Seminar on Green workplaces in MNCs

15 May 2012 from 10.30 till 17.00hrs.

International Trade Union House (ITUH), Room B

5, Boulevard Roi Albert II, 1210 Brussels

EPSU organises a seminar on ‘Green Workplaces’/Sustainable production for EPSU-EWC’s coordinators and EPSU-EWC members. The seminar is part of a project coordinated by ETUC and is funded by the European Commission.

Aim of the project is: “To establish information, consultation and participation structures, within nation-level undertakings and in multinational companies, for the development and promotion of green workplaces in EU member states.”
Sustainable production is a hot issue. Every company is promoting itself by saying it is producing in a greener/more sustainable manner than before. “Sustainable companies have the future”, is often heard as a reason for companies to become ‘green’. We support sustainable production but we don’t support ‘greenwashing’ of activities. That is why we think there should be workers involvement through information, consultation and participation on all issues in companies, including ‘green’/sustainable production and ways of working.

The goal of this seminar is to know how many EWC are actually involved (informed, consulted or participate) in ‘green’ activities (reducing energy use/water use/waste, promoting recycling, car pooling, or activities of any other kind promoting sustainability in your company). We would like to exchange these experiences and see how we can promote information, consultation and participation of workers in moving towards sustainable production.

We are looking for participation of maximum 25 EWC members and preferably 3-5 members per EWC. Please discuss your participation with your colleagues. We would like to highlight a few examples, so we would welcome a presentation of those of you that have been involved already in sustainability issues in your company.

The seminar will take place in Brussels on:
Interpretation is available in English, French and German (active), and Italian, Spanish (passive).

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 350 € and accommodation up to a maximum of 140€/night

A hotel list offering preferential tariffs to EPSU / ETUC is attached.

Please return the attached participation form before 13 April 2012.

- Invitation

- List of hotels in Brussels

Meeting documents

This project receives a financial contribution from the European Commission

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