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Consultation response examines all aspects of gender equality

17 July 2015
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Eurofound - gender equaltiy

The Eurofound research organisation has produced a comprehensive response to the European Commission’s consultation on gender equality. The response runs through a very wide range of issues from the gender pay gap to violence against women and from the vital importance to care services to the distribution of domestic responsibilities. For each subject covered the response provides a link to the relevant Eurofound publication(s).

Report analyses challenges of outsourcing for trade unions

16 July 2015

A new report from the European Trade Union Institute analyses the impact of outsourcing across a range of sectors including local government. A comparison of experiences in Italy, Denmark and the UK reveals the extent to which pay and employment conditions are affected as well as the impact on working conditions. Read more at > ETUI (EN)

Collective bargaining news from around Europe

15 July 2015

The latest edition of the collective bargaining newsletter from the European Trade Union Institute includes over 75 articles covering news from 34 countries. There are several articles featuring developments in the public services, covering among others Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands and Portugal. Read more at > ETUI (EN)

ETUC hits out at Five Presidents’ report

26 June 2015

ETUC general secretary Bernadette Ségol has sharply criticised a key proposal in the Five Presidents’ report on closer economic and monetary union. The report, from the presidents of the European Commission, Central Bank, Council, Eurogroup and Parliament, puts forward the idea of national competitiveness councils to monitor and recommend on wage developments. The ETUC argues that this undermines the autonomy of the social partners and reflects, once again, the European institutions’ obsessions with wages rather than with serious measures to reform the financial sector which was the central cause of the economic and financial crisis. Read more at > ETUC (EN/FR)

Report reveals increase in wage inequality

11 June 2015

A report from the Eurofound industrial relations observatory shows that following the economic and financial crisis wage inequality increased, mainly as a result of rising inequalities within countries. This reversed the trend seen in the years up to 2008. Only eastern European Member States experienced a decline in wage inequality over the whole period, while other Member States saw increasing overall inequality levels against a background of growing unemployment. Read more at > Eurofound (EN)

Trade union researchers debate labour movement challenges

11 June 2015

Collective bargaining, social dialogue, equality and economic policy were all among the main debates at the seventh conference of the TURI network that brings together labour movement-linked research organisations. Presentations available at > TURI

Collective bargaining news from around Europe

15 May 2015

The April issue of the ETUI’s collective bargaining newsletter includes over 70 articles from more than 30 countries. There are several updates on developments in the public services relating to medical staff in Croatia, privatisation in Cyprus, waste workers in Denmark, care workers in Germany, public sector pay in France, health care in Latvia and energy workers in Sweden. Read more at > ETUI (EN)

ETUC criticises recommendations on wages

15 May 2015

In reacting to this year’s draft country-specific recommendations the ETUC has expressed disappointment that the European Commission remains reluctant to give any real encouragement to increased wages. ETUC general secretary Bernadette Ségol said: “The Commission continues to overlook the fact that wages in a twenty three member states are lagging behind productivity. The Commission fails to identify, or react to, the redistribution from wages to profits. Europe needs a wage rise for fairness and to increase demand, mainly by strengthening collective bargaining.” Read more at > ETUC/CES (EN/FR)

Report analyses public sector restructuring

19 March 2015

The 2014 annual report of the European Restructuring Monitor produced by the Eurofound research body focuses in particular on public services noting that net job cuts since the beginning of the crisis now top 800000. The ERM describes this as the "most severe restructuring in Europe for many decades." The report also warns of the particular decline in the number of young workers in the sector raising concerns about the transmission of knowledge, attractiveness of the sector and efficient delivery of public services. The analysis found that in some countries the restructuring process was "often hasty, non-transparent and not always well prepared." Read more at > Eurofound (EN)

Collective bargaining news from across Europe

19 March 2015

The February edition of the ETUI’s collective bargaining newsletter includes 70 articles covering developments in over 30 countries. These include public service-related news from Bulgaria (prison staff and firefighters), Romania (public administration) and the UK (police staff), for example. Read more at > ETUC (EN)

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