EPSU supports the struggle of metal workers across Europe to save jobs !

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(7 December 2011) The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) sends its warmest solidarity greetings to the demonstrators and strikers that are taking action today in defense of the Arcelor-Mittal site in Liège (Belgium).

The announced closure of this workplace will cause the loss of 10000 jobs and has started a movement of solidarity and support that expresses itself in the first European strike at all sites of the same company as well as a mass demonstration in Liege and an action in London.

EPSU affiliates in the region have also been mobilising for the success of this protest. At the same time, there is an action in London outside the headquarters of this multinational company that is sacking workers because its profits are not high enough! We welcome the decision of the Arcelor-Mittal companies to organise a European coordinated action and we hope that this type of actions will become rule in the European trade union movement.

Europe is at the crossroads and the answer to the crisis lies in the hands of the workers. EPSU organised its first European coordinated action on November 30 and we hope that more European trade unions will move in this direction.

The European metalworkers federation’s decision to show solidarity in action can only help to solve Europe’s crisis of democracy. Their sector is in danger like the strike of the Greek Steelworks that has been going on for more than a month shows, EPSU also sends a message of solidarity to these workers defending their basic rights. These actions are the first and necessary steps to find the solution to a crisis that workers did not cause.

We hope your strike and struggle is a success!

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