includes key issues such as future employment, job security and a fair process for redundancies should they arise. It covers workers who deliver local, community and rural development programmes right across the country. Read more at > SIPTU

Water industry contractors fail to comply with agreement

19 March 2014

The SIPTU general and public services union has challenged Irish Water to tackle its contractors and sub-contractors who are working on water meter installation because of their failure to abide by the relevant sector collective agreement. SIPTU organisers have made contact with many water meter installation workers and found many examples where employers are not providing the appropriate pay, pensions and other conditions. It is also concerned about the anti-union hostility that is making many of the workers reluctant to ensure they are getting their entitlements. Read more at > SIPTU

Union gears up for change in local government and health

19 March 2014

The IMPACT services union is alerting members to the potential effects of significant restructuring planned in the public sector. In health services the union is concerned that moves towards creating clusters of hospitals may pose a threat to national pay bargaining. Meanwhile, proposals to abolish and merge a large number of local authorities raise issues about job security, mobility and protection of pay and conditions. Read more on hospitals at > IMPACT And on municipalities at > IMPACT

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