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epsucob@NEWS is EPSU’s newsletter covering developments in collective bargaining and pay and conditions in the public services across Europe. As well as general editions, EPSU also produces some special issues focusing on key topics such as minimum wages, trade union rights, pensions and economic governance. Further special issues are planned for the future. Please send us short updates on collective bargaining in your country so that we can improve the coverage of the newsletter. You can send them to

2017 April epsucob@NEWS 07

  • Norway

    Pay deal in public service companies

  • Sweden

    Main municipal and welfare agreement extended

  • Austria

    Union calls for minimum staffing levels

  • Switzerland

    Union welcomes new collective agreement in healthcare

  • U.K.

    Public service unions highlight loss in purchasing power

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2017 April epsucob@NEWS 06

  • Iceland

    Shorter weekly hours experiment in public services

  • Kosovo

    Health union in protest to support negotiations

  • Spain

    Unions sign landmark deal to tackle precarious employment

  • Greece

    Union movement attacks IMF stance on Greece

  • Germany

    Negotiating successes for ver.di in health and social care

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