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- EPSU Congress 2014 resolutions

- EPSU Constitution - Statuts - Satzung - Stadgar - Estatuts - УСТАВ

EPSU is the European Federation of Public Service Unions. It is the largest federation of the ETUC and comprises 8 million public service workers from over 265 trade unions; EPSU organises workers in the energy, water and waste sectors, health and social services and local and national administration, in all European countries including in the EU’s Eastern Neighborhood. EPSU is the recognized regional organization of Public Services International (PSI).

- President: Annelie Nordström, Kommunal Sweden
- Vice-Presidents: Dave Prentis, UNISON, UK - Françoise Geng, CGT Santé Action Sociale France - Isolde Kunkel-Weber, Ver.di, Germany and Mikhail Kuzmenko, HWURF, Russia.
- EPSU General Secretary: Jan Willem Goudriaan

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Hasta Siempre, Enrique

(1st December 2014) The General Secretary of EPSU Spanish affiliate CCOO-FSC Enrique Fossoul died unexpectedly 1 December 2014. EPSU has sent to the colleagues of the union a letter of condolences. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues. The union loses a very combative trade union leader who assisted in building the union coming out of the illegality in 1976 after the death of Franco. He was also a ardent fighter for equality, social justice and contributed to the (...)

120.000 and more voices tell Belgian government: stop austerity

The capacity of the trains was not enough to bring all demonstrators to Brussels to express their anger over the proposals of the new government to attack the right to strike, to freeze wages and cut public services and investment. Workers were standing on train stations across the country as ten thousands poured into Brussels on 6 November. EPSU staff joined the historic demonstration, the largest anti-government protest since 1986. As workers in Belgium EPSU employees are also affected (...)

Swedish unions meet MEPs to talk public services

(6 November 2014) The state of public services in Sweden and Europe was the topic of discussions between the Swedish EPSU affiliates and several members of the European Parliament. EPSU and Kommunal President Annelie Nordström welcomed the MEPs in the EPSU office. EPSU General Secretary introduced the priorities for Europe’s public service trade unions stressing the need to change the economic policy direction in the EU including a focus on public investment, respect for trade union rights (...)

President EPSU Affiliate Vision becomes Minister in new Swedish government

(3 October 2014) The Swedish government announced its new cabinet this morning. We are proud to see that a member of the EPSU Executive Committee and PSI Vice-president has become a Minister. Annika Strandhall, the president of EPSU/PSI affiliate Vision is the new minister of social insurance in the social democratic/green party government. We congratulate Annika and wish her a lot of success in her new job. Annika: Tack för allt, your contributions to and support of the work of the (...)

Ver.di welcomes EP President Schulz in EPSU office

(30 September 2014) President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz came to the EPSU offices to meet with a high level delegation of Ver.di including its President Frank Bsirske and member of the Ver.di Executive and EPSU vice-President Isolde Kunkel-Weber. He discussed various issues including the proposed Commission, the EU investment plan and more. Ver.di organised its regular meeting of the Beirat to underline that European issues are daily activities for the union and to (...)

Plane crash in Ukraine

(18 July 2014) EPSU and PSI send their condolences to all those affected by the tragic loss of life resulting from the downing of flight MH17. It is with great sadness that we heard the news of the accident with the Malaysian airlines/KLM plane which was probably shot down, and in which so many people died. An independent investigation will have to clarify what were the exact circumstances of this tragic event. Our thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of the (...)

Celebrate public services day! Change course, promote public services!

(23 June 2014) We celebrate International Public Services Day. Public services fulfil a key task in our societies, creating greater equality and making our societies fairer. They are something to celebrate. However, in recent times, and specially since the financial and economic crisis, those that caused the crisis are trying to downgrade them to profit at the expense of our societies. For the European Federation of Public Service Unions, EPSU, celebrating public services means fighting (...)

Floods in the Balkan countries - appeal for assistance

Severe flooding has affected many hundred thousands of citizens and caused grave damage in several Balkan countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. The 9th EPSU Congress heard evidence of the trade union representatives, see our video here It also sent a message of sympathy and solidarity to the unions. Congress agreed to call on affiliated unions to provide assistance allowing the unions to support their members and continue the union work. As several countries and unions (...)

Speech given by Bernadette Ségol at EPSU Congress (French only)

Discours de Bernadette Ségol, Secrétaire générale de la Confédération européenne des syndicats (CES) [Le texte prononcé fait foi] Chère Anne-Marie, chère présidente, chère Carola, Chers et chères camarades, Je suis heureuse d’être parmi vous aujourd’hui dans une ville que je connais bien, dans laquelle j’ai passé cinq années de ma vie. Je suis née dans cette région à Cahors, à 120 kilomètres d’ici. Les événements en Ukraine et la guerre dans l’ancienne Yougoslavie doivent nous remettre les choses en (...)

EPSU starts its 9th Congress on 20-23 May in Toulouse

(20 May 2014, Toulouse) The European Federation of Public Service Unions, the largest European trade union federation of the ETUC, is holding its ninth Congress in Toulouse, France from May 20 until May 23.

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