Municipality, Political parties, Civil Society organisations and Trade Unions sign agreement for a public water management in Zaragoza, Spain

(8 May 2014) Wednesday 7 May the signing ceremony took place in a crowded city hall in Zaragoza. The agreement consists in eight point for a public and participatory water management in Zaragoza and its surroundings.

The declaration starts with the statement that “water is a public good. Rivers, aquifers, lakes and swamps must remain under public control as they are part of our natural heritage. Water supply and sanitation services are human rights and must be available and accessible for all. For this reason these services must NOT be governed according to ‘market logics’, but instead be governed in a public and participatory manner: without profit-making aims but as a service of general interest”.

We congratulate all that have worked to achieve this agreement and we hope that this good example will be followed in many cities and regions in Europe!

Read the report and declaration in Spanish

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