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Trade Union Rights

Solidarity with UK #HeartUnions campaign

This week (8-14 February) EPSU shows solidarity with the TUC’s #heartunions campaign against the Conservative government’s Trade Union Bill. Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, #heartunions is an opportunity to showcase the vital work of unions and celebrate our key successes in improving the rights and conditions of workers. Activities have been organised up and down the UK, and supporters are encouraged to share their positive stories and photos with the TUC and on social media. You can read (...)

European Patent Office does not live in a Dutch no man’s land

(EPSU/FNV Press Release, Brussels 06 November 2015) In a joint letter, EPSU, the European Public Service Union, and its Dutch affiliate, FNV, call upon the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to take action against breaches of fundamental workers’ rights at the European Patent Office based in the Hague, Netherlands. The European Patent Office’s core activity is the examination of patent applications and the grant of European patents. The media have reported on EPO’s unacceptable management led (...)

European Trade Unions mobilize for occupational cancer prevention on 28 April

(Brussels, 24 April 2015) International Workers’ Memorial Day is held on 28 April. This year we commemorate the thousands of workers that have died from accidents and occupational diseases at work. Toxic exposure at the workplace is the spotlight this year. EPSU is particularly concerned that the European Commission has failed to promote occupational cancer prevention measures. The carcinogens agents Directive, the main instrument for protection of workers from the risks related to exposure (...)

International Workers’ Memorial Day - 28 April 2015

On this day we will remember those workers which have died from occupational diseases or an accident at work. This year the focus will be on addressing exposure to hazardous substances. Many public service workers are exposed to such substances like waste workers, firefighters or workers in laboratories but not only. In the EU we demand progress with measures to deal with carcinogenic substances and enforceable exposure limits for 50 of the most toxic chemicals for cancer and for fertility (...)

EPSU supports air traffic controllers in conflict with management in Romanian company

(26 February 2015) Management of the Romanian air traffic controllers company is pushing through a restructuring plan without consultation with the unions. It further is threatening the trade union representatives with dismissals and other sanctions for speaking out. Previous management has been replaced with generals coming from the army by the government. They have no experience, nor culture or understanding for social dialogue. ROMATSA is endangering the safety of passengers. There (...)

Standing up against employers that attack the right to strike

(18 February 2015) On the global day of action in defense of the right to strike, EPSU staff joined the event organised by the Belgian unions FGTB, CSC and CGSLB, the Liga voor Mensenrechten, ETUC and ITUC. The day of action is organised to underline to employers and their supporting governments that they should stop undermining the right to strike in the ILO. Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of ITUC spoke of the importance of the right to strike to defend working people and our (...)

Global Day of Action on the Right to Strike - Reminding European employers they are choosing the side of dictators

(17 February 2015) With several governments and all employers attacking the right to strike in the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and at home, trade unions across the world join hands to demonstrate their determination defending the right to withdraw our labour in defense of our interests. EPSU General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan: "By attacking the right to strike in the ILO, the European, US and other employers are determined to weaken workers and the unions so we are less (...)

Peru: Attack on trade union rights on eve of climate change summit

(9 December 2014) Public Services International and the International Trade Union Confederation are urgently calling for letters of protest to be sent to the Peruvian Minister of Labour in support of Luis Isarra, the general secretary of Federation of Unions of Water Workers of Peru (FENTAP). Luis’s permanent union leave has been revoked by the Peruvian Government just before the United Nations Climate Change conference (COP20) which is due to open in Lima this month. Luis is responsible for (...)

Ukrainian unions threatened by nationalists and separatists

(1st July 2014) Ukrainian trade unions are reporting that there are now constant attacks against their leadership and members by nationalist radicals. A recent meeting of the Presidium of the confederation was interrupted by a crowd seeking to intervene in the meeting. Similar elements in the Verhovna Rada, the Ukranian Parliament, have tabled a resolution seeking an investigation into the union activities and especially the use of the properties of the union. For many years there have been (...)

Jailed Turkish trade unionists released

Update (27 June 2014) EPSU has been informed that the 17 trade unionists which were arrested, have been released. EPSU has asked the Turkish authorities for an independent investigation of the police force used. Free Turkish trade unionists inmediately! EPSU call for an immediate halt to trade union repression (25 June 2014) We just got the worrying news that General Secretary of DISK, Ms. Arzu Çerkezoğlu was beaten and detained during a sit-in in front of the national parliament in Ankara. (...)

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