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EPSU Newsletter 28 march 2012

(28 March 2012) On 1 April, EPSU will be submitting to the European Commission the first European Citizens Initiative (ECI) on water. EPSU is the first European trade union organization making use of this instrument contained in the European Treaty. We are supported by a broad alliance of civil society organisations and prominent trade union leaders from EPSU affiliates will engage in the European citizens committee behind this initiative read more

Media Advisory: First European Citizens’ Initiative on water launched on April 1st

(28 March 2012) On April 1st a new legal tool enters into force in the European Union (EU) to increase the citizens participation in the decision making process. The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is a democratic tool for citizens to set the EU political agenda. The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) is sponsoring this ECI together with a broad range of European organisations (European Anti-Poverty Network, European Environmental Bureau..). Public sector trade unions (...)

Public Sector unions support Spanish General Strike on 29 March

(26 March 2012) The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) expresses its support to its affiliates taking part in the General Strike organised by all the Spanish trade union confederations. The General Strike is to express opposition against the Spanish government’s labour market reform constituting a severe attack on working people, on the union movement and on the existing Spanish labour law. It significantly weakens the collective bargaining process and enables the (...)

Implementing the Right to Water in the green economy

World Water Day 22 March 2012 Water Justice activists, including PSI unions, have successfully pushed the human right to water and sanitation (RTW) onto the global agenda. The UN General Assembly Resolution 64/292 of 2010 has set the standard for government obligations in ensuring universal access. Many national campaigns insist that governments adopt RTW and implement universal access to water and sanitation. Unions are working with a broad range of allies at global, regional, national (...)

Water Citizens’ Initiative launches its campaign website

Press release, 22 March, World Water Day – Launch of the website www.right2water.eu for European Citizen Initiative “Water is a Human Right not a commodity” sponsored by the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU). This website will be one of the tools for the collection of signatures. The next step will be to submit the initiative to the European Commission on 2 April. The European Commission then has up to two months to validate the European Citizens Initiative (ECI). After the (...)

Calling out for the Human Right to Water on World Water Day: A European Citizens’ Initiative

Statement for World Water Day 22 March 2012 On World Water Day EPSU is launching its campaign “water and sanitation are a human right”, “water is a public good, not a commodity” and the final steps to submit the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) are underway. Information on this campaign can be found at: www.right2water.eu. Trade unionists from the European Public Services Unions and EPSU, environmental groups, anti-poverty campaigners and many citizens will campaign for the European (...)

Civil society organisations ask Commission to address revolving doors

(19 March 2012) EPSU, Alter-EU and several other organisations have addressed European Commissioner Šefčovič responsible for EU civil service to take measures to prevent revolving doors through which high ranking EU officials change to lucrative contracts in the private sector and use their former contacts to lobby for private business interests. The issue is part of the broader platform of Alter-EU to deal with corporate influence over EU public policy. EPSU is supporting the Alter-EU (...)

Social dialogue: focus needed on process of competence-building and employer involvement

16/03/2012 - Rather than solely focusing on the types of training made available to local and regional government administrations, it is also important to look at the process behind competence-building and the involvement of employees in their own professional development. Indeed, participants of a workshop on lifelong learning, training and skills development in the local and regional government sector came to the above conclusion when identifying existing agreements between social (...)

European Citizens’ Initiative on water as a Human Right presented in Marseille

EPSU Press communication, (Marseille 18 March) During both the World Water Forum and the Alternative World Water Forum in Marseille this week, the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) announced the first European Citizens’ Initiative that will be lodged with the European Commission (EC) on April 1. EPSU is sponsoring this citizen campaign to achieve the implementation of Water as a Human Right, per the United Nations Declaration passed on 28 July 2010. The ECI petition also (...)

ETUC condemns senseless policies of Troïka towards Greece – recent evidence

(12 March 2012) The ETUC Executive adopted a declaration on the policies of the European Commission, ECB and International Monetary Fund towards Greece. It condemns as senseless demands to close Workers Funds and is concerned about the continuing attacks on the trade unions. The statement has been addressed to Presidents Herman Van Rompuy (Council), José-Manuel Barroso (European Commission) and Martin Schulz (European Parliament), the Prime Ministers of Denmark (presiding the Council of (...)

More than 165000 people vote against water privatisation in Madrid

(9 March 2012) On March 4 the Platform against the privatization of the Canal Isabel II and the 15-M Movement organized a popular consultation in the region of Madrid to vote over the privatization of the Canal Isabel II [the only existing canal in Spain]. This popular consultation had over 166.000 people voting. 165.000 voting to keep the company 100% in public hands and 1227 people voting against. More than 300 points to vote were created and a huge awareness-raising campaign has taken (...)

Reclaim Wisconsin: Solidarity across borders

(9 March 2012) An international delegation of trade union leaders and union journalists are in Wisconsin, USA to mark the one year anniversary of the passage of legislation stripping public service workers’ rights in this American state. The Council of Global Unions pledged unanimous support for affected workers and their communities through the Quality Public Services-Action Now! campaign. A year ago in Wisconsin, tens of thousands of union members and citizens joined in an awe-inspiring (...)

Alternative Water forum overcomes World Water Forum

EPSU Press communication (March 7, 2012) A week before the opening of the World Water Forum in Marseille, campaigners rejoice in the success of the Alternative event taking place in parallel during the corporate event. The European Coordination (see members below*) of the Alternative World Water Forum (FAME) organised a Public hearing at the European Parliament in light of the Resolution that the European Parliament is debating on March 15th on the World Water Forum. The Alternative (...)