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Firefighters march over cuts to crewing levels

26 February 2015

Firefighters, members of the SIPTU trade union, organised a march in Dublin on 24 February to protest against cuts to the crewing levels of fire appliances. The union is angry about attempts by the government to unilaterally implement reductions in crewing levels which could undermine the safety of both firefighters and the public. Read more at > SIPTU

Community workers protest over privatisation threat

26 February 2015

Members of the SIPTU and IMPACT trade unions joined a protest outside the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government on 18 February in opposition to the Department’s drive to privatise community social inclusion programmes. They were also protesting over the refusal of the Department to accept a Labour Court recommendation to negotiate with community workers and their union representatives concerning changes to their conditions of employment and threatened job losses. Read more at > SIPTU And at > IMPACT

Austerity legislation repealed

31 October 2014

Unions have welcomed the announcement that the emergency FEMPI legislation is being repealed. This legislation gave public sector employers the power to make unilaterial changes to workers’ pay and conditions and was in force at the time of the last public sector negotiations. With the FEMPI law in the background unions were left with little room to maneouvre in negotiating the Haddington Road agreement. Other legal changes mean that civil servants will be covered by the same industrial relations machinery as other public sector workers. Read more at > SIPTU And at > IMPACT

Union welcomes recruitment decision

31 October 2014

IMPACT has welcomed the announcement that there are to be no further reductions to public service jobs and that new posts are to be created for special needs assistants (SNAs), community and mental health staff and in the civil service. While there will be 365 new SNA posts, the union is concerned about the trend towards reduced hours. Some SNAs work only a few hours a week which creates problems not just in getting a decent income but also in having time to maintain a good relationship with the children they work with. Read more at > IMPACT

Waste workers agree return to work

30 September 2014

After a strike and 14-week lock-out, workers at the Greyhound waste company have agreed to return to work. The company provides waste collection for Dublin City Council and the dispute began when it attempted to implement a 35% cut in pay. The agreement to return to work includes a redundancy package for some, protected pay and conditions for others and a combination of pay cuts and a compensatory lump sum for others. Read more at > SIPTU

Unions win working time case

30 September 2014

The three unions that organise in the residential care sector - IMPACT, SIPTU and Unite - have won a significant victory in the Labour Court. In a recent ruling the Court recommended that all sleepover time should, in line with legislation, be recognised as working time and so paid at least the minimum wage hourly rate. This means an increase from €3.27 to €8.65 for some workers. The unions will now follow this up to ensure employers apply the ruling. Read more at > IMPACT

Union calls for pay rises and challenge public-private pay gap claims

17 September 2014

The IMPACT public services union has reacted to new figures showing falling earnings by calling for increased wages across the economy. It also reacted to claims about a widening pay gap between the private and public sectors. The union has produced a new report analysing the data and challenging the simplistic comparisons of average pay between the private and public sectors. Read more at > IMPACT

March shows continuing support for waste workers

17 September 2014

Workers employed by the Greyhound waste company have been locked out for three months following their protests over an attempt to cut pay by up to 35%. They are continuing their protests and were supported other trade unions in a march through Dublin city centre on 2 September. Read more at > SIPTU

Minister foresees pay negotations in 2015

20 August 2014

The public expenditure minister has indicated that 2015 could see negotiations between the government and public sector unions that would look at clawing back some of the pay cuts that have been imposed since 2009. The cuts began with the introduction of a "pensions levy" in 2009 and cuts in basic and other pay elements followed in 2010 and 2011. Read more at > IMPACT

Waste workers locked out by employer

20 August 2014

Workers employed by the Greyhound waste and recycling company have been locked out by management for over two months. The company is attempting to force workers to accept wage cuts of up to 35% and has employed strikebreakers to carry out waste collections during the dispute. SIPTU has 80 members in the company which has a contract to collect household waste for Dublin City Council. Solidarity is being provided by trade unions and messages of support have been sent by EPSU and EPSU affiliates. Read more at > SIPTU And at > EPSU

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