ETUI - EPSU Training Seminar: Equal Pay in the Public Sector (2,5 days)

{ETUI - EPSU Training Seminar 16 - 18 November 2011

Equal Pay in the Public Sector

Venue: Husa President Hotel, Brussels}

- short report of the meeting

We would particularly encourage participation from representatives with competences in gender equality issues and experience in collective bargaining

Dear Colleagues,

Further to our request to the “Save the date” we are now pleased to invite applications for the joint ETUI and EPSU training seminar Equal Pay in the Public Services Sector. Please note the change of location – the seminar will now take place in Brussels.(HUSA PRESIDENT HOTEL).

Please note that an enrolment/registration fee is payable:

Payment of registration:
A direct monetary contribution (enrolment fees) to ETUI Education activity is required per organisation, per working day. For three working days seminar a fee of 180€ is applied to EU organisations per participant and 45€ for Central and Eastern European Countries organisations per participant.

- Invitation letter (EN - being translated into ES and RO)

- Enrolment form

- Draft agenda

- EPSU Congress 2009: Resolution 3 on Equal Pay + EPSU Checklist “Negotiating Equal Pay” (EN)
for languages see:R.3 Equal Pay

- Lionel Fulton final Report

- Recent developments Gender Equality

- EPSU presentation on gender pay gap

- CC.OO. Presentation

- short report of the meeting

- Jane Pillinger's presentation

- Gender pay gap minutes

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