Youth group visits EPSU offices as part of training course

(28 March 2011) A group of Young trade unionists visited the Brussels offices of the European Federation of Public Services Unions (EPSU) for a presentation of the work of EPSU. The group was was composed by young participants who are trade union officers (under 40 years old), who have been recently elected or appointed, or are being considered for posts, at the regional, sectoral or national level and who have already followed a series of trade union education courses at regional, sectoral or national level. This was a very welcomed initiative by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

The meeting had representatives from trade unions from Hungary, Romania, Austria, Portugal and Lithuanian.

It was another opportunity to present to some young members the Youth network that EPSU is creating and encourage affiliates to diseminate the initiatives to promote youth participation at all structures of EPSU affiliated trade unions.

The EPSU Youth network will be presented to the EPSU Executive Committee in the coming weeks and an observer delegation to the ETUC will be proposed.

The network counts with over 50 representatives from 28 countries from across Europe and it counts of having its first gathering towards the end of the year.

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