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EPSU Newsletter 29 September 2011

(29 September 2011) We were more than 50,000 in Wroclaw to say "No to austerity" and “Yes for job!”. It has been the fifth European mobilisation in a year but our leaders both at European and national level keep preferring to calm the markets rather than to address workers demands for jobs. The workers are getting angrier as time goes by and no real alternative is proposed to the crisis (read more)

EPSU support the mobilisation in Hungary against the reforms of the labour code

On September 29th EPSU affiliated unions in Hungary together with civil society organisations and a citizens will start an action movement that will end up with a march in protest of the anti-labour policy of the Orban Government on Saturday October 1. We wish this unitarian movement the best of luck and we send a warn solidarity message to the "Trade Union Unity of Action". The right-wing Government has de-facto abolish social dialogue with the trade unions and has started an all-out (...)

Financial Transactions Tax directive: Victory on the principle

(29 September 2011) Press communication The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) welcomes the draft directive for a financial transactions tax for Europe adopted by the Commission on 28 September 2011. This is a victory for the coalition of trade unions, NGOs and political parties, that battled hard for a FTT in the EU as a first step towards a global tax. EPSU General Secretary Carola Fischbach Pyttel said “We have won on 2 principles, the need to crack down on financial (...)

EPSU sends a fraternal message to the Portuguese demonstrators against austerity

(September 29) On Saturday October 1, the Portuguese people are call to demonstrate in the streets of Lisbon and Porto. The call by STAL, an EPSU affiliate, against austerity and injustice and for jobs, wages, pensions and social rights follows months of austerity measures and government cuts. The new Portuguese government has not changed anything and the same austerity agenda remains but now they threat to privatise essential public services. This policy will not take Portugal , or (...)

EPSU backs ETUC warnings of wage repression

(September 30) Press communication. Public service workers across Europe, already suffering from the impact of austerity measures, are likely to face further pressure on wages and jobs as the European institutions call for major reforms in collective bargaining systems. The European Commission, Council and Central Bank have been stepping up their campaign for greater flexibility in wage bargaining across Europe. Their focus is on wage flexibility, an end to indexation and further (...)

EPSU supports the mobilisation of its Greek affiliate

(September 29)EPSU rejects the false medicine that it is being imposed in Greece. The European Federation of Public Service Unions rejects the latest austerity plans passed by the Greek government.They will plunge even further Greece into a new crisis due to the recession that they will cause. The measures, that have also been rejected by EPSU affiliate ADEDY, include the sacking of 58.000 public sector workers, reduce the salaries to 60% of 20.000 civil servants and put them "on hold" at (...)

Romanian young trade unionists meet

From September 26 until September 28 around 30 young trade union members have meet near Brasov, in Romania, to train on negotiating and discuss about the future of trade unions and young workers in Romania. The seminar organiser by the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) as requested by the local Romanian affiliates had about 30 participants from the four sectors of EPSU (Health and Social Services, Local and Regional Government, National Administration and Utilities). The (...)

EP approves the straight-jacket of austerity – no perspective on jobs

(29 September 2011 - Press Communication) The European Parliament approved legislative measures which put a straight jacket on the countries of the European Union, 28 September. The measures aim to address excessive public deficits, reduce public debt and correct macro-economic imbalances but do nothing to enhance growth and create jobs. The package does not stimulate investment in public services and infrastructure nor in the green economy. These measures do not address the causes of the (...)

All-Russian Action of protest against rising of fuel prices organized by Russian Unions

(September 28, 2011) Health workers union of the Russian Federation as well as other public workers unions fully supported All-Russian Action of protest against rising of fuel prices and demanded to bring to order the prices of fuel in the domestic market. All-Russian Action of protest against rising of fuel prices organized by Russian Union of road transport and infrastructure workers took place on 20 September 2011. This action took place in the majority of Russian cities. In Moscow, (...)

EPSU response to consultation on Green Paper on the Modernisation of the Professional Qualifications Directive

September 2011

EPSU was on the march again on September 17

(September 25) On September 17th more than 50,000 workers and trade unionists from across Europe (Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic, SLovakia, Germany, Austria) and, of course Poland, marched through the streets of Wroclaw as the Council of Economy and Finance Ministers (ECOFIN) was meeting to decide about the measures to be taken in the current stage of the financial and economic crisis. Call by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) this demonstration was to (...)

Union organisations warn of threats to collective bargaining and pay

(16 September 2011) Representatives of both EPSU and the ETUC took part in yesterday’s conference on wage trends in Europe organized by DG Employment. There were wide-ranging discussions around wage-setting and the link to productivity and competitiveness, levels and trends in collective bargaining, the impact of indexation systems and the causes and results of growing wage inequality. Both EPSU and the ETUC were keen to alert participants to the fact that, despite commitments from the (...)

Energy Community - Progress made – now tackle restructuring

(12 September 2011) Most unions reported that they were involved in the development of the social action plans and that progress is made. Strengthening the capacity of the social dialogue remains a challenge. Longer-term developments were considered including the restructuring and the integration of transmission systems. Several speakers attended including from the Ministry of Economy, the Macedonian regulator and the Ministry of Labour. The group agreed: To continue work on comparing (...)

Canada-EU Free Trade negotiations: Trading away Public Services?

7 November 2011: Seminar of the Pitfalls and Prospects for the Protection of Public Services in Bilateral Free Trade Agreements, draft agenda and participation form Public services in the Draft Canada-European Union Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) Study by Prof. Dr. Markus Krajewski, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Brussels, 8 October 2011) Latest EU Draft Offer dilutes protection standards for Public Services – Study puts new provisions under scrutiny. The study “Public (...)