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The European Federation of Public Service Unions has a very active membership in the utilities sector. EPSU represents workers in public and private companies in the electricity, gas, water and sewerage and waste sectors.

The President of the EPSU standing committee for Utilities is Janne Rudén. The EPSU policy officer is Jerry Van Den Berge.

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What are the main issues for EPSU ?

A secure supply of energy, clean water, and sustainable waste management are basic needs for each individual in society. The users of these rights must be confident that their needs are being met; that they are provided for in fair and environmentally responsible manner at a just price. The best way of ensuring this is through public control, and even ownership, of the utilities and proper regulation – regulation of those private and public utilities that supply these needs,

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- Standing Committee Plan of Action 2014-2019

- Pay and conditions in energy, waste and water - the WISUTIL project Conference, 26-27 September 2011


Safe and Clean Drinking Water EPSU is concerned about proposals of the European Commission to introduce competition in the Water Sector.

Research and Transnational Companies

Much of EPSU’s work in this area is available through the website of Public Services International Research Unit, section: reports.

EPSU: Global Agreement to address climate change to include Just Transition and Decent Work

(20 October 2015) Climate Change remains the most urgent challenge to current and future generations. If climate change is not controlled to remain near a temperature rise of 2 degrees in 2100, it could result in climate chaos. Through feed back mechanisms like melting ice caps and thawing permafrost, global temperatures could rise to 4 degrees or more. This would impact on communities and on many work places. The effort to address climate change and promote renewable, reduce CO2 emissions (...)

EPSU backed amendment ensures “just transition” is part of EU’s mandate for COP21

(19 October 2015) The European Parliament has adopted an amendment - strongly pushed for by EPSU which guarantees that the call for a “just transition” is part of the Parliament’s Roadmap for COP21. The demand for a “just transition” had been previously left out of the original report – “Towards a new international climate agreement in Paris” authored by Gilles Pargneaux of the S&D group in the Environment Committee. The Greens with support of others introduced it. It is now an integral part (...)

43rd meeting of the Standing Committee on Utilities

7 October 2015

Climate change, Just Transition and Jobs

(18 August 2015) Trade unions have taken a simple view towards climate change: “There are no jobs on a dead planet”. So climate action is a trade union issue. We have a vital role to play to protect jobs in existing workplaces and industries by demanding and bargaining for industrial transformation. We support new quality jobs in the emerging green economy and we fight for the ’Just Transition’ measures that ensure we leave no one behind. It means investing for the long term and investing for (...)

European trade unions top ITUC Climate change Lobby week

(9 June 2015) Australia, Belgium, Canada, the ABC of the union movement are present in the union lobby week, following the Spanish, Finnish and Norwegian unions. Belgian unions have not met one, nor two Ministers, but FOUR during the lobby week…! Splendid job! Thanks to ACV/CSC and FGTB/ABVV for their commitment! Spanish unions CCOO and UGT are topping the list of #unions4climate actions: they have joined a flashmob calling for renewable energies, launched a manifesto with civil society (...)

GLOBAL LOBBY WEEK: Climate Change and Just Transition

(1st June 2015) This week trade unions around the world are campaigning and lobbying to show their support for an ambitious climate agreement as talks in UNFCCC take place to prepare for the Climate Change Conference in December in Paris. Trade Unions want Just Transition for the workers to be part of the agreement to be reached in Paris. Unions can make a difference in the fight against one of the worst enemies of social justice, that is climate change. EPSU supports the ITUC lobby week (...)

Three quarters of world’s people want governments to act on climate change

(1st June 2015) ITUC Climate Justice Frontline’s briefing sets out union plans for a climate deal in 2015. The world’s people want their governments to deal with the pollution that is causing climate change. According to the ITUC Global Poll of the general public in fourteen countries, 73 per cent of people want governments to do more to limit pollution causing climate change. Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Italy and India topped the leaderboard with 80 per cent or more of respondents (...)

Climate deal on the line as Governments review commitments to climate action

(19 May 2015) A strong global agreement due to be agreed in Paris at the end of the year requires national pledges and commitments that are ambitious. Only a strong commitment from governments will pave the way for a jobs and investment boom and prevent climate catastrophes in our communities. A new ITUC report, Unions4Climate Action supports a global lobby action by trade unions of governments in a week of advocacy 1 – 7 June on their national contributions and the investment shift needed (...)

Climate Change Conference COP21 and ITUC Lobby Week

(12 May 2015) The UN will resume its negotiations in less than a month and we need all trade unions to mobilise for ambitious climate policies and for a just transition in the upcoming ITUC Global Lobby Week (1-7 june 2015). Join and support us! Read the ITUC frontlines briefing #2 (below) The ITUC organises an international Lobby Week: national centres, sectoral federations, regional or local unions are invited to hold meetings with your relevant government representatives and other (...)

Plan of Action 2014-2019

EPSU Standing Committee on Public Utilities Plan of Actions 2014 – 2019 Workplan 2014-2019

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