EPSU questionnaire on trade union action for migrants

(Preparations Joint NEA/LRG migration workshop, 3-4 November 2009)

We are pleased to send you the joint EPSU questionnaire conducted by the Labour Research Department on trade union action for migrants and issues faced by staff dealing with migrants and/or involved in migration services.

The questionnaire will be available in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

You can reply in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Polish.

The replies to the questionnaire will form the basis for a comparative report that will be presented to the NEA/LRG workshop on migration and migrant workers on 3 and 4 November in Athens.

More information on the workshop will follow shortly.

Meanwhile please return the questionnaire as soon as possible to lfulton@lrd.org.uk

or by post : Lionel Fulton

Labour Research Department

78 Blackfriars Road

London SE1 8 HF - UK

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7902 9810

or by fax +44 (0) 20 7902 9815

We thank you in advance for your contribution.


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