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epsucob@NEWS - collective bargaining newsletter

epsucob@NEWS is EPSU’s newsletter covering developments in collective bargaining and pay and conditions in the public services across Europe.

As well as general editions, EPSU also produces some special issues focusing on key topics such as minimum wages, trade union rights, pensions and economic governance. Further special issues are planned for the future.

Please send us short updates on collective bargaining in your country so that we can improve the coverage of the newsletter. You can send them to rpond epsu.org.

2014 September epsucob@NEWS 15

Spain - union criticises lack of social dialogue; UK - build up of action over pay; Italy - good support for Venice strike; Germany - minimum staffing in hospitals and increased minimum wage in care sector; Cyprus - strike over pay cuts threat

2014 August epsucob@NEWS 14

UK - union meets minister in fire dispute; Netherlands - care workers protest over job cuts; Italy - call for action on health and safety in waste; UK - care worker maintain campaign against pay cuts; Portugal - new agreement in energy company; Ireland - waste workers fight pay cuts

2014 July epsucob@NEWS 13

UK - thousands join coordinated strike; Netherlands - new agreement in local government; Romania - health union holds out for better pay offer; Europe - over 5000 respond to social services pay and conditions survey; Spain - cautious optimism over collective bargaining in public administration; Europe - working time back on the agenda

2014 June epsucob@NEWS 12

UK - local government strike; Spain - campaign to restart collective bargaining; Ireland - municipal and health workers in dispute; Germany - campaign on staffing in health and social care; Romania - protests over health workers’ pay

2014 June epsucob@NEWS 11

Europe - ETUC reaction to country specific recommendations on pay; UK - public sector pay campaigns and ballots; Italy - strike action in Rome; Norway - new deals in local government and hospitals; Germany - agreement on jobs in Berlin hospital; UK - firefighters take action on pensions

2014 May epsucob@NEWS 10

Poland, Germany - minimum wages; Serbia - austerity threat from new government; France - action at Veolia; Europe - UK union wins key holiday pay case; Ireland - pay strategy discussion; Italy - unions challenge government on reforms

2014 May epsucob@NEWS 09

France - day of action; UK - home care report and care workers’ action; Sweden - report on temporary workers; Norway - stalemate in municipal negotiations; Europe - IMF and its deregulation agenda

2014 April epsucob@NEWS 08

UK - more care workers take action to defend pay; Firefighters take action in Netherlands and UK while Czech firefighters win higher pay; Netherlands - municipal workers to strike over collective agreement; UK - cleaners win improved conditions after industrial action

2014 April epsucob@NEWS 07

Germany - pay rise for federal and local government workers; Greece - strike over job cuts; Portugal - demonstration over austerity and working time; France - waste workers take action; Italy - unions campaign at Red Cross; Denmark - care home collapse threatens jobs

2014 March epsucob@NEWS 06

Germany: warning strikes support federal/local negotiations; Switzerland: care network protests over private company; Scotland: police staff balloted over industrial action; Croatia: EPSU letter protests over government attack on collective bargaining

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