EPSU supports EMF and Honeywell colleagues in conflict in US plant – and draws attention to US conflict in GdfSuez

(13 May 2011) The US workers of Honeywell facilities are in conflict with the company. Workers and their union were asked to accept a company proposal to eliminate retiree health care and pension plans for new hires. Workers would also have to pay more health care benefits. The company locked out most of the workers now for over 300 days. Representatives of the workers and their union met with Honeywell EWC and colleagues of the European Federations including EPSU. EPSU supports the action and has indicated that Honeywell is playing with the safety of whole communities. This risks triggering concerns in other communities in which Honeywell is active.

The EMF has published more information on its website.

We note that the conflict is similar to a conflict of a sister union of EPSU in the US (Utility workers union of America) has with a subsidiary of gdfSuez in the US (United Water) GdfSuez seeks to reduce pension and health benefits to the workers concerned. An official complaint has been launched with PSI.

For more information on GdfSuez.

- Letter from EMF, EMCEF and EPSU to David M. Cote, CEO Honeywell

United Steel Workers Press Release 13 May 2011:
European Unions Call on Honeywell CEO to End Illinois Lockout -
Global Union Support Mounts in 11-month dispute at Illinois Uranium Plant

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