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epsucob@NEWS - collective bargaining newsletter

epsucob@NEWS is EPSU’s newsletter covering developments in collective bargaining and pay and conditions in the public services across Europe.

As well as general editions, EPSU also produces some special issues focusing on key topics such as minimum wages, trade union rights, pensions and economic governance. Further special issues are planned for the future.

Please send us short updates on collective bargaining in your country so that we can improve the coverage of the newsletter. You can send them to rpond epsu.org.

2015 September epsucob@NEWS 14 - Working Time

Europe - court ruling impacts on working time for mobile workers; Portugal - 35-hour campaign continues; Europe - latest survey on working time negotiations and evidence on long working hours

2015 September epsucob@NEWS 13

Finland - unions protest against attack on collective bargaining; Lithuania - unions mobilise against labour code changes; Cyprus - unions unite across communities to stop wage cuts; UK - government attacks right to strike

2015 August epsucob@NEWS 12

Germany - further strikes in prospect in social care; Spain - pay unfrozen but only a start; Bosnia-Hercegovina - more protests over labour code expected; UK - National Gallery staff in all-out strike; Romania - prison workers’ action over pay and staffing

2015 July epsucob@NEWS 11

Italy - national protest over collective bargaining; Bosnia - demonstration against labour law; UK - National Gallery campaign to escalate; Ireland - unions welcome new collective bargaining law; Austria - more workers covered by collective bargaining

2015 July epsucob@NEWS 10

Greece - anti-austerity strike; UK - anger over attack on right to strike; Germany - urgent action needed in eldercare; Italy - national protest over collective bargaining; Bulgaria - strike action by social assistance workers

2015 June epsucob@NEWS 09

Health and social services - action over pay and staffing in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium; Czech Republic - coordinated action on pay planned for 2016; Italy - unions mobilise over collective bargaining and reform; Finland - confederations agree to extend framework agreement

2015 June epsucob@NEWS 08

Germany - social services strike suspended for arbitration; Belgium - non-profit unions mobilise; Ireland - unions consult over pay restoration agreement; France - health protests over cuts and working time; Italy - mobiisations begin over collective bargaining

2015 May epsucob@NEWS 07

Germany - social services strike; Turkey - initial victory for hospital workers; France - hospital workers’ demonstrate over working time; Denmark - key agreement with private care provider; Austria - agreement covering non-profit hospitals

2015 May epsucob@NEWS 06

Germany - childcare and social care workers on all-out strike; Europe - ETUC analysis of country-specific recommendations on wages; Ireland - unions welcome draft collective bargaining legislation; Spain - new agreement for social services workers

2015 April epsucob@NEWS 05

UK - health workers’ industrial action in Northern Ireland; Germany - social services workers balloted on all out strike; Spain - Federation report details attacks on public sector; Sweden - study into pressures faced by social services workers; Ireland - talks on pay in prospect

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