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Court ruling backs equal pay for posted workers

26 February 2015

The ETUC has welcomed a European Court judgement that says that workers should be paid according to the relevant arrangements in the host country. In this case it means that 186 electrical workers posted from Poland to Finland were entitled to be paid the appropriate rate set by the sector collective agreement. Read more at > ETUC (EN+FR) And at > EU legal website (EU languages)

Conference debates public and private sector pay trends

30 January 2015

Over 80 trade unionists from 20 countries took part in EPSU’s collective bargaining and social dialogue conference on 13-14 January. A central theme on the first day included long-term developments in public sector pay and comparisons with the private sector. The conference also included a lively debate on minimum wages, a discussion about working time developments and a session on the structural reforms that the European Commission and European Central Bank want to see implemented across Europe. Read more at > EPSU (EN)

Global action day on right to strike - 18 February

27 January 2015

The ITUC global union confederation has called a day of action on 18 February to reassert the right to strike. The initiative has been taken as employers’ group at the International Labour Conference in June 2014 denied that that the right to strike forms part of ILO Convention 87, thus undermining decades of jurisprudence and the application of international law. The Workers’ Group unanimously rejected the demands of the Employers’ group. The conflict over the right to strike has been referred to ILO’s Governing Body, which should make a decision in May this year and could could call on the International Court of Justice to produce an advisory opinion and put an end to the dispute. Read more at > ITUC (EN, DE, FR, ES) And at > PSI (EN, FR, ES)

ILO report calls for strategy to boost pay

18 December 2014

The International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) annual report on wages provide important data on the recent trade of very low wage growth. The ILO is concerned not only about the impact of these trends on workers’ living standards and income inequality but also on the global economy and the threat of deflation taking hold in some parts of the world. It also warns against policies that aim to reduce wages to make exports more competitive as they threaten a downward wage spiral and so would be self-defeating. Sandra Polaski, the ILO’s Deputy Director-General for Policy, argues for a comprehensive strategy that would "include minimum wage policies, strengthened collective bargaining, elimination of discrimination against vulnerable groups, as well as progressive taxation polices and adequate social protection systems.” Read more at > ILO (EN) And in Spanish at > OIT And in French at > OIT

Regional impact of restructuring

28 November 2014

The tripartite research body, Eurofound, has published a new study examining the process of restructuring from a regional perspective. Along with background research, a number of case studies look at the extent to which various stakeholders are involved in the process. This can include national governments aong with regional and local actors government, public employment service, social partners, the restructuring company and service providers. The commitment and active engagement of all relevant regional and local stakeholders was seen as one of the keys to a successful outcome. Read more at > Eurofound (EN)

New report analysis impact of economic governance on collective bargaining

28 November 2014

A new report analyses the impact of economic governance on collective bargaining in six countries - Bulgaria, France, Greece, Portugal and Spain. It looks at the effect on both outcomes - wage freezes and cuts - as well as processes such as decentralisation of collective bargaining and undermining of multi-employer bargaining. The report is based on a research project coordinated by the Spanish trade union research institute Fundación 1er Mayo and Fernando Rocha Sanchez from the Fundación will be at the EPSU collective bargaining conference in January to provide an overview of the research which was funded by the European Commission. Read more at > 1er Mayo (ES and report in EN)

Union federations sign well-being agreement

28 November 2014

EPSU and the industriAll trade union federation have signed a agreement on well-being at work with the French multinational utility GDF-Suez. The agreement aims to improve quality of life at work, looking at various aspects of the content of work and working conditions, opportunities for professional development, organisational changes and work-life balance. It also highlights the special responsibility of managers (from directors to managerial employees) regarding the issues of quality of life at work. Read the agreement in 10 languages at > EPSU

WICARE conference on pay and conditions in social services

28 November 2014

The final conference of the WICARE project on pay and conditions in social services took place in Amsterdam on 18 November, organised by the AIAS research institute that coordinated the project. The overall findings were discussed and several country reports considered in detail. There was a general view that the reports provided affiliates with some useful and interesting information, providing a perspective on what individual workers actually thought of their pay and conditions. One of the key findings was the widespread and high levels of dissatisfaction with pay. Draft reports are available on the EPSU website and the final versions will be ready in time for the EPSU social services working group in February 2015. Read more at > EPSU And password protected at > EPSU

Conference to discuss pay and conditions in social services

11 November 2014

The results of the WICARE project on pay and conditions in social services will be discussed at a conference in Amsterdam on 18 November. A number of draft reports have been prepared covering specific countries as well as specific topics such as pay, working time, trade union representation and working conditions. Final reports will be published after the conference which is being coordinated by the AIAS research institute at the University of Amsterdam. Read more on the WICARE project at > EPSU Draft reports are available for EPSU affiliates at > EPSU

Collective bargaining news from around Europe

11 November 2014

The October collective bargaining newsletter from the ETUI trade union research institute includes over 70 articles covering developments in 35 countries. There are several news items relevant to the public services from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK. Read more at > ETUI (EN)

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